Sir Guy: Those Downcast Eyes Mesmerize



Man, those lashes . . . amazing how Guyliner, Medieval Mascara and a bit of shadow and eyebrow powder only increase our hot velvet henchman’s masculine beauty.  Frequently Richard as Sir Guy seemed to be wearing more makeup than Maid Marian and yet never looked effeminate or silly. Just sexy as hell with a rock n’ roll vibe that worked with the hair and the leather.




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  1. Happy Guyday Friday!! These are lovely pictures of our hot velveteen henchman. It’s true he rocks the eye makeup big time, but when you start with beautiful, it’s hard to go wrong.

  2. Thanks for these – they’ve started off my day very nicely! That top photo does it for me every time. Even though the context is very far from a tender moment!

  3. Such rich pictures today, almost velvety themselves! Oh he does know how to rock the Guyliner! So very sexy, delicious and not at all girly, not on him.

  4. I think he was more beautiful than Marian–in RH, staring at him or waiting for him to reenter scenes was almost all I did.

  5. Makes you want to send flowers to Max Factor at Hillside Cemetery. (He invented modern day eyeliner around 1904.) There were other actors in Sir Guy, King of the World? I thought they were talking about him when they said “There lives a legend….”

    • They should have been–he made Robin look like a scruffy schoolboy (besides, who was looking at Robin anyway?)

        • She was daft, unbelievably so. To prefer Robin to Guy, in what universe does that begin to make sense? Then thinking she could get away with her silly schemes… Made me wonder what Guy saw in her.

            • Such wonderfully emotive pictures Angie. I never tire of looking at Guy with those stunning lashes and I frequently pull out my DVD’s to re-watch the series and swoon over this fantastic character who could simply have been a “cardboard cut-out baddie” in anyone else but Richard’s very capable hands. (Even though his were hidden by gloves far too often IMHO!) I know I would never have watched the series had he not been in it.

              I wonder who Lucy herself would have chosen if given the chance. I know that Richard was some years older than she was at the time of filming but come on – there really was no competition in the looks department was there? From the comments she made on the DVD extras she obviously loved working with him. I’ll bet he was a far better kisser than Jonas too even though it didn’t happen that often. 😦 Didn’t Richard once remark, “He (Guy) should have married her.”?

              Happy Guyday Friday to all of you, wherever in the world you are!! I’m so happy to be part of this wonderful not-so-little community. 😀

              • I’ve wondered the same thing, Teuchter. I think Lucy would not have objected to a romance developing between Marian and Guy that was not one-sided but definitely reciprocal. There was obvious chemistry between them onscreen that I honestly never felt was there with Lucy and Jonas. And they did make a good-looking couple . . . I think it bodes well for Lucy’s acting ability that she was so effective in her display of disdain for Guy vs. Justin Bieber with scruffy facial hair, when she clearly thought so highly of Mr. A “Whoo-hoo, it’s Richard Armitage!!” (and while she was never rude in comments, I don’t recall her being particularly effusive about Jonas . . .)

                Yes, Richard said with a definite growl in a radio program, “He should have married her.” I don’t think Lucy would have objected to that at all. Especially if they could have had a honeymoon night . . . just sayin.’ I think RA was a good friend and mentor to Lucy and she tried to learn from him . . . I think Jonas could have benefited, too, if he’d have cared to try. He even admitted he was a little too full on himself in the beginning . . .

                Oh, and RA as Guy was THE most beautiful creature in Nottingham, male or female. No contest.

              • I should add that Sir Guy is very pleased to see how this blog post has received so much attention this Guyday Friday. You know, sometimes he feels That Dwarf gets a little too much time in the spotlight . . . but I assured him NOBODY puts Sir Guy in the corner. Not even the King Under the Mountain. 😉

              • You could always remind him about the “Naughty Corner”. I doubt if he’d object to joining all of us who end up there! I know we’d be happy to welcome him!! 😉

              • *Sir Guy sniffs, lifts his chin, a definite smirk lurking around those shapely lips* Ah yes, I inspired the Naughty Corner, didn’t I? *smirk widens* Turned into a Naughty Castle, did it not? *Folds arms wearing a smug look*

              • “Folds arms with smug look” eh? Somehow that brings to mind a certain favourite scene of yours Angie. 🙂 He sure knew how to show off the head to toe black leather to great effect in that shot if I recall. 😀

    • horn·dog. noun \ˈhȯrn-ˌdȯg, -ˌdäg\. Definition of HORNDOG. slang. : a lustful or sexually aggressive man. Comeuppance: /kəˈməpəns/ (1) Punishment or reward for one’s actions; (2) getting what you have coming to you; (3) getting what you deserve; (4) karma. biddy /ˈbidē/ A woman, usually an elderly one, regarded as annoying or interfering.

    • Comeuppance means that you’ve done something mean to someone, but karma will get you back sooner or later in a big way. Biddy usually means an older lady who tends to be a pain in the neck. Horndog I’m leaving to somebody else.

    • Thank you, Arkenstone and Stephanie for providing the translations! Marian, of course, wasn’t a biddy, but it just runs well with “daft” which she certainly was if she could not see what was clearly good for her. Not to mention blind, Joanna.

      • I believe Marian was a “biddy”. She was always nosing around, trying to get information, often to the detriment of those she claimed to care about, and she was certainly over normal marriageble age for her time.

        • Very true, Leigh–I guess we’re conditioned to think of the word “biddy” in tandem with “old”, but in many respects, Marian was a biddy. Plus, she was also incredibly willful–several of the tragedies she caused were a direct result of her thinking that she was right and everyone else was wrong, so there! It’s hard to overlook her treatment of Guy, since I think he cared for her as much as he could care for anyone in his limited capacity–but I also think he did his best to be good to her. Case in point–I’d have killed for that gorgeous horse!

          • And he was so excited to present that to her. The look in his eyes watching her ride . . . bless him, he would have given her the world if it had been within his power. In some ways, Robin and Marian were chips off the same old block–stubborn, fixated on their mission and adoration of not-so Good King Richard and blind to the possibilities they *might* be wrong sometimes. Altho Marian did occasionally show signs of softening towards Guy, with Robin quickly jumping in to re-affirm how evil he was. :-/

            • And the sweet smile on his face when she finally got on the horse (didn’t see Robin giving her any horses or much of anything else except a hard time). I think he really was trying to make her happy and I also think his feelings for her were genuine–she even admitted that herself at one point (although I think she was arguing with Robin at the time). Strangely enough, Guy got her out of more scrapes than Robin did (I think) and many times to his own detriment.

          • Wot? The one who apparently answered the call of nature half way through filming??

            I don’t believe Guy’s capacity was limited, if you mean emotionally. I believe he had enormous capacity for love, loyalty and tenderness, as well as anger and frustration. Leigh? You always say it better! PS I stand corrected – or rather I was right in the first place: Marian was indeed a biddy and a daft one to boot (as well as blind).

            • That’s one of those things I guess the writers just expected us to take on faith–I can’t imagine anyone looking at Guy, then looking at Robin and thinking Robin was the better catch.

            • Speaking of a capacity for both love and kindness as well as rage and frustration, I am going to write a special Father’s Day post about my father and Guy–who shared more than you would expect. I may have to wait until tomorrow to write it, as I am going out tonight for my anniversary and inevitably I will cry writing the darned thing, so might be best to postpone . . .

            • I believe Guy was a wounded warrior, having suffered as a child and a young man, having to take a crap job with a miserable sod of a boss, constantly thrust into no-win situations, and then he falls in love. Well, the heart has its reasons the mind cannot know, or so said Descartes. Guy’s consistently supporting Marian, saving her life (and other parts), giving of his time, himself, and his funds — just to see her smile. He keeps risking everything for her. When he is angry with Marian, it’s because she has pushed him to the limit. If Guy loved me as strongly, exclusively, and steadfastly as he did Marian, well, you can guess what I would do!

  6. Being off colour today I have watched nearly the whole of season one back to back! And I can honestly say I really don’t like Marion! I’ve seen it a few times before but by watching it back to back I was very clearly able to see how scheming and calculating she was. Grrrr! I was also able to see how deeply Guy cared for her, loved her. Poor poor Guy manipulated by everyone and loved by no-one, breaks my heart! I would have taken very tender care of him and that newly blooming heart!

    • I think we all feel the same way–someone who needed so much and got it from no one. That alone was enough to break my heart right there, and make me wish I could mend his with some TLC.

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