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The Power of a Character: Thorin conquers the world



Richard smouldering into the camera during the shooting of the scene where he confronts the very-much-not-dead Pale Orc.

I’ve been reading the comments left over at DJ’s blog, Heirs of Durin, on a guest post by Anjy Roemelt celebrating the brotherhood and spirit of Thorin and his company of dwarves. I admit I especially enjoy the comments that pay homage to Thorin and to his Creator, Richard Armitage (yes, I know you are totally surprised at that).

I continue to be delighted over the impact this ChaRActer, and ultimately, the Creator, is having on people of all ages around the world.  Richard’s majestic presence, his use of body language and those mesmerizing eyes through which he is able to express so much about his character, not to mention that amazing, deep, rich voice–which simply cannot be replicated by dubbing actors, sorry.

Here’s what a German-speaking fan and mother of young children had to say. These comments are as written; I have italicized some passages.

(Melian commenting at Heirs of Durin on post “What’s So Special About These Dwarves?)

“I was in fear about the changing of Thorins character in part 3 when I started to deal with his character deeper but now I am not. To come closer to Thorins character made my understanding of his deeds and the reasons for as big that I cant imagine now to turn away from him because of his acts in the last part. I will feel with him and will be sorry and sad but I will not judge him, I am very sure of it

. What you told about perfection is the same I also think. Aragorn is perfect to adore him but too perfect to identify with him, he is a hero almost without faults and thats impossible to be. Another character in another movie told once a quote fitting well to that fact: “There are no perfect human beeings…only perfect intensions” (Azeem out of “Robin Hood, King of Thieves” Thats why we love Thorin: He is not as perfect, he has the same fault like we have, he does the same mistakes we do, he makes the same wrong decisions we make sometimes…and thats why he is our hero , a character so close to ours that we can see us in him…

I had to smile reading about your sons obsession….I have a son of now 8 and a daughter of 5…and both are infected with her mothers Hobbit-obsession, to the eyerolling amusement of my husband too. My son get read the book when he was 5 and he felt the end is sad and unfair…now he is reading the Hobbit himself…as the first book he will read ever….other children learn to reads with a fairy-tale maybe… son with Tolkien….lol….and he never forgot about the end!

After more than 2 years he remembered and brought up that subject again….and so his little sister realized about too…she was also crying then and telling thats terrible sad and unfair. I have to say both saw the movie (except the war-scenes I wiped out of course) and both loved it…they know most of the english scenes and the whole movie in German…although they cant speak english they understand all scenes and can speak in German what is happen in english…every evening they want to see some scenes…and want to speak about it.


Both of them love Thorin…my daughter likes another figure every week but Thorin stays on the top…..and often she ask me about that end…WHY??? Knowing nothing about psychology, seeing a grumpy and harsh Thorin in the movie they even understand his essence…only by feeling… ..I found your part about the translation very good…they may use the right words but it is not the same!

First is that no German speaker is able to copy the deepth and expression of Richards voice…its not his fault because its simply impossible to reach….but some scenes have a totally changed atmosphere in German compared with the original, as Thorin and the Goblinking, the scene with the map and Elrond in Rivendell or even the Carrock-scene.

Since I saw it first time in english I adore Richard even more…his voice for acting is extraordinary like Freddy Mercury`s was for singing…nearly nobody could reach that score…It makes the beautiful parts even more beautiful …but the sad parts more sad too…”

A portion of Misty’s comment:

 ” . . . This is not the little story I expected, but something stunning, mesmerizing,
amazing, awesome.

Except that at the beginning, when Thorin entered at Bag End,
I thought, my goodness, this is a KING, with capital letters and with all what
it means, but then the way he talked to Bilbo looking down on him, disappointed
me for a few minutes and I thought that the much he looks awesome the arrogant
he is and if I have to be watching this guy for almost three hours I would go

And then came the scene when he says “I would take each and every one of
these dwarves over an army from the Iron Hills” and that he had no choice, only
to make me realize that I have never been so wrong in all my life, and to be
angry with myself for judging by first impression.

And of course by the end of the film I was obsessed. And still I am.


As much as I have never been with any
character in all my life and as much as I myself would have never expected. And
as you say, no sign of cooling down.

And this obsession is not only due to a handsome face (though it would of course

be foolish to deny that it adds a good deal). It is more due to Thorin’s character.

We do not fall in love with Aragorn
(or at least I never did – though of course liked him). Because he is so
‘perfect’, judging by human standards.

We fall in love with Thorin. Because he is not so ‘perfect’ by Aragorn’s standards.

But he is perfect for us. Because he is more HUMAN.

With all the nobility and flaws going with it. And HUMAN also
means having flaws, making mistakes sometimes, reacting to situations not always
in the best manner or as others would expect us… That is why he is so close to
us. And I think he can be loved even more for those.

He can be loved because he proved himself to deserve and be worth to be loved.


So let me put it this way: I
would risk to take it even this far (and I have made a similar comment elsewhere
on the site): ‘king’ is a title, in the sense of ranks.

But primarily he is a person, just like you or me.

And are there any persons who never make mistakes?
And if your answer is no (I guess it is), then why criticize Thorin for making
I would not dare to quote what my husband says about all this,
especially now that my six-year-old (OK, almost seven) son has also become a
massive fan.


He himself has seen the film at least three times (and me… I do not
even know now, how many times) and is still begging me to see it even more. And
he also asked me to read out the book for him. And he often comes up to me
saying: ‘Mom, let us talk about The Hobbit.’ And I try my best to explain him
things and he remembers them the next day, in three days time, in a week’s

Of course after the film I could not wait to purchase the book and read
it both in the original and on my mother tongue. Imagine me, I did not know
before the film made me dig deep into the issue what the end of the story would
be, and I was totally shocked when I found out.

And imagine my son, when he
found out that they would die, he cried for like twenty minutes. And sometimes
he still asks me whether I was sure that it has to be this way, whether the film
could end differently…
After having seen the film in my mother tongue (of
course it was in Hungarian in the cinema) I could not wait either to watch in
the original, to hear the original voices (Richard’s is just mesmerizing), and
also to find out about the original words used, as sometimes they are not
properly translated or even if they are, I mean the words used in the
translation are correct, still they cannot reflect the same feeling (and I did
detect some).

My son, who does not speak English (yet – only a few words),
watched the film in Hungarian, but then he also watched it with me in English as
well, just to be part of the original.”

There are many more interesting comments at the blog, which is linked here:

I look at the growth in the fan base, seen through comments such as these, along with new FB pages, blogs and other social media devoted to Thorin Oakenshield, and I know that Richard’s dream of bringing this character to life on screen has been resoundingly successful.  I hope the newly obsessed will also go on to discover his work in earlier roles, to study Porter and North, Thornton and Gisborne, and outstanding turns in supporting roles such as John Standring in Sparkhouse, Ricky Deeming in George Gently and Percy Courtney in Marie Lloyd. Oh, such wealth there is to discover, my friends!

Will Black Sky be affected?


Check out our own Leigh’s great idea for a “Black Sky” premiere charity benefit in the comments!

Me + Richard Armitage

Please donate to tornado relief for the victims of Oklahoma and other Midwest tornadoes.

The local paper reported this morning that the last episode of something called “Mike and Molly” will be delayed because a tornado was involved in the plot. It also referenced reports of shows involving disasters in Boston that were delayed after this year’s destruction at the Boston Marathon.

I wonder if this means the release of Black Sky will be delayed further?

Again, please consider making a donation to tornado relief for the victims of Oklahoma and other Midwest tornadoes.

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‘It’s like we never left . . .’: McTavish Tweets & I Look Back


BeFunky_Inkify_1qyyote.jpgThe wait is now over, Rich. I bet you are a happy man right now.

I bet Tami is also glad to see the world’s most gorgeous dwarf back in her chair, too!

This showed up on Twitter tonight. It made me smile.

Because tonight I need these beautiful, funny, hopeful images



Screen captures by my husband from footage he shot behind the scenes at the kindergarten graduation tonight for our video production company. My heart rejoices in these beautiful, bright faces even as it aches for the children lost today in the tornadoes in Oklahoma. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those killed and injured.


I just want to hug this little guy.


We all have those palm to face moments, don’t we?


Oh, those eyes.




A pensive moment.


How do you keep these darned things on??


I suspect this one can be a handful, don’t you?

Love, peace and safety to you all.

Action in Welly, More Ascroft & PRP’s been busy.


NZ media reports that The Hobbit gang is back at work today.

Best wishes to Richard, Sir Peter and all the cast and crew of the films. Stay safe, healthy and have fun! (Although I must admit I DON’T want to think about some of what you’ll be filming . . . *sniff*)

I am sure you’ve already seen these but won’t object to the opportunity to drool over the latest Ascrofts a bit more. 😉
Courtesy of the Richard Armitage Bulgaria page at FB; also now posted at RANet.  The drip feed continues . . . and no one’s complainin’!



Yesterday I manned a video cam for the second time for the Baccalaureate. Benny looked at footage from Honors Program and said it looked like I’d been doing it for years. So I guess I passed muster. 😉 Tonight I help capture the cute kindergartners on video. Wednesday morning I will be heading to my elementary alma mater, WO Parmer, to shoot their drama club’s performance of “The Wizard of Oz.” Already heard great buzz about this performance and the daughter of a former co-worker plays Dorothy.


Isn’t Vivian a cutie as the little girl who’s not in Kansas anymore?

Thursday night we have graduation. And Benny has a LOT of editing ahead of him.  Looking forward to the day when we have the business built up enough that he can quit a job he really has come to hate. When you have zero respect for the people you work for, it’s not a good thing. :-/

Hope you all are doing well. Going to try for a little nap.  See ya!!

Monet for a Sunday



Richard was just lovely as painter Claude Monet in The Impressionists. Of course, you could say he is lovely in pretty much every role, but there was a special incandescence to his blue eyes here, along with the joie de vivre in those broad smiles and from-the-belly laughs. He did an excellent job of capturing the passion, the struggles and the triumphs of an artist in love with color and light and life itself.

monet color quote




Must grab a quick bite and then head to town for the baccalaureate service. Kindergarten grad tomorrow night, a prospective daytime shoot of “The Wizard of Oz” one day this week and FDA graduation at end of week. PRP is busy!

How can one man be so – – – gorgeous!!?


Thank you to @plfall at twitter for bringing this to my attention. Looks like another John Ascroft shot . . .the smile, the eyes, the elfin ear and the touchable-looking hair . . . they haven’t photoshopped out all his eye crinkles, either.

I think I need to lie down now, feeling a little dizzy.


Sexy, Heroic Soldiers & Spies–Oh, My!



The enigmatic Lucas North–dedicated, determined, trying to make his way in an ordinary world after eight years of torture and deprivation in a Russian prison. Haunted by the past.  NOT John Bateman (that was the lie).  A hero–and sexy as hell. Watching Lucas run in those tight jeans–*guh* Pure poetry in motion.



Sgt. John Porter: tough-as-nails but with a tender side. A man who needs to find the truth, restore his tarnished reputation and fight his way back to a normal life. The very sort of bloke you’d want to come to your rescue. Heroic, clever and when necessary, ruthless. Trust him.


4u (4)[portah


NZ Press Conference: NEW photos & RL journalist’s chronicle


I love how photos and reports from  things that happened months ago just keep popping up. NOT that I am complaining. Here, a journalist’s chronicle of her experiences at the NZ premiere of TH.

And here are more photos from that NZ press conference. Her object of affection is Martin Freeman, but we get some yummy RA here, too.  *sigh* Look at those smiles, the bared forearm and beautiful hand pouring the water, the laugh, the cute vest-plaid shirt-tie ensemble. So handsome and relaxed and youthful looking!!

(And doesn’t Philippa look pretty??)






Sir Guy is Fly! Happy Guyday Friday.


Feelin’ kind of beat up this morning. Being in a hemmed-in situation (via the tethered tripod and knobby-kneed teenager poking me in the back) at Honors Program aggravated my shoulder, knee and back. I am not a woman made for sitting in the bleachers, alas, not even down front, it seems 😉 Event took quite a bit longer than expected. Benny took a good look at me when Harry and I got back to dealership and said. “Take a muscle relaxer. We can do without you tonight.” I didn’t argue. 😉

I’ve some other video production-related work to do, not to mention trying to catch up on all your comments, my lovelies,  but for now let’s just concentrate on the ravishing creature we celebrate each Friday: the ever-so-thudworthy Sir Guy of Gisborne.  The leather! The locks! The eyebrows! The smirk! The Guyliner! It’s all good . . . Sir Guy is fly!







Sweet dreams are made of these . . .



Courtesy of deckitout,

Took a muscle relaxer. Getting very drowsy . . . hmmmmm,  these look inviting. Especially the one on the left. I think these are cases for those full-length body pillows. I think there could be a definite market for these . . .

Thorin Thursday–and a little bit of Lego/RA LOVE



I don’t think I will ever tire of this particular photo of Thorin and the many variations thereof I and others have edited. Oh! Those eyes . . .


After three series of RH, little wonder our Richard was deemed “Best on Horseback” in The Hobbit. And he did, indeed, look magnificent!


And I’ve got one in this character–and the man who plays him.


Looking a tad stroppy–and beautiful. *sigh*


Again, I say–oh, those EYES!


*THUD* *WIBBLE* That is all.

Gotta jump in shower and get myself ready for the Honors Program. Catch y’all later!

Panama Ang, a Warrior Dwarf & Adorable Canines: a Miscellany


I feel as if I may fall asleep watching telly yet again so I’d better “git ‘er dun” while the getting is good.

Just to catch you all up~

Met with Susan today re the children’s book on adoption. Had a good lunch and talk together; she loaned me some children’s books written in the style she hopes to somewhat emulate. Feeling better about that whole project.

Bought a new hat. Got quite a few other bits and bobs at dear old Wallie World aka Walmart, but this is definitely my favorite purchase. Haven’t bought a new hat in ages. This will be my “Panama Jack” hat, a nice soft crushable chapeau.


It was quite warm today–as you can see, I got a bit of a flush going. Hauling stuff up the steps and into the house put roses in the old cheeks.


Seabee’s got a sore paw. Poor baby is limping a lot, but still in good spirits. She is one sweet dog. Gave her a piece of ham with aspirin rolled up inside it to help with pain and any possible inflammation. Seabee certainly did like that ham! Put an extra twinkle on those brown eyes.


As for Jack–well, he’s just too cute. And it turns out that like his Uncle Rascal, he just LOVES cold French fries.

As planned, I practiced with the “nused” video camera and shoot some footage of Rascal and Jack once it cooled off a bit outside. Watched the rough draft of the dance recital video tonight to look for any worrisome bits Benny might need to address, put my alliteration skills to use for blurbs for the opening portion, and tried (in vain) to find my black “working” T-shirt.

Have a lower backache; glad now I got Walmart out of the way today, as I have two events to cover tomorrow, one in the early afternoon and the other in the evening.  Wish me luck! Happy to say we already have about ten of the kindergarten vids and same number of the high school grad package vids pre-sold.

Oh, getting really sleepy . . . I leave you with this silly face to hopefully put a smile on yours.



See, I even made Thorin smile!

Love you all!