Happy Father’s Day: Tough Portah as Lexie’s Tender Daddy



A real man can be strong and tough and still be gentle, providing consoling hugs, kisses to heal boo-boos and  offering comforting, tender words for those he loves.


Richard Armitage does a brilliant job of making John Porter believable as not just a tough, kick-ass SAS hunk, but as a loving dad, desperate to maintain a relationship with his little girl after his world falls apart. A dad who thinks of her when it looks like he may not get out of the latest adventure alive. A dad who cries with her even though they are thousands of miles apart . . .


Look at how he so fully embraces her, at the contented smile on his face. How can you not believe? And love him just a little bit more.

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  1. Whoa. In 6 months my Dad will have been gone for 30 years, and I still miss him as much today as I have the other 10,950 days, maybe not as much as at the holidays, but it’s rough today. I can see it in Jon’s eyes too. He lost his Dad 3 years ago. So to all the girls with Dads still here, I have a couple of extra hugs to give away, want one?

    • My daddy’s been gone a decade, and we lost my FIL just three months before my mom died four years ago. I don’t think you ever stop missing your loved ones. Hugs to everyone.

  2. One of the greatest things about Richard’s portrayal of Porter was that he managed to bring in the humanity of the man rather than just the hard-edged killing machine you normally expect of a man in his position–and a big part of that was his relationship with Lexie. How could you not love someone like that?

    I lost the man who was to me the only father I ever really knew when I was 14, and I still miss him and think of him nearly every day. Buck, thank you. I don’t think I ever said it often enough when you were still with me.

  3. Sweet post for Father’s Day…I loved John’s relationship with his daughter in this show and I would love to see Richard play a father again on film. Hopefully, we will get that wish answered with Black Sky coming soon. 🙂

  4. As usual he was able to make this dichotomy of a loving Dad and a tough fearless soldier completely believable and in truly convincing manner. I think that is the reason why John Porter became such a much-loved character and a personal favourite of mine, not to mention how gorgeous he looked. The pictures above are three wonderful examples!

  5. This actually bought tears to my eyes! Such a powerful performance from Richard as John Porter! Thanks again for talking me into viewing it! He is totally convincing as a dad! I see looks like those on Richard’s when my hubby comes home from a few days away and hugs our girls!

  6. This is gorgeous. And this is what I love about him… this is exactly one of the qualities I’ll be looking for in my next long-term relationship, if I have another. :} This unabashed tenderness. This deep wellspring of feeling. This.

      • I think in RL he is probably a very “huggy” person. You just have to look at the pictures from Wellington Airport when the cast met up again last year and Graham McTavish’s comments when they all got together again in NZ a few weeks ago. I think a hug from him would be something you would never forget.

        • I’d like to think I might actually find our some day–don’t know how realistic that is, but I can dream.

          • I’m always impressed with his “wing-span” when I think back to that scene at the mill after Margaret is hit with the stone and he stands there with his arms outstretched, telling the mob they can kill him if they want! So I believe he could *really* wrap them around a person!! We’ll just have to dream together. 🙂 *sigh*

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