I need that thing that perches in the soul.


“Hope” is the thing with feathers— That perches in the soul— And sings the tune without the words— And never stops—at all—
And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard— And sore must be the storm— That could abash the little Bird That kept so many warm—
I’ve heard it in the chillest land— And on the strangest Sea— Yet, never, in Extremity, It asked a crumb—of Me.

Emily Dickinson
Right now, I need hope. It seems to be ebbing away, bit by bit, as the hours and then the days pass and there is no sign of him. The older dogs are out of sorts. They look at me with sorrowful eyes and their tails wag with little enthusiasm; for “Buddy,” the latest stray to appear, they only offer snaps and growls. And there’s nothing I can do to make it all better. All I can do is look and call out, to leave the outside lights on and the door open.  All I can do is wait . . . and hope.
I admire many of your characters, Richard, for their resilience and their steadfastness. They have that determination to achieve their goals, to win the hands and hearts of the ones they love; even though life kicks them very hard in the teeth at times, they keep giving and loving–and hoping.
I will try to keep hoping, too.

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  1. Oh Angie! My heart breaks for you, if I can do anything to help just let me know. Beautiful words, beautiful pics.

  2. It’s horrible, Angie, just horrible.

    What strikes me as odd is that Buddy turned up on the same day Jack disappeared. Is it possible someone liked the look of your puppy more than they liked Buddy and swapped? I know it isn’t much consolation but at least he might be being care for by someone – you said Buddy looks well fed?


    • Actually, this is what I said to Benny that afternoon–did he think somebody swapped the dogs? He didn’t think it was likely, but heck, stranger things have happened. At least it that was the case, I could hope he was being taken care of instead of–the alternatives. 😦

  3. Like bollyknickers, that was my first thought. Was Jack house trained? That’s what happened with Xander, my little man-dog. Someone took time to house train him, then tied him to a tree and abandon him. I am still sending serious energy down to Alabama in hopes Jack will find his way home and serious energy to help you. If you feel a touch every now and then on your shoulder, that’s me. Big hugs, my friend, and for Benny too. We’re all here for you, guys.

    • Jack wasn’t house-trained, no. But he is such a handsome, personable fellow-well I can see why someone would want him, although it is an awful dirty trick to play. And poor Buddy! No wonder he is so eager for affection . . . anyway, thanks SO much for all the positive energy. I can really use it right now.

  4. bollyknickers may be on to something. It helped a little when Blanquita was missing to consider that someone had picked her up and was taking good care of her. I will keep praying. I really do understand how agonizing the waiting and not knowing his fate must be for you guys.

    • Thanks, Guylty. I feel as if I’ve become an absolute worry-WART about my pets in general, but due to the pets we’ve had disappear in the past and now this–it’s just hard not to. 😦

  5. Some of my very favorite Richard photos with one of my all-time favorite poets–I have been where you are right now and the waiting and the sense of loss are almost too much to bear. You just don’t know–he could be wandering around or tied up and unable to get free. I’m still hoping.

    • I think it’s the not knowing that breaks your heart the most. We’ve been through this way too many times now. Is our pet alive, dead, being cared for, neglected, suffering . . . we’ve searched and searched and found nothing, no evidence, as if they vanished into thin air. It’s hitting me particularly hard this time around. We’d only had him for those few short months. I just keep having these periodic crying bouts.

      • That’s not a bad thing, Angie–it’s far better than trying to hold it in. He could still find his way back to you, he’s only a baby and I’m getting that there’s a great deal of unpopulated space where you are. And sometimes they just get sidetracked. Also, like several others who have commented–I do find it rather odd that Buddy turned up just as Jack went away. They say there are no coincidences–I don’t know about that, but this one does seem out of the ordinary.

        • I talked with my dear friend and cousin-in-love, K, who I have mentioned before–the wonderful lady who runs our Second Chance shelter and a pet nanny business. She thinks it’s awfully peculiar one dog disappeared and another appeared on the same day, too. I just hope if someone does have him, that they will love him as he deserves.

          I wasn’t sure if Benny would want to keep little Buddy and K assured me we could probably find a home for him with one of the rescue groups, but I talked with him tonight and he says he definitely wants to keep the little fellow. “He’s my little cartoon dog,” he said. Benny has such a good, good heart.

          • I’m so happy to hear that about Buddy (poor little guy!),,And it may take a while, but I’m sure that the other dogs will accept him in time and they’ll all do well together. I’ve noticed over the years that when we’ve lost a cat, the others seem to be very unsettled and upset for days or even weeks until they can accept it. Animals feel far more than some people give them credit for.

          • Put you and Benny together and that’s the biggest heart in all of Alabama. No lie, just fact. Now I’m going back up to the top of the blog and slobber all over my screen. I can do that today. Tuesday was the cardiologist and my blood pressure was an issue. Today is my brain doctor (MS). He already knows I have a problem there, so if I am blubbering when I go in his office at 11am, he’ll just think it’s normal (for me.)

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