Daily Archives: June 20, 2013

More Thorin to love. Fedoralady is exhausted.



My three remaining dogs were gone for almost two days. Felt heartsick. Finally heard a familiar bark late this afternoon and saw Buddy and Rascal were back. No sign of Seabee, though, and needless to say, still no Jack. They both behaved in what I would call a subdued manner (Benny got home a little while ago and said they seemed “nervous.” I agree).

I hugged and hugged on those two after they showed up.  I am tired of losing those I love. Sick and tired.  So happy they showed up, but feeling after-effects of all the stressing out and still concerned about Seabee. Couldn’t keep my mind on things today; at least I did manage to get dishes loaded and run and to pick and freeze some blueberries and do a bit of cleaning.   We have our first wedding to shoot Saturday and I can’t find my telephoto lens for the still camera. Dreading the whole thing, which isn’t typically me.

Sorry to hear there was a horrible storm in NZ with most of the damage from high winds in Wellington. Sir Peter’s boat house was one of the casualties, I understand. Hoping no serious damage to the studios (and of course, none to our sexy hirsute dwarf and his company) . . . here, we got a break from the rain today, just warm and muggy, typical Lower Alabama weather.  I hope you are all doing well!


My GIF of the Wet n’ Wild Barrel Ride with Thorin and Company. Fili seems to be the only one having a great time!