New DOS trailer: First Impressions



It’s not even noon here yet, and I have already seen the trailer. With foreign subtitles, but what the heck–Thorin still looks just as hot in another language, right? Thranduil’s voice is heard throughout the first part of the trailer, which is just under 2 minutes, and Lee Pace does look quite ethereally beautiful as the elfin king, I must say. Looking forward to the face-off between these two characters. Thorin is looking none too happy in his reaction shot to Thranduil’s words.

Leggy makes an appearance, as expected, along with Tauriel  (Legolas did not score points with me by shoving his arrow in Thorin’s face. Don’t. threaten. my. dwarf. Get it, Blondie??)

Also as expected, Luke Evans makes an appearance as the Bowman, and Thorin doesn’t look too happy with what he has to say, either! (Thorin looks magnificently disdainful pretty much every time we see him.)

Already love the whole barrels full of dwarves sequence, can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

Wish I could have heard Thorin speak—but thankful we at least got glimpses of his gorgeousness. I don’t think we heard Martin, either, did we?

As for Smaug–I don’t know. Slightly underwhelmed at this point from what little we did see of him. Assuming that is Smaug and not some ringer dragon.  Definitely get the feeling of a darker tone with this film.

Letting it buffer right now in a higher video quality to watch again. What did you think?

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      • Thank you that’s very gracious! Lol! Ok! I have recovered a bit! As said elsewhere, some good teases but how much was trailer and how much was tease! Am impressive Thranduil! Loved the barrel riding sword swinging Throin! Wet! Woohoo! Still love me some Legolas but my heart belongs to Thorin! (Sorry Orlando :(( )

  1. I’ve seen it without subtitles now. It’s good but the dragon looks too small to make all that noise and seismic rumble.
    I enjoyed Legolas and Thorin on the same screen very much.

    • I really think there’s more work to be done on that dragon. It just underwhelmed me at this point. Really surprised they even showed it–I wasn’t expecting to actually see Smaug (and wasn’t surprised we didn’t hear him speak).

      • Being a connoisseur of draconem you will find that a dragon’s head can be very small in relation to it’s body. For example, during the fight in Beowolf when the dragon bit Beowolf in the neck and filled him with venom if the dragon’s head had been very big and his teeth big he would have bitten Beowolf’s head off. So even though we saw a small head on Smaug, he could in fact be a very large dragon (more than 50 feet long). However, since I really wanted to bite Legolas’ head off when he pointed that arrow at the Magnificient one, I didn’t need a big head nor did I need to be 50 feet long. No wonder Gimli disliked him at first.

  2. I was so excited seeing some of my favorite actors working together in the same movie. Evangeline Lilly, Luke Evans,Orlando Bloom ( Oh, I love Legollas) and of course, my adored Richard. PJ has known to chose very well the footage of this movie and the images…Wow they are really stunning! I showed up the trailer to my sister and my nephews and they have adored it. About Thorin, the little scenes which he appears were enough to see how RA man continues gorgeous.

  3. I was a little underwhelmed by the dragon too, I think I was expecting something more -different- after the glimpse we had of it at the end of An Unexpected Journey. I was very excited to see new footage of our beautiful Thorin, couldn’t wait to watch the trailer when I got up this morning.

    • I wonder if the darkness of the scene also downplayed Smaug’s appearance–I ALSO wonder if that’s what we will actually get in the final film. This is a teaser–and I noticed the elves looked really CGI in the barrel sequence as they were leaping about in the trees—and I looked at a still of Legolas, and he looked really—weird. Fake. So I think there’s a few kinks they still need to smooth out, but it’s early days yet.

      • I noticed those fake looking elves, too! I think they are still a long way from being finished. But it is a wonderful teaser! I was really ready for a new glimpse of Thorin!

  4. Must admit I quite liked Legolas in LOTR but I’ve gone right off him now. How dare he threaten our majestic King Under The Mountain. Naughty Legolas!!!

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