Guyday Friday: Just another hard day for a hot henchman


So–to catch you all up!

Yeah, Benny is happy with my editing of the “bonus feature” for the kindergarten vid. He’s also found an extended version of the song I am using that will be exactly the length I need so it won’t necessitate repeating part of the song during the six minute video. He said he will download the longer version for me tomorrow at work (takes FOREVER here . . .)  Later, we may embed the vid on the Pecan Ridge website –not right away, but later.  After battling a sinus/allergy malaise all week, Benny is finally doing a bit better. Still not resting really well at night.

There is an outside possibility we will be shooting another stage production this weekend in a neighboring county. A friend of mine is checking tomorrow about copyright issues. It’s not as if we don’t have a lot on our plate right now, but we don’t want to miss out on opportunities when they arise.

And now, without further ado–thank God it’s Guyday!!!!!!

Even if it IS the same old song . . . with Hoodie & the Tree House Gang once again getting away with the goods and making the Hot Velveteen Henchman, the Treacherous Troll and the castle guards all look like complete numbskulls.
It’s enough to drive a poor misunderstood baddie to the edge–or at least to Ye Olde Pub. Sir Guy may be knocked down by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (not to mention Hoodie and the boyz) but he gets back up again . . .

Because, really, you can’t keep our good baddie down for too long!

1promo11 (2)sirugy


You just know someone will be thwarting Guy once again.  But dang, doesn’t he look good all angsty and angry and thwarted? *sigh*

And of course, when he turns from the Dark Side, he is still our gloriously sexy Gisborne with his tousled bedhead and energetic swordplay. And his magnificent bellowing. LOVE it when the man bellows.



And I leave you with this image. Which, oddly enough, remains one of my all-time favorite screencaps of Sir Guy. I just can’t quite point my finger on it . . .

Happy Guyday Friday!


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  1. Happy Guyday Friday! Our beloved Guy is so gorgeous, so hot, even when he’s furious and thwarted and angsty. As for your favourite screen cap, you may not be able to put your finger on it, but his stance, his expression, the snug black leather and the promise of what lies beneath — oh, yeah.

    I hope Benny feels better soon. And you go, girl, with your special features!

    • To you, too, my dear. Oh, he’s enough to cause spontaneous combustion of us all. That screencap has many charms . . . *thud* Benny does sound better, I just wish he could rest better, that would really help. Hey, if PJ can have all this bonus shizzle, I reckon I can come up with a thing or two myself! 😉

  2. Even though you are very busy and tired you never forget our delicious hot Guy ! Happy Guyday Friday Angie and like Leigh I hope Benny recovers well !!!

    • He’s feeling “marginally” better. My sinuses have been bugging me but not to the extent his have. LOL Guy loves to kick back and relax in a nice leather recliner, too. 😉

  3. Delicious, as always–your favorite screencap is also one of mine, especially his expression–just finished watching “Robin Hood” 1 again for the first time in a while and reminding myself just how glorious he is as Guy.

      • I guess it had been longer than I thought since I’d watched it because I found myself swooning and thudding all over again as if I’d never seen it before. It also struck me anew how completely over and above most of his castmates Richard was. He stood out like a soaring flame.

        • Although I respect the acting abilities of several of his co-stars and guest stars, without Richard as Guy–well, I just wouldn’t have bothered. He has the amazing gift for making a sumptuous silk purse out of what could easily have been a sow’s ear.

          • I must admit to a certain fondness for Keith Allen, mainly because he was so LOL funny as the treacherous troll, even though I must also admit there were times I’d have cheerfully throttled him myself for the way he treated Guy (well, and others in some cases). But he was great in the role.

            • I really enjoyed writing fanfic with the sheriff as a character because he was so FUNNY and evil at the same time and I could give him really great lines! And torture him with my cat. *muhahahahahaha* I wanted to scream at him to take his nasty little troll mitts off Guy quite frequently. I hated the way he manipulated Guy left and right. And clearly, he had a yen for Giz, too–feelings NOT reciprocated. Poor Guy. Talk about the Boss from Hell!

              • Oh, the fact that he quite obviously WANTED our boy (and not a good way) made the whole thing even more insane–he was so determined to separate him from Marian,(odd he never noticed that Marian didn’t want Guy as much as Vazey did).

                And poor Guy, caught in the middle of all that? YIKES!

              • Yes, poor Guy was being manipulated by both Vasey and Marian, with her misguided allegiance to Forest Boy and “Good King Richard”–and then she was being manipulated by Blobbin, who didn’t really love her nearly as much as he wanted everyone to think. Proof is in the actions, if you ask me.

              • For someone who supposedly loved her the way he said he did, he certainly recovered quickly from her death–with not one, but TWO women, no less. One of whom wound up causing his death as well–I guess what goes around really does come around. I did find it sad that, in the end, Guy realized that Marian loved Robin and not him. That’s a helluva realization to come to as your life’s blood is ebbing away across the floor–I think that’s why I cried for hours after I watched it.

              • YOu and me both, sister. I still can’t rewatch those final scenes of Guy’s life . . . even though he looked so beautiful when he smiled at Archer, this light in his eyes, and said, “Brother.” And he does play a death scene so well. Still—just. Too. Painful. *sigh*

              • Have never been able to watch that again and most likely never will–I was too horrified that they were killing him off, even though I knew very well that the series was ending. The PTB need to stop casting him in stuff where he dies. Either that, or I need to buy stock in Kleenex.

            • You mention making a sumptuous silk purse out of sow’s ear…can you even imagine the thrill that cow got knowing it was going to being hanging on that man’s hiney?

  4. Im so glad that your venture is working out and is successful. Congratulations – I know that you and Benny are working really hard ATM. It’s paying off my lovely friend! x

    oh, and as a side note: *THUD*

    • We are working very hard and today the DVDs for the kindergarten grads and the Wizard performance were duped and ready for pickup/mailing. Hoping when customers see them that word of mouth will spread to others and we will get more orders! Fingers crossed.

  5. First you load it with all sorts of tasty trigger words, and then *that*. You are so…very…BAD.

    I love it.

    That, the “latter” is a favorite also, on so many levels. As as often as I’ve seen it, I’m always willing to take yet another look.

    The show is so worthy of such digs – and you are still being so kind. I can only go back and watch certain scenes, where I am tempted to just put them on a loop. I’m am grateful when others do it with gifs (Tumblr) but them we can’t hear that voice, can we? Major loss. But as a known beggar, digger, scratcher for more…I can’t be choosy.

    • Yes, I am a very bad girl, but it does appear to be the thing some people most love about me! LOL Some images we simply never grow weary of, do we?

      As for RH, well the writers appeared to be on crack at times, and especially in the first two seasons the budget constraints often showed. Yet it did have it charms–chiefly Mr. Armitage as Guy, naturally, but other talented actors, too, from that treasure trove the Brits do offer us.

      • I am playing “The Sir Guy Show ” for mom. She hasn’t seen it. We’re into the middle of season 2. We just finished watching the eppie where Guy puts on the armor….OH GAWD…Half naked RA! Now if that wasn’t bad (good) enough I watch this just before I have to leave to go to my cardiologist appointment!!!! I’m dying here! I walk out the door with my husband. I walk back in the door and get my purse. I walk out the door. I walk back in the door and get my cell phone. I walk out the door. I walk in the door and tell Mom good bye….My husband is in tears laughing in the car. My Mom is in tears laughing in the house. My dog is laughing.

          • The half naked scene nearly gave me heart failure the first time I saw it. Dopey Marian that close to touching Sir Guy’s gorgeous chest and pulling back because Forest Boy was spying at the window? I have to say, though, for once she looked like she might want to jump his bones–and everything else.

              • I didn’t realized it the first time I watch the Sir Guy Show how much the Troll touched Sir Guy. This time I can see he’s always rubbing up against him or leaning on him, always just before he yells at him. Ick. I really think Marian wanted Little John but The Bird Boy kept getting in the way. Why would you want a kid who didn’t have enough hair on his face to shave when you could have a real man? She knew she wasn’t really woman enough for Guy and he would break her the first night, so she had to pretend, she was scared. Night Watchman, my great aunt Rose. She was probably in the forest with Little John.

              • While I agree that she was totally NOT woman enough for Guy (I think they both would have figured that out on the wedding night, if it had ever happened), I somehow don’t see her with Little John–although he certainly would have been one of the better choices among the Merry Men. Not sure about this, but I think she did actually go out (in RL) with Joe Armstrong for awhile in the first year, but it didn’t last very long.

              • She went out with Jonas briefly, that I know. Didn’t know about Lucy dating Allun Armstrong’s son, though. She was dating Joe—-can’t remember his last name, that played Carter for quite a while. He was also in a band and she turned up at several of his gigs. Since she’s working in America now, I don’t know who she, if anyone, she’s seeing.

              • Regular little tart…heh? LOL Well, I’m off to bed to dream a little dream of YKW. Good night my friends. See you well, it looks tonight like we’ll meet in Sherwood Forest, but I bet we take a side trip to Middle Earth. I just can’t help myself, The Dwarf makes my juices boil.

              • Actually, it was Jonas Armstrong that was said to be making his way through the females, from what I understand. Sort of like Robin, but only on a much larger scale.

                I don’t think Lucy had more than a couple of dates with Jonas–frankly, I never saw that much sexual chemistry between those two. I heard far more about Lucy and Joe “Carter.” They made a really cute couple, too. So I don’t think you can quite call Lucy a “tart”–although she does have a lovely cheeky sense of humor.;) Always will have a soft spot for her as she absolutely adored working with RA and I think really learned from him. She can’t help the way they wrote her character. :-/

              • Always learn from the best if you can–and a lot of their scenes together had far more electricity going on than hers with Jonas ever did,

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