More screenshots of STAGED!




The lashes and smile get me every time. And the soft, intimate tone of voice he is using here . . .

darrylsmoulder1Early Armitage smoulder.  Darryl wants to rehearse the love scene from earlier. And he won’t take “no” for an answer.


I confess I have written more than one fan fiction scene with an RA character ardently kissing his romantic interest’s thighs . . .  *wibble*


Love Darryl’s rolled-up sleeves on his shirt, exposing his bare forearms, the open collar with the t-shirt beneath, its neck low enough we can see those chest hairs . . . not sure about the pleated slacks. Well, it was the 90s. And the character he’s playing is a good decade or more older than RA was at the time.  Then again, it’s Richard Armitage. And we know he channels sexy even in a burlap sack, right??





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        • OK it’s letting me comment now… What was I saying? The lady on the Klimt painting doesn’t seem to be into that kiss all that much to me.. If I recall correctly she’s kind of turning away from the man..? Or maybe my memory is playing tricks on me..Anyway. Yes. Ardent. Richard. Perfect!!!

    • I am with Fabo at White Rose Writings. We need this man in a small, intimate film. Good dialogue and lots of bodily contact (in the context of the story arc, of course) wouldn’t go amiss. *sigh*

      • Yes – and then the DVD should be made available on medicare for anyone needing a bit of a pep up.

        And this is the man who doesn’t think he has the face to be a romantic lead (Is that really what he said? I was there and i can’t quite believe it..)

        • Your second paragraph is exactly the thought I had! It’s almost impossible to comprehend he can think such a thing!

        • For those of us with chromic illnesses, it’s a definite winner, too. 😀 Yes, he did say that, and I beg to differ. His face is so marvelously expressive and so much more interesting than some bland cookie cutter pretty boy. Add in that voice and those arms and the body language and . . . *thud* He can romance me any old time he wants! 😉

    • Someone at FB asked me if it was worth the price. “Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!!” MUCH more worth what I paid than the truly ridiculous amount I spent on one issue of FAULT magazine.

      • I agree about the magazines! When LOTR came out I bought every “special issue”. Then I realized that in one trip to the bookstore I had spent $75 on a few magazines. :-/
        I have much less money now, so I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to.

  1. Trying. Hard. To. Breathe. I’m almost nervous about watching the DVD when it arrives!!!!!! Can someone please pass the oxygen and turned that darned fan on! *gasp* The temperature in here seems to be climbing by the minute!! 😉 *THUD*

      • I have never seen the phrase “he wrapped his arms around her” brought to life in such a spine-tingling way and that is just the picture. 😉 I hope my copy is in the mailbox tomorrow so I can finally experience the full impact!

          • LOL!! We have one of those big multi-household boxes which is for the whole neighbourhood and it’s placed near the entrance to our cul-de-sac. It is just round the corner where I can’t see it so she/he will likely escape unscathed!! Unless I decide to camp out there! 😀

              • Should we all start placing bets as to how many times Teuchter will go down to check her postbox tomorrow?

              • Can you hear my heart-rending cries where you are ladies?? STILL no DVD! 😦 One of my granddaughters went to the mailbox for me as I was out for lunch with some friends who are here from Scotland for a couple of weeks. It looked really promising to start with as, believe it or not, not just one but TWO DVD’s packages were in the box!! (How cruel is that?) One was from Amazon but I was convinced the other one was *IT*. No such luck! 😦 It was just one that I’d ordered from a private seller through Amazon and neither were RA related! I nearly wept with frustration. They say patience is a virtue, but mine is slipping badly at this point!

              • Teuchter- I feel for you! To paraphrase the watched pot, a watched mailbox never delivers.. This agony could go on for days! It’s a good job you have an AA support group to sympathise with your frustration. 😦

              • I am so sorry about the delay, Teutcher,I I hope it arrives soon. My internet connection is being capricious and this is my second try at replying. *sigh* It stormed pretty hard tonight and heavy rain always affects it.

        • He’s got arms . . . and he knows how to use them . . . with apologies to ZZ Top. 😉 I know what everyone means about how I keep going back to certain images. That embrace is one. Hope everyone gets their copies soon. There is also a sweet letter from Darren inside the envelope (didn’t discover that until tonight) in which he says nice things about both his stars and also asks people to be respectful and not put the actual film on the internet.

    • Yes, I second that!
      Although maybe there’s thigh kissing cap with no writing? I’m having a little trouble seeing what’s going on. (Purely for research purposes, you understand)

  2. Thank you! Living in Italy I still haven’t received my copy. I’m in deep anguish, hope it won’t get lost in the travel 😦 How can he think THAT thing about himself I really don’t know.

  3. The “embrace” photos are enough to give you palpitations. Still searching to see if ordering is still possible.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful caps Angie, I was hoping the DVD would arrive before we left for the UK but at least these will certainly keep me going until I get home! I can only echo Bolly’s comment OMG!!! *fans herself*

  5. I really don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a fool for paying so much money for such a short film. I could not care less. It’s RICHARD, for Heaven’s sake!!! He’s worth it!!!

  6. That first one got me hyperventilating! Boy, oh boy… To be held and kissed like that. By Richard. Whew.
    Also, sorry I disappeared for a while again. Internet issues and family illness that has now resolved itself. But been keeping track through phone data email. Good to be able to tell you how much I love Richard (and your blog! ;3).
    RA certainly is young here, and his face is so clean shaven it seems a bit rounder. But he’s still gorgeous!!!

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