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Sir Guy: Those Downcast Eyes Mesmerize



Man, those lashes . . . amazing how Guyliner, Medieval Mascara and a bit of shadow and eyebrow powder only increase our hot velvet henchman’s masculine beauty.  Frequently Richard as Sir Guy seemed to be wearing more makeup than Maid Marian and yet never looked effeminate or silly. Just sexy as hell with a rock n’ roll vibe that worked with the hair and the leather.




GRRRRRR. Word Press. Siccin’ the awesomeness of Thorin on you.


After repeated attempts last night and this morning, I still cannot upload any new media to this blog for Thorin Thursday. *grumblegrumblegrumble*  So having to delve back into the media files . . . oh look, this one. Hasn’t been long since I posted it but I don’t think you will mind seeing it again. *waggles eyebrows suggestively with a coy smile*

Created by Aaorin at Deviant Art

ICreated by Aaorin at Deviant Art

I know how much you all love looking at that . . . Arkenstone. Yeah.


And here’s a little gorgeous if map-challenged Thorin Oakenshield at the door of Bilbo’s home.


I don’t think I will ever get tired of this pic. No, no sirree.

Hobbit-PreProduction05Here’s the creator, looking so proud and a little nervous and absolutely gorgeous, of course, as he anticipates his wonderful little speech in Maori. *sigh*

thehobbit-p1_3572Yep, absolutely, positively the best-looking thing to ever be stuffed in a “croaker sack.”  And that smile!!

942684_569896096375537_1472319171_nThorin, you are so awesome you can even overcome Word Press being so stroppy. But then–you knew that.