Fedoralady’s Monday Meanderings: Thorin et al



I am sharing a variety of things I found on FB and some of my own stuff today. I hope you enjoy! I just love this piece of artwork. It could be Richard on set or a younger, more carefree Thorin. Great job, Evank7!


If you aren’t familiar with Grumpy Cat, he’s (she’s?) something of an internet phenom. That face! But even GC is being won over by the delicious Thorin–well, sort of.


I find Smaug Cat both beautiful and fearsome!!


Someone found these two images on fanpop. I then enlarged them and did a bit of tweaking. Me like–hope you do, too.



Nothing like  Thorin when he’s truly p—ed off and not gonna take it anymore. Forbidding and still beautiful. BeFunky_untitled-4-copy.jpg

Now, must do some video critiquing for spouse and then on to playing in photo editing with more scanned images. Such fun!

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  1. I love the pictures, although my first reaction to the 1st picture was that it was Kili. I thought I was on the wrong blog. Just joking. My Mother gave me an apron to wear when I’m making jewelry. I found a package of T-shirt transfers. Guess who has a OOAK Thorin apron.

  2. Love Smaug Cat, he looks like are BlackJack other than the little white that BlackJack has. BlackJack has claws like daggers or so say my family.

  3. What a great selection for Monday night! I can see why even Grumpy Cat appreciates Thorin. And I think Lucky was inspired by Smaug cat.

  4. These are brilliant! I’ve seen the sketch before, wish I was that talented! It’s captured Richard’s shy little smile perfectly. It would be nice to think its him relaxing on set, is it a glimpse of hoodie there! That first photo of Thorin is breathtaking! And as for the screen caps, wow! Can’t wait until December!

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