Happy Freakin’ Gorgeous Guyday Friday, Y’all!











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  1. Really love that 5th photo, the colours are heavenly! As is he! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, how was it not the Guy of Gisborne show?! Richard in all his guises is just….struggling for a word…..well…..everything!

    • I’m find myself continually at a loss to find the right words when describing Richard. Many of them just seem quite inadequate for what we are thinking…and feeling! 😉 And picture number 5? Breathtaking! *gasps*

  2. Good morning lady droolers! I just got back from a three day “OMG-NO RA” with the family. I barely survived the torture. I’ve started calling my husband “Notty.” (He doesn’t get it of course. He would if I started calling him Azog.) So I got a double drool getting to see Thorin and Guy all at once. I don’t know if I swudded or thooned. Angie–how’s the legs? I love the grad shots!!!

  3. I think it really was the Gisborne Saga–they just mistitled it from the get-go. Or they could have called it “Gisborne and Vazey” or “Gisborne and the Sheriff”. Although some of the Merry Men were fun and interesting as well–that third photo is to die for!

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