Guyday Friday: Sir Guy returns to tease & take care of LW


“Oh, good grief, Sir Guy, I think my insides have been turned out,” Ladywriter groaned as she fell back against the pillows, gingerly stroking her tummy.

“Ahhhh, and not in a good way, I fear,” the Dark Knight murmured. He raised one quizzical brow and proceeded to prop his glossy black boots on the bed railing as he leaned back in the chair, arms characteristically folded across his broad chest.

“When is it ever?” LW groaned.  She’d woken up in the wee hours hungry after missing a couple of meals the day before, and now had paid the price for that peanut butter and banana sandwich, followed by a fun size Twix bar. So much for fun.

It had tasted good at the time . . . cursed Irritable Bowel Syndrome!

“Well . . . I have been known to do unusual things to ladies’ insides,” Sir Guy drawled, that devilish gleam in his kohl-rimmed blue eyes teasing her.

A gimlet-eyed Ladywriter snorted and threw a pillow at him, which he nimbly caught and then tossed aside. His eyes softened and, setting his boots on the carpet, he leaned forward to take LW’s hand and give it a gentle squeeze.

“Forgive me, dearest LW. I cannot resist being playful with my favorite queen of her own alternate universe . . . truly, shall I bring you something to give you comfort?”

“A Coke on ice–lots of ice. And–we could just sit and talk for a while . . . it’s been a difficult week, Sir Guy.” LW gave a little sigh and smiled up into those beautiful azure eyes.I’ve missed you, my favorite hot velveteen henchman.”

He returned her smile, and she did feel a curious sensation–butterflies in her stomach?–that was a definite improvement on her earlier condition. 

Oh, the effect you do have on us, my beautiful Gisborne.

“Of course you’ve missed me, and I, you.” Sir Guy pressed a kiss to the palm and then the back of her hand. “I am forever yours.”

And forever, Friday will be—Guyday in the kingdom of Lady Writer.

It’s Guyday Friday!!






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  1. Aww Bless Him I’m so glad Guy came to give you some comfort he’s such a love isn’t he? Lovely pics as well Angie. Hope you will be feeling better real soon. Take Care. XXXX Happy Guy day everyone.

  2. Ahh the sweet Side of Sir Guy, worth waiting for. He looks so concerned in that first pic LW that I think you should let him look after you. Sigh, such heavenly pics…. I do miss seeing sir guy.

  3. Sorry you’re feeling bad! Guy is a balm to our souls! Richard is like a beacon in the night. He’s certainly gotten me through some crappy days!

  4. Hope you’re feeling better (don’t see how you couldn’t be with the nurse assistant you picked)–I know you’ve had a very tough week and hope that your beautiful knight errant continues to make you smile a little.

        • I don’t think it’s irrational at all, because it’s the same for me. It’s why he’s the ChaRActer that hangs out here the most. Sir Guy and I have developed a beautiful sort of nurturing, teasing, supportive friendship. It’s a good thing. Not to mention I keep him in chocolate.

            • I think it’s hard NOT to love Sir Guy–for all his faults and crimes, underneath you can still see his humanity and the boy/man who wanted to be loved and never found it. Marian, you fool!

              • Today is one of those days I think a lot about snuggling in front of the fire with Sir Guy–it’s pouring rain here, very gray and almost a bit chilly. Of course, it would also work fine with Porter, Mr. Thornton, Lucas or John S.

  5. I love the way you write Sir Guy. I think that’s the side we can all see in him that makes us so wistful about him. :} Also, “hot velveteen henchman”. Can you imagine Guy in black velveteen lounging pyjamas and nothing else? Or just thin black silk… whew.

    It just got warm in here.

  6. I hope Sir Guy takes seriously good care of you. Between all the stresses and the sorrows, you really need that kind of medicine. IBS is bloody awful, and I’m so sorry. There, there. And take heart as Guy strips down to that bit of black silk, just for you my dear. He cuddles really well. 😉

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