Just had to share these for Thorin Thursday.




More charming and saucy Thorin/RA inspired fanart from Facebook via Tumblr.  Oh, Cbeebies Thorin and the lads!  Please note the careful addition of Orcrist to the portrait of Naked Calendar Thorin. *ahem*

379723_364553726979124_761345974_n  And from Tanni Tani’s Hobbit Cats project–these handsome pair of alluring felines. 😉

And this gorgeous piece of fanart by Kimberly from Facebook of Thorin and his grandfather.



And my own Thorin photo edit. Happy Thorin Thursday, y’all!

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  1. What a talented bunch of people! Love the cbeebies take off with a cheeky fili and Kili peeking around the corner! And oh my to the Thorin hairstyling one, thank goodness for the sword or I’d be flat on the floor! In fact love it all!

    • Yes, the sword is quite strategically placed, isn’t it? 😉 I used to love the idea of Richard doing the stories in the guise of Guy, now I like imagining Thorin telling them. 😉

  2. LMAO at the Storyteller and the Calendar (especially)!!!! Is there a link to the other “cat” pix? Kimberly is one talented artist!! And of course last but certainly far from least, haven’t we all said at one time or another, “RA would look good in a paper bag?” So it’s burlap. Paper, burlap, …he’s still the best looking thing this side of Alpha Centari.

    • It’s Tanni Tani doing the cat project, uhm, I don’t have the link right with me (my brain is sort of still in semi-fog state and my guts are a little unhappy at the moment, too). Someone posted the pic in FB. I’ve always said he would look good in a potato sack, actually, and they can certainly be made of burlap. 😉

  3. Happy Thorin Thursday! He is glorious, isnt he? Storyteller Thorin is really cute. That Calendar Thorin just makes me want to see the real thing (no, not the calendar photo, the REAL thing). And I love your edit. I heard about “gunny sack with a rope around it” when I was little; well, now I know that Richard looks great in the proverbial sack.

    • Yes, I am all for seeing the real thing strike a pose like that in a chair, that Thorin mane being blown back ever so romantically . . . *sigh* *wibble* *thud*

  4. There is another one out there of “Mr. December” on the chair, that was really well done, but I just can’t find it. That one was was even more..um…suggestive. Orcrist. Guns. It is never subtle.

    Charm in a burlap sack – who would have thought?

    And I really I love the piece with Thorin and Thror. Really fantastic work and their faces and eyes are mesmerizing.

    • I showed another one recently–you could see Dwalin holding the blow dryer in that one. Charm and masculine beauty in a troll sack–wonders never do cease. I was captivated by Kimberly portrait of the king and prince–very well done.

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