Somewhere over the rainbow . . . you’ll find RA and the gang



The lovely Graham McTavish shared this photo on Twitter tonight, saying, “This is a view from our base camp on one of our locations for The Hobbit. This is really what NZ looks like!”

A beautiful country. A gigantic film trilogy that feels like the world’s “biggest home movie,” the first film a worldwide success with fans counting down the days until the next installment. A small city of people putting their skills and talents to work in what appears to be a labor of love.

I am certain there are squabbles and flares of temper and days when people are so tired they can hardly see straight.  In spite of the varied creatures they play, they are, after all, only human.

Still, to do something you really love, something that captivates you and motivates you–that is a joyous experience.


And to do it all in a place that looks like that. Your brain would have to be feeling pretty joyous!

And the friendships they’ve developed must be so special. Not surprised to hear Graham say he was worn out from all the hugging they did upon their reunion in New Zealand.  I’ve become incredibly fond of the gang, as I think of them; the feeling amongst them seems to be the same.

BeFunky_taminner1 (1)RATamie.jpg

Richard Armitage in his Thorin guise giving makeup and prosthetic artist Tami Lane a hug. Of course, we are NOT envious.


Have a wonderful time, Richard, in that glorious land called New Zealand.  Goodness knows, you deserve every minute of it.

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  1. Stunning. The more of I see of it the more I believe that New Zealand really needs to be a travel goal at some point for me, should it ever become financial viable. To be working in such a beautiful place must be a pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming realization. That I could be envious of. I want that. Good on them all who have it – especially Richard and all the boys.

    • I clicked on Graham’s link and I said. “Wow!” It is simply gorgeous. I had always wanted to visit both Australia and NZ but now more than ever I want to see that part of the world. So glad Richard and all the lads have this wonderful opportunity. They really do seem to thrive in it.

        • Yep, that’s definitely the downside. Flying across the Atlantic was a long enough trip for me. Still, it is so appealing–such a beautiful, magical sort of place.

            • Heh-heh. One friend who keeps up with such things says it’s closer than we think. Me, I’m a McCoy-esque skeptic.

          • Muscle relaxer, neck pillow, slippers, and exit-row seat if available. From Seattle WA to my home in Andalucia, it’s normally about 30 hours door-to-door, of which maybe 19 or 20 are spent in planes. The transfers are usually tougher on me than the flights. And I do have my preferred routes, airlines, and airports.

      • My first reaction was Wow, raised several powers! Thanks to Mr. McTavish for taking the shot and to you for sharing it with us.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Well done to Graham for catching it – and for giving us the chance to see it, too. Must be a heavenly place to work in.

  3. So very beautiful, both NZ and RA! So good to hear the gang are all back together! And thank goodness for Graham and he’s tweets, what a lovely bloke!

  4. Thank you Graham and of course you, Angie, for sharing this with non-tweeters! Such an unforgettable and beautiful place for them to be. It’s some years since I was there and even though we were there twice we didn’t get to tour around as much as we would have liked as unfortunately my husband was on business and time to do our own thing was limited. But what we did see is forever imprinted on my mind and on my heart, not just the fantastic scenery but the wonderfully warm people we met and were able to spend time with. It is truly a very special place and it doesn’t surprise me that at least one member of the cast has expressed a desire to buy a house there! 😉

  5. Love photos of rainbows and this one is a stunner; I can just imagine standing out there and staring at this gorgeous scene, and how it would affect me, no matter how tired and out of sorts I might be. Would love to see NZ sometime.

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