He’s lookin’ fine . . . well, no surprise THERE.


Gosh, ladies and gents, I am tired. Throat is sore; probably just sinus drainage from these cool nights/hot days we’ve had.  Tried to get at least partially caught up with the comments (you have been busy little bunnies!). You seem to be having a good time and that’s really what it’s all about. 😀

I’ve been working on the website for Pecan Ridge Productions for a good part of the evening and then decided to go ahead and write a “let me introduce us” blog entry for it, too. The blog entry is published, but the site is not live yet–still some more things to sort out, and Benny lost some additions he had made to the products page this morning (yes, e-commerce!).  I managed to lose an entire blog post, so we are pretty much even there. *sigh*

Hope to get the new website up and going tomorrow.  Now that school is out, we need projects booked for the summer and the ability for people to check us out online without going to FB.

I decided to relax with a bit more photo editing with my fave photographer of all things RA, Robert Ascroft.

Some of the original images aren’t the best quality, but one does the best one can. It’s still such fun . . . hopefully I can serve up some smoRgAsbords for you tomorrow, my dears.






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  1. What a busy girl you’ve been! So pleased to hear that everything is going well with Pecan Ridge Productions, you deserve it. What pleasant pictures to rest your tired eyes on! Liking the third and fourth pictures in particular! Yummy! Very suave and masculine! I’d love a dinner date with HIM! Hey I’d love a dinner date with him…… Try and get some rest honey!

  2. I love the b/w best. No, I love the masculine beauty best. No, I love yesterdays best. No, I love tomorrow’s best. no no no Christine– Hand me the smelling sa….”SWUD”.

  3. I read the post, I swear I did. But when I got to those photos…I think I forgot everything but how stunning Richard looks in them! Masculine beauty personified!

    Seriously, I wish you and Benny all the best with your business! Maybe those posts will mysteriously turn up in cyber land.

  4. Yay, hooray for Pecan Ridge Productions. I’m sure you’ll have the website sorted soon. Did you know that Google has a sort of checklist for website development to help you rank in searches?

    Meanwhile, you feed my Richarding habit with these glorious pictures– Thank you, thank you.

  5. Lord, that third photo is literally to die for–someone posted it on my Pinterest page last night and I nearly fell over. Sorry you’re feeling under the weather. but it is that pollen time of year. Try to get some rest today–I know RL makes that difficult sometimes.

  6. Ok team–we are below the 200 day mark!!! 199 days until the Premier of Desolation of Smaug!! Shall we dance? Shall we sing? Shall we swoon around the Under the Mountain King?

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