Not a great pic, but Pavlov’s dog will take what she can get.



This showed up in a Wellington newspaper today and PR Welly tweeted it and shared a scan of the page. I tried to improved the image quality but newsprint is newsprint.

Still, that is undoubtedly our tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed, bearded hunk of gorgeousness right behind the handsome Lee and Sir Peter (looking as endearingly scruffy as ever).  I recognize the black leather jacket and the blue shirt with the snap buttons, if my eyes (which aren’t great these days) are working correctly. Looking good, Mr. A!  Hope they had fun at the concert. Here’s the little article that went with the photo below:



I’d love for Sir Peter to direct an ep of Doctor Who. Love, love, love it. Even more would I love it if our RA could have a guest role on said ep. LOVE. *sigh*

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  1. How fabulous would that be–I’m not a huge Dr. Who fan (although my housemate is), but I would definitely make an exception for that. Sir Peter should do one of their Christmas specials with Richard in a guest role–I’d be glued to the tv, that’s for sure!

    • I don’t know if RA is a Doctor Who fan, but he did say he based his voice for the sheriff in the audio books in part on the Daleks. 😉 I really have become a bit of a Whovian myself and it would be totally cool if RA could appear. *fangurl heart in full thud*

      • I’ve seen only a few episodes here and there, but I have seen the last two or three Christmas specials courtesy of my housemate, who always orders them as soon as they’re available on dvd. Very interesting–I think in an old interview (he may still have been in Robin Hood then), an interviewer asked Richard whether or not he was planning to take over the entire British television series schedule, that all he needed to do at that point was begin appearing in Doctor Who and Eastenders. As I recall, he laughed.

      • Okay, I admit it–I have a thing for denim and I think he looks wonderful in it. Of course, I think he looks marvelous in everything.

    • Spoiler Alert for non UK: The last one of the present series of Dr Who was broadcast last Sat and there was a bit of a shock-ending: John Hurt will be playing the Doctor in the next series (as well as Matt Smith? Not sure, wasn’t paying too much attention).

      I once bumped into Mr Hurt in a London Underground station. We were on the same train, both got off at Green Park and then I ambushed him at the top of the escalator. I sort of jumped out at him and asked him whether he was indeed John Hurt (durrggh). He gave me that heart-stopping smile of his and replied in his husky, low voice, “Yes. Yes, I am.” At which point, like a complete idiot, I squeaked, “Oh! Wonderful!”, turned tail and fled. Not one of my finer moments…

              • This is giving me the tremblies. I was going to go to bed soon, but now I’m not so sure.

              • It’s just that I try to steer away from sexy thoughts of Richard right before bedtime–especially in a week when I’ve lost a great deal of sleep already. And not in a good way.

              • I understand, I was just teasing. I have a terrible tendency to be really tired and then all the sudden have this upsurge and want to do stuff when I should be trying to sleep . . . my brain goes into overdrive when it should be quieting down.

              • So it’s not just me–One thing I’ve been trying to do lately is pace myself better throughout the day so I can get more done. But my sleeping (or not-sleeping) pattern has gotten so bizarre recently that i find myself going to bed, reading for awhile, going to sleep for an hour or two (at best) and waking up for no apparent reason. Then I can’t get back to sleep for quite a while. Very frustrating–or I get this major surge of energy at strange times, work on things and get so sleepy that I fall asleep on top of whatever I’m doing. I hate that.

              • Mmmm, hmmmm, sounds very familiar. I really do know what you are talking about. Benny emailed me the other day to make sure I got home OK from the video shoot at the elementary school because he knew I didn’t sleep well the night before (maybe an hour or two). I think he fears I might fall asleep at the wheel sometimes. When I was still working for the paper and had to cover night events, there were times when I would wonder if I would make it home from an out-of-town event before I fell asleep (took me more than 45 minutes to get home).

              • Ouch–reminds me of the bad old days when I’d be performing at night after working one or two other jobs during the day. That late at night, I’d swear I’d see things running across the road in front–or else I’d find myself falling asleep at the wheel and be smacking my face to stay awake–or spritzing myself with cold water. By the time I got home, I was usually a mess.

              • I used to turn up the radio really loud, sing and roll my shoulders and stuff trying to stay alert. And then when I would get home where I could go to sleep–I’d be too wound up to do so. It’s a vicious cycle.

              • Yeah, I used to do that one, too–either that or I’d be playing rehearsal tapes and singing at the top of my lungs to learn new material while I had some time alone. Sometimes I’d luck out and my partner and I would be working together, so I could finagle him into driving.

  2. Angie, did you see Saturday nights Dr. Who on BBCA? Spoilers alert!!! In November there will be a new Dr. Who. I have yet to see anyone say anything yet on it. It is the buzz at our house. I was just getting use to Matt Smith as the Dr. I still miss David Tennent, he is our family’s favorite Dr. We are going to watch the 5th Dr. special on Sunday and hopfully we get back as we have a graduation party to go to that day. I do like Peter Davison when he was in All Creatures Great and Small, so I want to see him as the Dr.

    Now to put something Richard in this comment. It would be great to see Richard as something in Dr. Who.

    • Actually, no, Matt is NOT leaving the show, from what I have read. I did come across some articles online. He didn’t say in the show that individual was the Doctor, he said it used to be him . . . so more plot twists. Maybe there was an extra doctor somewhere in there?! Who knows. They are playing with us, it seems, in spite of what they flashed on the screen at the end. I was confused initially as I had heard Matt was staying and hoped he was. I have become very fond of him.

    • Sorry girls. Wrote my comment before I’d read to the bottom. Agree that David Tennant best Dr, Katie, but I can see why Daughter also loves Matt Smith so much.

      Funnily enough Daughter and I were saying that you’re nobody in the acting world if you haven’t been in Dr Who, so it’s about time our Richard put in an appearance so that he can say he’s finally “arrived”. He would have to be play someone evil and truly menacing, we reckon.

      • I just spent some time over at the BBCA site to see what I could find out. There is to be a 50 year anniversary show in November with David Tennet, Billie Piper and John Hurt for sure. Matt Smith and “Clara” are also in it. They sure took us for spin didn’t they. Talk about a cliffhanger there.

        Wydville, I think if Richard where to be on Dr. Who it would have to be a proper baddie for sure. We know that he plays a baddie so well.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Tenacious D seem to be on Hobbit location and fighting the dragon Smaug in their video “Rise The Fenix”.Maybe Sir Peter is in negotiation with them to join the battle of the five armies…

  4. Just saw a cute photo of Adam Brown ( on his twitter) with PJ’s daughter Katie at the Tenacious D concert. Maybe a whole group of them went.

      • Nice to know they got an evening to go out and relax in the middle of all their hard work. I’m happy for them and hope they had a great time.

        • Yeah, I hope they get the occasional treat as the shoot continues because I know they will be working some very long, hard hours with a lot of grueling battle scenes.

          • I just hope Richard doesn’t smash himself in the face with the sword again–I know they soldiered on anyway because the wounds looked like battle wounds and worked in the scene, but–yowie! That hurts just to think about.

      • Ha ha, I completely forgot Jack Black was in King Kong. I hadn’t even heard of Tenacious D until Jack and another band member were interviewed on an Australian chat show the other night (shows how up with pop culture I am!) -now it all makes sense!

            • OMIGOD–cannot even imagine. I am not a fan of Jack Black, but the mind reels at the mere idea of his playing Bilbo.

              • He’s just one of those actors that doesn’t do a thing for me–why, I couldn’t tell you specifically, but I just don’t find him funny.I must have a strange sense of humor.

              • I never understood the appeal of Adam Sandler. Never have been able to watch a movie with him in it. I find him absolutely the unfunniest person on earth. I think it’s just that different people find different types of humor more or less appealing. Doesn’t mean you are strange! Actually, I liked Jack’s performance in The Holiday, which was a rom-com where he ended up as Kate Winslet’s love interest.

              • Speaking of unfunny–Adam Sandler may be the absolute unfunniest person ever to be in the movies.A friend whose judgement I trust once told me I should watch “Bedtime Stories” despite the fact that he was in it. I think I managed about 15 minutes at the outside. The man cannot act his way out of a paperbag. How he keeps getting movie roles is completely beyond me.

              • I think he must be an acquired taste, definitely. I know when I was teaching back in the 90s my kids just adored him. I could never, ever see the appeal.

              • Just remembered–I did find Jack funny in the new Muppet Movie. Not rip-roaring funny, but funny.

              • Yeah, I liked him in that, too. And I thought he was pretty funny in Tropic Thunder, too. He’s DEFINITELY better than Adam Sandler, but then I’d find a peanut butter sandwich funnier than AS.

              • The schtick they gave him during the benefit show when he was tied to the chair onstage was pretty hilarious. Of course, I was also mostly fixated on the Muppets.

        • Geez, guys, I am sorry–I should have explained that. I’ve been aware of the band for quite a while, sort of a side venture of Jack and his band partner, satirical rock and roll.

  5. Great to see “any” picture from Wellington at the moment! Thanks for sharing it. As you said, we’ll take what we can get and a sight of the black leather jacket and denim shirt combo is always welcome. 😉 I think many of us have pretty vivid imaginations when we look at that shirt!! *sigh*

    It’s nice to think of Katie hanging out with her Dad and these other guys. I loved seeing her in this picture next to Richard’s right arm!

    I’m sure it does them a lot of good when they can take some time off now and then. No doubt they were happy to all meet up again. 🙂

  6. Woof! You ring the bell with a photo of Richard and I’m salivating alright. I, too, have fantasies about that shirt and getting it off him. It’s good to see Richard getting out and about, enjoying time with his co-workers.

  7. Oh my goodness my world has just exploded! RA, Dr who and David Tennant all mentioned! Total fangirling squeeing moment going on here! ………. Ok, semi calm recovered, good to see RA having a night off with some friends, I worry that he is lonely and keeps himself too distant when in a role. Looking deliciously dishellvelled! And my goodness how tall is Lee!

    • I worry sometimes that he is lonely also–but I can sort of understand how much time he spends concentrating on his role and how he approaches it. The good news is that at least he feels he can go out and enjoy himself here, which I sort of don’t think he always does in London.

      • He is a very dedicated professional, and we love him for it. He could always move closer to me, we’re so welcoming here in the south Wales valleys I’d not worry so much about him being lonely! And of course I’d be close by too♥

  8. Speaking of getting bashed on Facebook, there seems to be a contingent of “fans” who go apeshirt when they see pictures like this, and immediately go into raptures about slashfic not between Thranduil and Thorin, but between Richard and Lee. I posted this picture to a friend’s page, and of course everyone came out of the woodwork saying “Oh, I knew it, Lee and Richard are dating!” My friend tried to correct them and got the flaming of a lifetime. :/

    • *sigh* As I said on FB in a comment to a post a friend had also put on Tumblr about this, to make assumptions like this is rumor-mongering and for some, wishful thinking. As Friend pointed out, that was a cropped shot for the newspaper which conveniently cut out other people from TH who were attending the concert–it was a group thing, not a “date” for Lee and Richard. Adam “Ori” Brown and PJ’s daughter also went along–so, are they dating??
      Richard went to the movies with Lee last year. Big deal. He apparently also went to the movies with Jonas Armstrong when they were filming RH. Nobody suggested they were dating!

      What it boils down to for me is Richard and Lee are both private men. And they are entitled to that privacy. I have said before I would always love and admire and respect RA no matter what his sexual orientation might prove to be, and that hasn’t changed. But I haven’t seen any evidence of anything more than friendship between two talented, gorgeous, genuinely nice guys who happen to be in the same business and are currently working together. To assume anything else, well–it makes an “ass out of U and me.” 😉

      • I guess I just don’t understand why people have to try to “make something” out of something so innocent or simple. What, is Richard supposed to stay in his room alone the whole time he isn’t working? I don’t think so–it certainly wouldn’t make me happy to think that’s what he was doing. He’s entitled to a private life, at least as much as he can have with his new notoriety–by the by, George Clooney is past 50 and has never been married as far as anyone knows, and I don’t see fans concocting rumors about his sexuality every five minutes, or every time he shows up in a photo with one of his male pals. Sorry, guys, I’m a little crabby at the moment, but this kind of thing simply infuriates me. Richard is a wonderful, kind, talented, caring human being–(and gorgeous, did I forget gorgeous?) He deserves every good thing in life–and that does NOT include so-called fans speculating every time he walks out a door.

        • Steph, this is why I got a bit irritated when someone commented on an earlier post and seemed to be implying that I was implying there WAS something between Richard and Lee. which, of course, I was not. I am not into rumor-mongering if and when I can help it.

          Re Clooney, he was married very early in his career but it didn’t last long. Seems to be a bit of a womanizer–been linked with scads of women but it never lasts long. I think what triggers some of this re Richard is the fact RA ISN’T seen with a different girl on his arm every other week. Which, frankly, makes me all the more respectful of RA, that he doesn’t feel the need to constantly “put it about.”

          Let him live his life, and for heaven’s sake, yes, get out and enjoy social situations, too! I’d hate to think of the poor man cooped up in his room all the time when he isn’t working. :-/

          • I’ve also thought that he may be a bit more comfortable going out and about with the Hobbit crew in NZ–we all know he tends to be a bit shy and keep to himself, and I’m hoping this means he’s getting a little more used to his newfound fame.

            And Richard is a gentleman–for all anyone knows, may be he’s just waiting for his one true love. Or just still super-focused on his career.

          • That would have been me, and maybe it came across the wrong way. You weren’t implying they are an item, but you support the idea that they are friends. They may well be friends but I don’t think we can conclude that he is closer to LP than to any of his dwarf colleagues or MF. We don’t even know how much time LP did spent on the Hobbit set, maybe not enough to form a close friendship with anyone, depends on the size of his role. But if the cast is as nice as they appear to be, they would have welcomed him to join their activities. We have no clue with whom RA hangs out most of the time. Last year he was seem with Orlando Bloom, what to make of that?

            • Would it be unrealistic to assume the cast members are largely all “friends”–there are, after all, different levels of friendship, from very casual to truly close? I never said the two men were bosom buddies or Best Friends Forever. Maybe, as an American, I interpret the idea of friendship slightly different than someone of another nationality might. I don’t know. Forgive me if I sound cranky over the whole issue, I had a horrible dream last night and it put all this arguing over things like this in perspective for me. Let Lee and Richard and the whole cast and crew have a a wonderful time and enjoy special outings together, more power to them all!!

              • Well, I certainly interpret friendship differently from you. There is a difference between being colleagues that are on friendly terms and occasionally go out together and being friends. We have no clue who RA’s friends are and with whom he spends time apart from his colleagues. He could be friends with crew members or locals we have never heard about for example. We get information what he does when he’s not filming and with whom a few times a year and we have no clue about the rest of the time.

              • Yes, there can be a difference between cordial colleagues and close friends, indeed there can, but it IS possible to actually be real, genuine friends WITH your colleagues. My husband’s work colleague is now his business partner and I consider his family to be very dear to me. They are great people–why shouldn’t I be friends with them?

                It is possible to like spending time outside of work with co-workers and to even confide in them. I have worked with people in the past who came to be like family to me. I have also worked with people I just as soon never see outside of work, frankly could barely stand them– but fortunately they haven’t been the majority. 😉

                I don’t think I am unusual in my part of the world in that being the case for me. I can’t speak for Germany or any other country, obviously. I am just evaluating things through my own life experiences, and I’ve been around a few more years than you have, I believe.

                Certainly, Richard can be friends with any person, male, female, gay, straight, bi, rich, poor, colleague, support personnel, neighbor, he wishes to be. It seems to me, purely judging by their body language and expressions, he and Tami, his Hobbit makeup wizard, have developed a solid friendship, for example. But then I hesitate to even say THAT because it might be misconstrued by you or someone else.

                I don’t think we are ever going to come to a meeting of minds over this. I am not trying to run RA’s life or make assumptions about how he lives it or who all his friends are or aren’t or anything else. Let’s move on.

              • He said he made a friend for life in TL so that wouldn’t just be making an assumption. But as TL is openly gay (easy to find out if you google her), it would be unreasonable to assume that there is more to their friendship.

                We just know so little about RA’s personal life and his relationships and most of the time, only what he wants us to know.

              • Yes, I know she’s gay, I ‘ve read the articles about her in gay-oriented online news outlets. Yes, Richard is a private person. Yes, he likes to keep it that way. Yes, I hope he maintains as much of his privacy as he wishes.

                I am just really tired at this point of this entire topic and feel as if, to coin an American phrase, we are beating a dead horse, and I quite like and respect horses. 😦

              • I love horses and I, like Angie, see no point in continuing to dig this into the ground. Richard is a private person and he is entitled to that–he owes his fans no explanations about his life unless it’s something he wants us to know. For that, I think he deserves a great deal of respect.

              • Yes, I think we all agree he is a private person and entitled to his privacy, I respect that, and I am heartily sorry if I said anything that led anyone astray. TBPH, I am so swamped with RL issues to deal with it just seemed like a waste of precious time, energy and brain power (the latter two sadly lacking for me at times) to continue to dwell on this topic. On the positive side, I am having a delightful time working on editing the behind-the-scenes Kindergarten grad video. So cute and funny! 😉

              • @angie. I´m a dear follower of your blog since a couple of weeks ago (please, forgive my overblown English, I´m a non native speaker – German), and I like it very much. Though I “know all the facts” about RA (*lol*) it´s always inspiring to get new thoughts and opinions. Your openness is so encouraging.

                Back to the topic: Let all of the cast enjoy themselves, they do a great job, and we´re all looking forward for the next release of the trilogy. Though I often want to speculate I agree with RA´s statement about the birthday calendar the dwarves made for PJ last year: “What happens in the calendar, stays in the calendar” (I´ve to confess I`m so curious, but it´s private).

                Thanks again,

                Ute from Germany

              • Thank you, Ute, and I am glad you enjoy it here. 😀 Don’t worry about the language issues.

                I think we are ALL curious about the calendar if we are honest! 😉 I am sure PJ enjoyed it very much. I do hope they have a wonderful time shooting rest of film and can’t wait to see Mr. A and all the rest on screen again in December.

              • My response was meant to address the comment about Richard and Orlando Bloom–don’t know if they were hanging out last year or what, but as far as I can see, there is “nothing” to be made out of that. Sorry if I was a little too enigmatic on that one. My brain’s not functioning all that well today.

              • OK, I was confused, and my brain is right there with yours. 😉 I had an awful dream in the late morning before I awoke after a bad night with terrible GERD issues. Instead of relief it was dream, I just felt depressed and teary. I haven’t spent much time on social media today or tonight because–just haven’t felt like it. And some other worries on my mind. So that’s why I haven’t been around all that much. I hope your brain fog improves soon, Stephanie, mine as well.

                Orlando and Richard were seen having lunch together. Big Whoop. I mean, people eat out with friends, acquaintances and folks they work with all the time, don’t they?

                I just think people are trying to make mountains out of molehills over all this, including trying to pin me into a corner. Sure, I have playfully suggested RA might have gotten some accent pointers from Lee, who hails from Oklahoma. I have commented they look great together–well, they do! And yes, they appear to have real onscreen chemistry, which I look forward to seeing this December! I have NEVER suggested or tried to promote the idea as some have done they were actually in a “relationship.”

                So I guess I am asking nicely for certain individuals to get off my back–pretty please.

              • I certainly never meant to confuse you, dear Angie–and when I get annoyed, as I tend to do about such things, I can also get stupid. Since I don’t think like that, it irritates me when other people do. Our Richard is such a dear, wonderful, darling man in every way conceivable and you do such an amazing job on this blog-with keeping all of us happy and in the loop–enuf said.

        • Well said Stephanie (and Angie)! Why some feel the need to do this is beyond my comprehension. Please, have some respect for this lovely man who, in his own words, has stated that he wishes to have a wife and family one day. To try to twist that into something else is dishonouring not only to him but to any male friends he chooses to hang out with and I find that really upsetting.

          • He is most certainly deserving of respect, both in the way he lives his life and conducts his career. There are many others in the movie business i can think of that could take a few lessons from Richard just by observation.

          • I would say to anyone if you want to write RPF about Richard and Lee, you need to remember it is FICTION. FICTION. Don’t try to twist RL to suit your story. I know the gay rumors have dogged Lee for a while, and I have no idea whether they are true or not, don’t care, really. I will like and admire him any old way. I do know Richard is a kind and thoughtful person who has worked with gay actors/dancers/crew members in his time and would never speak out in a way that might hurt one of them even if he did want to quelch rumors. Richard is respectful. We all need to follow his example.

  9. Not wanting to stir things up, but I think there is CHEMISTRY between Pace and Armitage and I am SO looking forward to their on screen performances as Thorin and Thranduil! There is serious energy there! I also have no knowledge of their RL relationship, besides the fact that they are friends. Whatever. I really can’t wait for the next film to see them on screen together! YAY! 😀

    • There can definitely be chemistry, an onscreen magic, between two straight actors, too, that’s not stirring the pot, my girl! I thought RA and RPJ had great onscreen chemistry together during their all-too-brief scenes together in Spooks. (And boy did they look good together). I think these two, Lee and RA, are definitely simpatico as well as being strong, dedicated actors, and that will show onscreen in the scenes between their characters. Looking forward to it as well (although I am going to be pissed with Thranduil for giving my Thorin a hard time!) LOL

      • I hear you! I know who I will be rooting for in that confrontation!! RIght now, my sympathies are totally with that pelty-goodness dwarf of dwarves. Down with Thranduil and his elves! 😀

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