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THAT DARN TAT! The Lucas North/William Blake Case Revisited


Welcome a new Armitage blogger to our midst and check out her post on Lucas’s fascinating Blake tattoo!

Armitage Agonistes

Since the first heart-stopping reveal of Lucas North’s naked torso displaying the tattooed image of William Blake’s “Ancient of Days ” (The Tattoo), fans of Richard Armitage and Spooks  have struggled to reconcile Lucas’s rumored admiration of the British poet, William Blake with what we know about him. here and here  For example, why are we so fascinated with Lucas’s  fascination? Maybe because we don’t buy it. We don’t believe the rationale offered by Lucas’s ex-wife, Elizabeta: “Blake was a visionary and distrusted systems. Lucas is the same.” (Spooks 7.2). It doesn’t square with the spy we know. Yet we can’t ignore The Tattoo. It is front and center, a Blake icon, the  geometric composition  balanced and striking.  His other tattoos are crudely drawn,  blue ink  on ashen skin from years of confinement; but The Tattoo is artistic, familiar, especially to the British, and hauntingly beautiful…

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Some Luscious Lucas courtesy of Jonia’s Cut


LucasS9promoep1 (3)joniascut1

I have a case of the “can’t-help-its” this afternoon. Just not motivated to do much of anything but watch old movies on TCM and piddle around on the computer. Ate some gorgeous watermelon earlier–sweet, juicy, delicious and good for you! Speaking of such things . . . feast your eyes once again on the close-up goodness of Lucas early S9, complete with Porter muscles. Hope your Sunday is going/has gone well .. .

LucasS9promoep1 (3)joniascut2

LucasS9promoep1 (3)joniascut3

LucasS9promoep1 (3)m600jonia

LucasS9promoep1 (5)m600jonia

LucasS9promoep1 (6)m600jonia

I dream of Richie on my DVR . . .


Some critter chewed on the cables going to the satellite receiver for the TV I normally watch so I had nothing yesterday but the DVR stuff to view on it. Scrolling back through the hundreds of shows I have recorded on there, I ran across the interview RA did on the TODAY show with Hoda and Kathie Lee back in December. Had to watch it again a couple of times. After all, it’s not often I get to actually watch RA on my television screen when it’s not via a DVD.

People in the UK and other parts of Europe have no idea how jealous I am that his various shows and guest appearances are aired pretty regularly on television across the pond. I have only been able to see him in “Robin Hood” and on premium channels in “Captain America” on my TV (our public television has never aired his years in “Spooks,” his ep of “George Gently” or other productions in which he’s appeared, at least not since he’s been on my personal radar).  Sure, I have these shows on DVD. But how cool to simply be flipping through the channels and hey presto! There’s Mr. Armitage!


And my gosh, but didn’t he look good that morning?? So youthful, handsome and–yummy. That hoodie and leather jacket combo worked so well on him. *sigh* Richard talked about his vivid imagination being one of the things that led him to want to become an actor. Well, he certainly inspires my own vivid imagination. In the most interesting of ways . . .  *cough*

Anyhoo, I confess there are times when I do wish he’d procure a meaty role in a television production–an American one–and appear on my television screen each week for eight, or ten or 13 weeks in a row. I would set my DVR to record said production and then re-watch to my heart’s content. *sigh* I know I am purely being selfish here. I just miss anticipating my weekly shot of new RA–and to be able to watch in a timely manner without taking certain, uhm, questionable steps to do so would be truly nice.

Of course, we don’t know what lies ahead for RA in terms of future roles–be it big screen or small or the stage again.  And it’s still six months before we see him as the world’s most majestic dwarf . . .  *sigh*

Truth is, I will take him any way I can get him So to speak. . .


Just had to share this with y’all.

This turned up on Facebook today–a posting originally made by one of the dog rescues our humane society works with to find families for homeless animals here in the county. This is my wonderful cousin by marriage to whom I have referred to in the past, and her equally wonderful assistant Tommy. And yes, they are definitely people who make a difference. God bless them!
**PEOPLE WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE** I met Tommy when I was in Alabama. He helps Kandys with our dogs who are boarded at her facility. Tommy goes above and beyond f.or our homeless dogs (and cats). He puts in so many extra hours of overtime UNPAID! He does this because of his love for the dogs. He interacts with them which helps me write bios for petfinder. Tommy became particularly attached to this poor mangey american bulldog named, Petey. Petey was incredibly itchy. Tommy would take care of him. Although Tommy was sad to see Petey go into rescue, he still keeps in touch with his whereabouts. My favorite thing about Tommy is watching and listening to him interact with the dogs. He talks to them conversationally while he cleans their kennels. He’s just such a natural. People like Tommy are hard to come by, and we are so grateful for everything he does for the dogs.

Happy Guyday Friday! Beautiful . . . (fanart & new vid!)




This is a multi-role fanvid I started several weeks ago then put aside when I got busy with other things. Came back to it the other day when I had no internet connection. Couldn’t sleep so I uploaded it overnight.





In need of theRApy right now. My close-up edits & nice quote from co-star



I am sad and grieving, sore and skinned up, moving gingerly because too many parts hurt. The pain is really settling in now and I hear the rumble of thunder moving closer. Mr. Armitage, give me something to smile about, to dream about, to drool over (sans blood, please); help me, in your own special way, to feel better.





Thank you, Rich. You are a darling.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Sarah Wayne Callie, RA’s co-star in Black Sky. Thanks go to Grati and RAFN at FB for the heads up on this:

“So it got me my fourth consecutive English leading man and put me on the screen with Richard Armitage. Andy (Lincoln) and Richard had worked together on some project and so they were writing to each other about me long before I got on set.

It was a lot of fun. It is a big budget, high special effect project and it is a movie on the scale that I have never had chance to work on before.

And yet I found the same thing that I found on The Walking Dead, that it is driven by simple moments of honesty between people. And so the special effects only matter in so far as they support the human story. But it was a ton of fun and Richard and I had a ball together.”

Read more:

Sounds like Sarah finds him a darling, too. Are we surprised? No, we are NOT.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow, fearing I will feel worse. Will get you a Guy post up when I can. Love, love . . .

Goodbye, Thumper Cat. You were one of a kind.



Another one of our furry family members has left us. Benny discovered our three-legged tuxedo cat Thumper had passed away tonight. She was between 11 and 12 years old.  I hope they were mostly happy years for her.

A good Samaritan found this little kitten in a parking lot one rainy day. She was soaking wet and ripped open from stem to stern after an altercation with a dog. In spite of her severe injuries, she was struggling to get back up. This kitten was a fighter.

The local vet wasn’t able to save her mangled leg but he tucked in the organs, sewed her up and gave her shots and meds, fearing she would not make it.

But she did. A friend of the good Samaritan  took her in after she did some healing and fostered the kitten until she could find a good home.

And that home was with us. Thumper was a very interesting cat. While she loved being rubbed, she hated being picked up and wasn’t what you would call an affectionate cat (she would frequently growl at me and try to bite me and loved to attack your toes under the covers). She was a loner who didn’t interact much with our other cats. I loved her so much, but sometimes it seemed she would never love me back in the same way.


Thumper was litter box trained, but she often found other places to “go”, much to our frustration. Sometimes she’d suddenly begin quivering from head to toe out of the blue. Was it some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Because of the trauma of her early life, we delayed having her spayed. Turns out we shouldn’t have, because it proved a turning point in our relationship. Suddenly she was hauling herself up on the bed to be with us by rappelling up the comforter. She’d voluntarily seek out our laps.

Later in her life, she became strange bedfellows with our diva cat Puddie. The two would often cuddle together and groom each other. We lost Puddie several months ago and saw yet another change in Thumper.

She began to behave much more like a, well, like a real CAT. As if she’d discovered her true identity. For the first time, it seemed to me Thumper Cat was largely happy. I enjoyed her so much and felt as if  we were bonding in a way that had never before happened.  Benny would walk into the bedroom and she’d immediately begin meowing at him, insisting he sit down. As soon as he did, she’d climb into his lap and purr as if there was no tomorrow. Benny would roll his eyes, but I could tell he really enjoyed it, too.

And now there are no more tomorrows for my funny, smart, strange, oddly endearing tuxedo cat. Thumper, I will miss you. You’ve had my heart for years, and I felt I finally won yours. Yet you will live on in the Land of the So Not Dead with Puddie and Guy, who will surely spoil you rotten (er).

Tonight, I am sad. I fell in the middle of the road walking back from the farmhouse tonight and banged myself up, abraded knee and elbow, busted lip, bloody nose, and it will all be worse in the morning. Maybe even a black eye or two.

But it will heal. What won’t ever completely heal is the loss of yet another family member, that eccentric one you never quite understand but loved deeply anyway.

Tonight, I am hoping my little Callie–my last remaining cat–will stay a while with me. Sure would ease the pain, of the body and of the heart.


Goodbye, Thumper Cat. I truly will not ever forget you.

Yes, there’s more. Ashcroft, that is. *thudding in Naughty Corner*



Oh, my, more of the snap-front shirt, the bared forearms, the beautiful hand, the appetizing glimpse of that throat, plus the direct gaze . . . manly, manly, manly. Can I get a witness? Sexy is here and it’s embodied by Richard Armitage.  (all images courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)


Sophisticated gent. More of *that* look. Challenging, mysterious. Alluring. The promise of . . . *sigh*


Pensive, reflective masculine beauty.


Guylty’s latest *ooof.*  Here he comes . . .  Arresting alpha male in a purposeful stride, challenging us with that look. Surely the streets of NYC should be steaming and not from summer heat.


Good grief, not that I am advocating here, as I want him to do more of his “own” stuff, but what a stunning Bond he’d make. Just sayin’ . . .


I know, this one has already been posted, but really–can there be too much of a good thing when Armitage is involved??

Happy Hump Day to all . . .

OT: Presenting PRP’s new YT Channel and First Music Vid!


I created a YouTube Channel for our video production company yesterday–PRPVideoServices–and Benny got the first video, a new version of the music video I did for the FDA Kindergarten graduation, uploaded for me this morning.  We will be adding more of my music video creations–made as bonus features for our DVDs–as time passes and also plan to create a showreel of the best moments from our various projects.

Please, when you have the time, take a few minutes to watch this and if you enjoy it, please “like” and comment at the channel. Of course, comments are welcome here, too, but it would help tremendously to show some love at YT, too. Many thanks! The video IS blocked in certain countries, so I know some of you won’t be able to watch 😦

Presenting “Little Grads, Big Dreams” shot by Benny Long and edited by Angie Long using Muvee “Soar”

More screenshots of STAGED!




The lashes and smile get me every time. And the soft, intimate tone of voice he is using here . . .

darrylsmoulder1Early Armitage smoulder.  Darryl wants to rehearse the love scene from earlier. And he won’t take “no” for an answer.


I confess I have written more than one fan fiction scene with an RA character ardently kissing his romantic interest’s thighs . . .  *wibble*


Love Darryl’s rolled-up sleeves on his shirt, exposing his bare forearms, the open collar with the t-shirt beneath, its neck low enough we can see those chest hairs . . . not sure about the pleated slacks. Well, it was the 90s. And the character he’s playing is a good decade or more older than RA was at the time.  Then again, it’s Richard Armitage. And we know he channels sexy even in a burlap sack, right??





“Playing to people’s fantasies of who THEY think you are . . .” STAGED. My first impressions



Yes, my DVD arrived. Mr. Dennison has kindly give us several repeats of his short black & white film on this DVD so we don’t have to keep rewinding. I have now seen it at least five times and here it comes again.

Here is young Richard–pre-“Sparkhouse,” pre-“Cold Feet” and “North & South,” all the way back to the late 90s, the promise of his current gob-smacking beauty in that face, this big, rangy man who nonetheless moves with such agility.

And he’s good. The promise of the talent that will shine in future roles is there, too. Within the 15 minutes, we see anger, humiliation,  humor, wistfulness, predatory lust, tenderness . . . much of the emotion expressed in his face and body language.

RA plays an actor, Darryl Newman, who was on top before suffering the humiliation of his wife Lisa’s affair and films that bomb at the box office.  Now, battling confidence and trust issues, he’s trying to make a comeback with a stage performance alongside Lisa in London.  But it’s a bumpy ride.  (Please forgive the quality of these screencaps. They are literally photos I took of the TV screen with my trusty Olympus.)


Darryl  recalls when the work stopped being fun as he found himself caught up in “playing to people’s fantasies of who THEY think you are . . .”  That line struck me because I thought of how RA has often said it’s the characters women are attracted to, not old boring Richard himself. And I wonder if doubts have plagued him from time to time–does this woman like me for me, or is it Thornton, or Guy, or Porter, et al she really wants?



Darryl and Lisa about to engage in some anger sex. The poor actress has to wrestle with a half-naked Richard on top of her on the sofa. Tough job, but I suppose someone has to do it.


Now for technical issues. Having some problems with sound. I have to run my air conditioner and even with the volume cranked up to full blast on my flat screen, still having trouble hearing some of the dialogue. I can’t seem to play it on the PC using Window Media and I never got around to installing VLC on this laptop (add to list of things to do) so I am a little frustrated in that department. After all, who wants to miss out on Mr. A’s gorgeous honeyed baritone?  Also helps if you can hear all the dialogue. 😉

I do like the black and white photography, as I have always been a fan of films and still photos in B&W. Depending on the lighting (and the scene), Richard’s features sometimes look a bit hard and “mean” and in other instances, boyish and sweet. But then, we are accustomed to that with our chameleon, aren’t we?

That being said–on a more shallow note–I am enjoying seeing shirtless RA with his broad shoulders and tempting chest. The smattering of chest hair–and suggestion of hair—down below? *gulp* Those strong arms in action. The familiar moles on his back.  I love those moles. *sigh*


And the eyelashes, Oh my. Those lashes . . .



Will be interested to hear what other people think.

Good Sunday Morning from Fedoralady/Video Production Lady


Fedoralady is also Miss Video Production Assistant in RL, and yesterday our video production company undertook our first wedding. It was really a trial run for us–our business partner Harry’s wife also caters and she did this event–and we feel that, other than a few minor technical glitches, it all went well. And hopefully they will like what we put together enough to buy some DVDs!

We shot the ceremony with three video cameras–one mounted in the choir loft to shoot the ceremony from the front , with Benny and Harry shooting from different vantage points in the sanctuary, and yours truly shooting some stills from yet another location.  We were restricted somewhat by the wedding director’s rules but we prevailed. 😉


I was roaming up and down the stairs of the church from vestibule to sanctuary to Family Life Center, where the reception was held, shooting with the still camera and with one of the video cams.  We were trying to capture all aspects–behind-the-scenes preparation, the wedding itself, the reception and aftermath. We spent between four and five hours there and our plans to go grocery shopping afterwards kind of went out the window by the time we were done. (Actually, I said, “Benny, I can’t hack Wal-Mart. I would need one of those electric gizmos to ride around on.”) I was hurting from head to toe. Yep, definitely have to shed some pounds and build up my upper-body strength and my troublesome knees–and realize I will always have to pace my FMS-riddled self.


My friend Jerry, a church minister of music, performed on the viola for the ceremony while my other friend Gerry played the piano. 😉 They aren’t a couple, but they do make beautiful music together.


I caught the ring bearer and flower girl entertaining themselves with a video game before the ceremony.


We are trying to finish up with the FDA graduation package today–well, we have to, as we’ve promised them for pickup tomorrow afternoon! I really love the little music video I put together to the class song “Can’t Go Wrong” by Phillip Phillips. Lots of smiles and laughter and sweet moments.  We are about to create a YouTube Channel for Pecan Ridge and the Kindergarten Graduation DVD music video will be the first one up. So y’all will be able to check it out! 😀

One more shot–look at the gorgeous “flowers” on this cake!