‘It’s like we never left . . .’: McTavish Tweets & I Look Back


BeFunky_Inkify_1qyyote.jpgThe wait is now over, Rich. I bet you are a happy man right now.

I bet Tami is also glad to see the world’s most gorgeous dwarf back in her chair, too!

This showed up on Twitter tonight. It made me smile.

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  1. What a lovely tweet from Graham, says so much in those few words.
    I have a feeling we won’t just need the tissues for the end of the third movie, but for the behind the scenes footage as well. There are particular moments on the DVD extras from Return of the King that make me weepy every damn time I watch them- the ones when all the actors make their speeches at the end of filming, telling their personal stories of how much it meant to them to be part of it all- it’s incredibly moving to watch.

    • I am sure we probably will be breaking out the hankies on more than one occasion, too. Richard really touches me when he talks about what making these films have meant to him and I am sure that will only increase in the next couple of months. So to hear all these actors for whom I have developed a great affection talk about it, too—Oh, I am certain I will cry and also want to hug them all!

      I love following Graham on Twitter BTW–he’s witty and warm-hearted and is so good about giving both hugs, retweets, head butts or whatever else his fans ask for. 😀 I think he and RA has a sort of friendly spirit of competition going on between them, too. 😉

      • It’s been lovely hearing from the older, well-established actors like Graham how thrilled and honoured they were to get a part in the film. You might think after all his years in the business that he’d be a tad jaded, but I recall hearing him tell the story of the phone call he got telling him he’d been picked as Dwalin, and he remembered the exact time and date it happened, as if it would always be a red letter day in his life. He really is a good egg with all his funny twitter replies, isn’t he? He’s got quite an ardent following among young people looking for a hug or a piece of advice- good on him!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this too. It almost seems like the end of an era is approaching and I can’t help feeling a little bit sad. I hope they have just as much fun on the pick ups and retain these friendships always. Really dreading that last film for all the reasons you have listed, but that won’t stop me seeing it! Where’s the Kleenex? The tears are welling up already! 😦

    • Nothing would possibly stop me from seeing it. Even though I may want to cover my eyes when a certain scene occurs. *sniff sniff sob* These folks have worked so hard (and still are!) to make these films I can do no less than make an effort to see it all! I suspect there have been some lifelong bonds established between many of the actors (and crew, too). What is that’s been said? It’s like the world’s biggest home movie you make with your best buds.

  3. Every time i see that lovely pic of RA with Tami I’m so jealous… Many years ago I did stage makeup (in a very amateur way) and the thought of having RA in the chair for three hours a day with absolute licence to not only gaze but touch… …and the chance to get to know the real person.

    • Me, too, Helen, me, too. Even as he would morph from Richard into Thorin, I would be delighted to get to know him.

  4. I saw that tweet this morning in my FB and I thought, although I’m still extremely ambivalent about Twitter, how wonderful it is that some of the cast have decided to tweet so that we can catch even a little glimpse of what they’re doing …

  5. So happy he’s back where he enjoyed himself so much–I just hope everything goes smoothly for them and Richard has a wonderful time in and among all the hard work he’ll be doing.

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