Poldark Appreciation Society loves Richard Armitage


Everybody (with the Good Taste Gene) loves Richard . . . and wants him in their dream roles. Used to watch Poldark on PBS back in the day and loved it.

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  1. Even better if it’s filmed partly in Cornwall, I don’t see why he cannot have a career of TV and films. I believe the govt has finally wised up to giving tax breaks like they had in Ireland for many years.

  2. The moment I read “Richard Armitage” and “Ross Poldark” in the same sentence I could picture it. In fact, now that it has taken root in my imagination, I cannot begin to think of anyone else better suited to fill that role. I had the biggest crush on Robin Ellis way back then: tall, slender, dark hair, blue eyes… sound familiar? I’m nothing if not consistent!

  3. He’s got my vote. It would be so much better to do Poldark with Richard in the lead than another adaptation of Austen or Bronte.

    • You’re spot on there Leigh! Some of these have been remade to death, if you know what I mean. I looked up Poldark on YT yesterday and watched the first couple of parts of Episode 1 and I think he would make the perfect Ross. I can see it now – tall, dark and handsome, tight breeches, cravats, horse riding . . . better stop before I get too carried away! 😉 *If* he is offered the role and accepts, I sure hope they choose women with whom he has great chemistry for the female leads. Jill Townsend, who played Elizabeth in 1975 series, was thin to the point of looking almost skeletal, which I found rather off-putting.

      According to Wikipedia, Poldark was one of the most successful British Television adaptations of all time. When it was shown on “Masterpiece Theatre” on PBS, viewers rated it in the top ten best British series ever shown on that program. I also think it could give Richard’s popularity a big boost on this side of the pond as I believe it could perhaps appeal to an even wider audience than The Hobbit!

      • Before the series was aired the original books had been hugely popular: one of the reasons I had read them in my teens. They were gripping, exciting, romantic: who could resist the tale of the upper class landowner falling in love with the lousy (literally) urchin of a servant who ultimately grew to have more dignity and class than all the upper class ladies combined? They were historically accurate too: I had been studying Georgian history at school: the books were a wonderful backdrop. Poldark, on paper and on screen, was a huge, precious part of my life for many years.

        Robin Ellis was inspired casting and I can just *see* Richard following in his footsteps. I now feel so strongly about this I wish I could dooo something! Some years ago I knew the head of drama at the BBC (mother of one of my son’s friends) but she’s moved on… I can’t sit idly by and watch Jonas Armstrong cast in the role! Any ideas, anyone?

      • I have to make a comment here–I’m not addressing this at any one person, I adore RA. Have since I first saw him in RH. I have almost everything he’s done on disk, including some where he’s on screen for a nano-second. I have his audio tapes. I have pictures galore. I’m enamored with him. It irks me when people make disparaging comments about The Hobbit. If not for TH most people wouldn’t have a clue who RA is. Some people are bowled over by Thorin. I am, But face it people, he’s 4’5″ tall and 160 years old, and he’s a character from a book. RA is a real man, a card-carrying, air breathing person. What he does after TH will be in part, because of his incredible presence in TH and the fact it has opened a the WHOLE world to Richard Armitage, the actor. Don’t short change what Sir Peter has done by wanting him for the role of Thorin, whether you like the Hobbit or not, it has made over a billion dollars and made Richard/Thorin a household name. Someone watched it, besides us.

        • Beautifully put, Arkenstone! No-one, but *no-one* could have taken on the role of Thorin and delivered a performance like Richard did. I think he surpassed any other role he has undertaken so far in his career – fantastic as many of them have been. Sir Peter Jackson is nothing short of a genius and I will be forever grateful that he, Fran and Philippa and whoever else may have been involved in the casting process, had the wisdom and foresight to see the potential in Richard that so many others seem to have failed to recognize over the years.

          I truly believe that The Hobbit was the vehicle whereby he became known to people who may not otherwise have had a clue who he is – even though many of us have known, loved and admired him for years. It has been somewhat frustrating that he has remained relatively unknown to so many, both inside and outside the UK, while many actors with far less talent, IMHO, are praised to the skies and never seem to be out of work. By the time all three Hobbit movies have been shown around the world, it will have to be acknowledged that his portrayal of Thorin has, in no small way, contributed in making these movies such a huge success. While saying that I am certainly *not* denigrating the great performances of his wonderful fellow-actors. And just in case anyone is in any doubt, I *loved* TH.AUJ and can’t wait to see TDOS!! 😀

  4. I also remember the Poldark series very well. I really loved the series but I never read the books. Richard would be great as Ross Poldark.

    What if this is one of the big projects based on a book he mentioned when they asked about his future projects?

    • Oh wow, cristine, you may have a point! How amazing would that be? Some of the other contenders (Matt Smith, Jonas Armstrong! et al)are just off the wall. But Richard? Written for him, I tell you!

        • I’ve started reading the series. It’s tailor made for RA. But then he could sit in a chair in front of a blue screen and stare at the camera. I’d still go see it and say it was the best movie I’ve ever seen. Then I’d go buy the DVD.In Blu-Ray and the sound-track.

          • I defy you to picture anyone other than Richard every time Ross appears on the page! I envy you coming to the books for the first time. I think it’s time to take “Ross Poldark” down off the bookshelf again 🙂

            • I can’t Wydville! It’s impossible!! 😀 You just have to look at the “wallpaper” behind these comments to see why! 😉 Having visited Cornwall a number of years ago and falling in love with the place as well as being a long-time lover of both the books and the TV series, I long to see it on the screen again. How can they choose anyone else – unless he either isn’t available or doesn’t want the part? Doesn’t bear thinking about. 😦

  5. Living in an Eastern country meant that we would get the BBC shows more than 10 years later and the rerun 5 more years later than you. I remember being allowed to see the first episodes (or so) after which my parents showed me the door direction, with the excuse that “this is not a film for children”. 😦
    However, I remember vaguely the most intriguing scene I could see… Ross walking somewhere and then suddenly looking at some person (don’t remember who it was) as if he was knife-ing it with his eyes. The general idea of unsolved mistery stayed with me until I understood the meaning of that scene later. I guessed he was undressing somebody with a glance, but I remember it very vaguely. 🙂
    I don’t think RA wants to do tv right now. In his place, I would take the money from the big screen and retire, life is too short for so much effort, but that is just my opinion.

  6. Hi to everyone! I founded the Poldark Appreciation Society which is now in its’ 26th year! I also run a postal Fan Club for Richard Armitage fans that aren’t into computers and/or prefer a quarterly magazine.
    Both sets of members are DESPERATE for Richard to be offered the role of Ross and more importantly, Richard is free to accept it!! We all know how brilliant he is in costume drama and if anyone can take the part on successfully, it is definitely Richard.
    I can tell you that the series will be filmed in Cornwall and I can pass on more details when I know exactly what’s what!
    Be great to hear from you whether you’re a Poldarkian or interested in the LAND Army for Richard.
    Val Adams

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