Some photo edits of RA as Craig from ‘Casualty’


Already beautiful, wasn’t he? And on his way to being absolutely breathtaking . . . because he is like a fine wine, getting more delectable with the passing years. *sigh*







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  1. I either quit looking at RA before I go play golf on Tuesdays or you’re going to have to start calling it “Tongue Hangin’ Tuesday.” I find my mind wandering all over his fine self instead of concentrating on golf. I see John Porter in the sand traps, I see Mr. Thornton when I wipe my hands on my cotton towel. Lucas is standing by the water box looking nonchalant. Thorin, heck, I purposely hit the ball in the woods ’cause he’s behind every tree. Have a great day, my friends. The “guys’ and I will be back later.

  2. He is gorgeous in these! So sweet looking! But the beauty of today was in clear evidence! Such a handsome man, and what a fine wine he is, better year by year!

  3. Wowwowow, thank you for sharing this, fedoralady. The first picture shows his “aquiline” nose so well. And “Casualty” is the only one missing in my DVD-collection…

  4. Yes, definitely precursors of his current stunning looks there. I am an admirer of his current, slightly more mature, charms, I must say. Not that I would throw young Richie out by any means!! But, oh gracious, is he yummy now. :}

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