Daily Archives: June 23, 2013

Good Sunday Morning from Fedoralady/Video Production Lady


Fedoralady is also Miss Video Production Assistant in RL, and yesterday our video production company www.PecanRidgeProductions.com undertook our first wedding. It was really a trial run for us–our business partner Harry’s wife also caters and she did this event–and we feel that, other than a few minor technical glitches, it all went well. And hopefully they will like what we put together enough to buy some DVDs!

We shot the ceremony with three video cameras–one mounted in the choir loft to shoot the ceremony from the front , with Benny and Harry shooting from different vantage points in the sanctuary, and yours truly shooting some stills from yet another location.  We were restricted somewhat by the wedding director’s rules but we prevailed. 😉


I was roaming up and down the stairs of the church from vestibule to sanctuary to Family Life Center, where the reception was held, shooting with the still camera and with one of the video cams.  We were trying to capture all aspects–behind-the-scenes preparation, the wedding itself, the reception and aftermath. We spent between four and five hours there and our plans to go grocery shopping afterwards kind of went out the window by the time we were done. (Actually, I said, “Benny, I can’t hack Wal-Mart. I would need one of those electric gizmos to ride around on.”) I was hurting from head to toe. Yep, definitely have to shed some pounds and build up my upper-body strength and my troublesome knees–and realize I will always have to pace my FMS-riddled self.


My friend Jerry, a church minister of music, performed on the viola for the ceremony while my other friend Gerry played the piano. 😉 They aren’t a couple, but they do make beautiful music together.


I caught the ring bearer and flower girl entertaining themselves with a video game before the ceremony.


We are trying to finish up with the FDA graduation package today–well, we have to, as we’ve promised them for pickup tomorrow afternoon! I really love the little music video I put together to the class song “Can’t Go Wrong” by Phillip Phillips. Lots of smiles and laughter and sweet moments.  We are about to create a YouTube Channel for Pecan Ridge and the Kindergarten Graduation DVD music video will be the first one up. So y’all will be able to check it out! 😀

One more shot–look at the gorgeous “flowers” on this cake!