More Thorin to love. Fedoralady is exhausted.



My three remaining dogs were gone for almost two days. Felt heartsick. Finally heard a familiar bark late this afternoon and saw Buddy and Rascal were back. No sign of Seabee, though, and needless to say, still no Jack. They both behaved in what I would call a subdued manner (Benny got home a little while ago and said they seemed “nervous.” I agree).

I hugged and hugged on those two after they showed up.  I am tired of losing those I love. Sick and tired.  So happy they showed up, but feeling after-effects of all the stressing out and still concerned about Seabee. Couldn’t keep my mind on things today; at least I did manage to get dishes loaded and run and to pick and freeze some blueberries and do a bit of cleaning.   We have our first wedding to shoot Saturday and I can’t find my telephoto lens for the still camera. Dreading the whole thing, which isn’t typically me.

Sorry to hear there was a horrible storm in NZ with most of the damage from high winds in Wellington. Sir Peter’s boat house was one of the casualties, I understand. Hoping no serious damage to the studios (and of course, none to our sexy hirsute dwarf and his company) . . . here, we got a break from the rain today, just warm and muggy, typical Lower Alabama weather.  I hope you are all doing well!


My GIF of the Wet n’ Wild Barrel Ride with Thorin and Company. Fili seems to be the only one having a great time!

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Glad Buddy and Rascal are back! Hope Seabee returns as well! Terrible storm in Wellington. I was actually listening to Wellington radio (no, I’m not obsessed!) to find out what happened. When I heard there were no casualties I breathed a sigh of relief. The area where the studio is, Miramar, did lose power though. Hope our peeps are all okay and not too much damage to studio, etc.

    • Oh my girl…Here’s sending positive energy your way. Little surprise should be arriving any day now. Use it wash away the troubles. Love to you and Benny. Hoping all the “children” are home mucho soon-o. xoxoxoxo

  2. Glad to hear that your dogs are back and I hope the others show up soon.

    Wellington weather very scary to hear about. I guess the cast of TH will get a bit of a forced vacation now 😛

  3. Goodness Angie! You have had a time of it lately with your dogs. I hope Seabee turns up soon with Jack in tow. And my deep gratitude for still giving me my Thursday Thorin fix despite all your troubles.

  4. I am heartsick for you, Angie–hope Seabee turns up very soon and in good shape. Almost makes you wonder if she’s gone looking for Jack, but if she did, I hope she hasn’t gone too far afield. Terrible news about weather in NZ, I hope everyone is okay. Hugs to you and Benny both.

  5. Hope you have more good news soon re your four-footed friends, you deserve it.

    I have the chance to go to Sydney Supanova con tomorrow- I’ve got zero experience of this kind of malarkey, and I’ll probably feel WAY too old to be there, but I just want to hear Aidan, Jed and Adam talk about filming; I think I might regret it if I don’t go. Now I’m wondering if they’ll even be able to get on a plane to come over- latest report says the Wellington airport has reopened but international flights are limited. Guess I’ll listen out for updates in the morning…

  6. So sorry to hear that you are distressed,take care about yourself ((Angie))) :*
    To tell the truth I was wondering how and why those dogs are fleeing..then I realized that fences aren’t very popular in USA,right? I know cuz I saw it…on movies 😉

  7. Glad to know Seabee is back now. Please rest and take care. Maybe after a nap you’ll wake up knowing where your telephoto lens is. I know the wedding videography will be fine.

    Sad about Sir Peter’s boathouse, but I am glad to hear that there aren’t any casualties (at least so far) and that the worst is over.

    • Yes, sorry, the internet has been so blasted troublesome today I haven’t gotten the word out to everyone. She was here this AM. wet and a bit dirty but still bright-eyed as ever! I can’t tell you how delighted this animal mama was! Took them all for a walk earlier and a rest on the cool brick porch of the old farmhouse. The boys seemed happy to have her back, too. 😀

  8. That is actually weird to learn from an american webpage that Peter Jackson’s boat was a casualty in the Wellington storm. I live in NZ in the top of the South Island and we were very lucky to escape the storm (the water was dead flat here – unbelievable). I was thinking of PJ and the actors (especially one actor…) and hoped that they were doing ok. I really hope PJ has no outdoor scenes planned at the moment, the weather is totally wild here (rain, storm, snow).

    Can’t wait to see the barrel scenes, they were filmed on the Pelorus River which is not too far from where I live!

    • You never know what you will learn where on the net, do you? I am glad not everyone had such a rough time with this storm. According to Graham McTavish’s tweets, they are doing just indoor shooting right now. I understand the studio lost power for a while but they apparently didn’t stop them-wonder if PJ has a lot of backup generators just in case?? I think the barrel scenes will be amazing!!

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