Well, this is one way to build your Thorin-related collection . . .


But I wouldn’t recommend it.


Here’s the link to the story about the lady who stole TH and LOTR memorabilia said to be worth half a million dollars~


And having seen her photo, I can state it is definitely NOT Bechep. Which was a huge relief. *phew*



Please note this news article, which suggests these were the property of Sir Peter and not RA’sĀ  items as has been speculated–I am sure there are multiples of everything for a project like this.


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  1. All I ever wanted was his robe with “Thorin” embroidered across the back in gold (with him still in it of course)… Lady “O” that “letter opener” looks awfully familiar.

  2. Wow, those are seriously expensive swords- $150,000 each! As for Thorin’s trusty Oakenshield, I’d have to say ‘priceless’.
    If RA is ever in dire straits financially in the future, not that I think he would, but he could just sell off his Orcrist- instant cash flow!
    Angie, hope you have better news tomorrow regarding your missing family member.

  3. I wonder who’s stash she stole all of that from? Their trainer, a stunt double? It had to be someone who either worked on the movie or someone very rich. Hmm…

    • In the article I believe said it was in a storage building? They might want to move the stuff to a more secure place. I’ve got a pretty good notion that many fans with money would pay a very pretty penny to get their hands on some of those items. Movie props for hugely popular films like these are in high demand.

  4. These seem like items that would be stored for use in the ten weeks of shooting that just started. What was this thief thinking, that the items would not be missed?! Yes, more secure storage arrangements are needed, but at least she was caught the day after she stole these things. I’m guessing they had security cameras and saw the theft on the security footage not long after it occurred, including the thief’s face and the license plate on her car.

  5. How many Orcrists were/are there? Why was this still in storage in NY when filming had already begun (or is about the begin) in NZ? Of course, I’m assuming this was the real stuff, actually used int he movie, and not replicas. Armitage lives around NY somewhere, right? Did they not need that sword for the remaining scenes? (Then again, if they did need that sword for the remaining scenes, why would they have given to an actor instead of keeping it with the other props?)

  6. Hi, I’m Cill. I am pretty new to Armitage fandom, and so far have only posted on Morrighanmuse’s blog, but I’ve read here from time to time in the past. I thought I would put up this intro comment before trying to comment about this piece of news.

  7. At first I thought this news item was about a storage facility in NZ. Then I saw that this is a NY state town, so it must be personal.
    Based on my recollection of what was said in interviews, this is pretty clearly Richard’s stuff: the key, the sword, the chair thing for Day 127, the oakenshield. But what about the “LOTR” memorabiia? Whose would that be, and what is it? (That doesn’t seem to be Sting in the photo. What sword is it, then? Is it one that Thorin used after Orcrist was taken from him in …. well spoilers…. or before he got Orcrist?)

  8. It certainly seems to me like this lady must have ransacked RA’s storage unit. When they wrapped principal photography last year he was given the key and the map to Erebor, the oaken shield, Orcrist…. and it’s all here!

    • Sadly, it does appear to include Richard’s own treasures amongst the items. šŸ˜¦ I hate to think of any invasion into his personal stuff. I suppose this is one of those unfortunate, but not to be unexpected, side-effects of increasing fame.

      • It doesn’t make me any happier that this may be Sir Peter’s personal stuff, but it was breaking my heart to think it might be the things that Richard was given. I’ve been a bit out of touch for the last few days with really stupid RL stuff going on, but why, oh, why were the things being stored in NY? Is that where Sir Peter lives and he stored the things there because they would be away from NZ for so long?

          • Yes, I’ve been reading comments in order since I wrote that–the one that makes the most sense is the one that they might have been stored here for various exhibitions, etc. I’m almost afraid to ask–I don’t suppose Jack has resurfaced yet?

              • I’m so sorry, Angie. I guess I’m a diehard, but I still have some hope.

              • I have some but it’s ebbing away bit by bit. Little Buddy is still hanging out here. It’s been raining most of the day so I haven’t really gotten outside and looked any, just done some calling out the open windows. As I told someone on FB, we have a past history of dogs simply disappearing and us never knowing what in the world happened to them. And that makes it so much worse, you know. It’s–hard to talk about, really, sorry.

              • Hope can be tough to let go of, especially in the face of loss. Have been there many more times than I care to remember sometimes–but you’re right, Leigh. Sometimes it is all we have.

    • Well, that answers who they belong to, and why there was a mixed bag of Hobbit and LOTR stuff, thankfully. Still, I wonder why Peter’s props manager would have stored those things in the US?

      • Beats me. Did they think it would be safer here away from all the places you might expect them to be stored (ie somewhere in NZ)? Which obviously wasn’t the case.

        • The only reason I can think of to store them so far away from Peter’s home base is that perhaps there was some specific thing for which they were taken to the US, such an exhibit or something. I remember going to one of the special exhibits of LOTR costumes and props around 2004(?)

        • If there had been talks of a TH exhibition at one of the galleries in NYC, I can see why the location was chosen.

    • Thanks for finding that article, Angie. It was really killing me to think how the heck that stuff wound up in Dutchess County, NY! It’s not even like it’s near NYC or anything. Weird that the property manager put that stuff there. Oh well. Mystery solved. Sort of. :/

      • I think a lot of people were scratching their heads over this. Makes me wonder if the property manager has ties to this area–and that’s why he chose to store the things there. Ah well we may never know, right?

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