I dream of Richie on my DVR . . .


Some critter chewed on the cables going to the satellite receiver for the TV I normally watch so I had nothing yesterday but the DVR stuff to view on it. Scrolling back through the hundreds of shows I have recorded on there, I ran across the interview RA did on the TODAY show with Hoda and Kathie Lee back in December. Had to watch it again a couple of times. After all, it’s not often I get to actually watch RA on my television screen when it’s not via a DVD.

People in the UK and other parts of Europe have no idea how jealous I am that his various shows and guest appearances are aired pretty regularly on television across the pond. I have only been able to see him in “Robin Hood” and on premium channels in “Captain America” on my TV (our public television has never aired his years in “Spooks,” his ep of “George Gently” or other productions in which he’s appeared, at least not since he’s been on my personal radar).  Sure, I have these shows on DVD. But how cool to simply be flipping through the channels and hey presto! There’s Mr. Armitage!


And my gosh, but didn’t he look good that morning?? So youthful, handsome and–yummy. That hoodie and leather jacket combo worked so well on him. *sigh* Richard talked about his vivid imagination being one of the things that led him to want to become an actor. Well, he certainly inspires my own vivid imagination. In the most interesting of ways . . .  *cough*

Anyhoo, I confess there are times when I do wish he’d procure a meaty role in a television production–an American one–and appear on my television screen each week for eight, or ten or 13 weeks in a row. I would set my DVR to record said production and then re-watch to my heart’s content. *sigh* I know I am purely being selfish here. I just miss anticipating my weekly shot of new RA–and to be able to watch in a timely manner without taking certain, uhm, questionable steps to do so would be truly nice.

Of course, we don’t know what lies ahead for RA in terms of future roles–be it big screen or small or the stage again.  And it’s still six months before we see him as the world’s most majestic dwarf . . .  *sigh*

Truth is, I will take him any way I can get him So to speak. . .


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  1. Know how you feel. I love that interview. It is one of the first I watched after becoming an RA/Thorin fan. Loved the way they turned to each other after the interview and said “I think I’m in love”! I felt the same way! Wouldn’t it be grand to see him on a weekly basis in the U.S.? Alternately, I’d particularly love to see him on Broadway since it would be relatively easy for me to see him a lot. Broadway theater tix are expensive, but no charge for standing at the stage door! 😀

    • He was adorable. So charming and to ask to mention the producer who’d passed away from cancer was so thoughtful. I think that really won the two ladies over. Gorgeous, charismatic and a gentleman. *sigh* Obviously, living in Alabama I wouldn’t be able to hang out at a stage door on a regular basis but I would try to beg, borrow or steal to get to NYC to watch him on stage. A dream come true, that would be!

        • True. Once flew there and back in one day on a chartered jet with a couple hundred of my fellow townspeople to appear on a reality TV show (short-lived) “My Kind of Town” –it was a fun experience! 😀

            • Yeah it was one long but memorable day. We met at the high school where they fed us breakfast, took a chartered bus to Montgomery 45 minutes away, boarded our chartered jet, where they fed us again before we arrived in NJ, There we boarded another bus and they took us to a club and fed us yet again and had us sign our life awayLOL before going to the TV studio to film the show. Then back to the bus and the plane and they flew us home and, yes, fed us one more time. Oh, and we won the game so everyone won an Italian style motor scooter! So I went to NYC and didn’t spend a dime. 😉 And definitely wasn’t hungry! Would love to come back for a bit longer, though. 😉

              • Saw where David Letterman tapes his show and enjoyed driving through the streets of the city–oh, stopped briefly and some people got off and bought purses from street vendors. 😉

  2. I guess I have been lucky to have a pretty good PBS station to at lest get him on Robin Hood and George Gently. Still mad about cutting Spooks at the end of S6. But I do like that I can put in a DVD any time I want to watch him. My tv also cuts the sides off, so a bigger picture is also great.

    My PBS station is also good at giving me my weekly dose of british tv. I got to go watch one now.

    • They have never gone beyond Spooks 5 or 6 here, either. :-/ I watched RH on BBCA. Of course it’s wonderful having my DVD collection, but if he were appearing on my television, heck I’d rewatch and DVR it, too LOL Just to show my support for him.

      • I didn’t sign up for DVR with our channel package as I didn’t think we would use it that much. Only been a couple times I wish I would have had it. Spooks S5 when Fiona Carter dies, and I still have not seen it. It fact it is the only episode of Spooks I have not seen.

        I don’t know about watching RA in an American show or not, since I never watch them other than if the boys are watching something on the History Channel. I guess I will wait and see how his accent is if we get the see Black Sky. I really never even watched Hugh Laurie on House, something was missing for me—- The Accent. Seen Abe Lincoln passing by the boys watching The Walking Dead, had to ask them if they knew who it was and yes they did. The only one I have not had a problem watching has been Damien Lewis on Band of Brothers, I don’t know why that is. Even Ian McShane bothered me. Oh have I ever said I love the male British Accent, well I do.

        • Oh, I am so used to Andy Lincoln’s southern accent on TWD I don’t think about it twice. That’s a testament to how well he manages it, versus someone like GoR in Spooks, where I couldn’t NOT think about her awful accent.

        • You have to remember, Richard being on an American-produced show doesn’t mean he’d necessarily have to do an American accent. 😉 Thinking of Game of Thrones, for example. Lucy Griffiths is on True Blood and she’s using her natural accent.

          • Yes that is true. I forgot about that. I was just talking to my bf who lives in England about accents. I had to ask her if she knew about Richard, and she didn’t, after we got off the phone she was going to look him up, I bet she does but don’t realize it. I told her it would be a face to palm moment. Since she does have to get up at 4:00 am for work she may not, but we will fix that.

  3. Presently season 9 of Spooks is airing on our PBS channel. I have the DVD but it is so nice to tune in and watch it on regular TV. The last episode was the one where Beth is hiding her past and Harry wants her off the team. When I saw it the first time I wondered why Lucas was so keen to give her another chance. Of course now we know the big secret he was hiding…. Oh! I don’t want to think about it!!!

  4. Being a Londoner you can all probs imagine how much I would love him to be in a theatre production over here. Having just participated in the feeding frenzy for Coriolanus tickets (all performances fm 6 Dec to 8 Feb sold out in less than 15 mins), it would be interesting to see whether there would be as much hysteria over Richard as there was over Tom Hiddleston!

  5. In the U.S., I depended on Netflix streaming video a lot when I was bedridden for months without my tapes and DVDs. They don’t have everything Richard has done, but at least they have RH, Spooks, N&S, and George Gently. You do need decent WiFi, though.

    • Leigh, if you haven’t seen it yet,the film “Frozen” is available on Amazon.for live streaming. It’s $ 1.99 for 24 hours. It’s a small part but at least it’s him..

      • You can also stream the 3rd episode of Jane Marple “Guilt by Innocence.” He’s in that. Allong with seeing him, it’s actually a rather good Agatha Christie, even for us die-hard Helen Hayes Marple fans. If you have a good computer downloading system, you can also download the 10-minute (each) 8 parts of Maria Lloyd, Queen of the Music Hall (2007) off YouTube, too. Then of course there’s him reading the bedtime stories. I ran to Walmart and bought myself a Woobie.

        • Thanks, perry322 and TheArkenstone. However, I now live in Spain, and both Netflix and Amazon require a U.S. server. I can get some things on YT, but not others. I saw the Inspector Lynley episode with RA on YT. BTW, what is a Woobie?

  6. Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish we knew what his next project was going to be–it would be wonderful if he could find a decent series on American TV (difficult to do in these days of the Kardashians, so-called reality tv and Honey Boo Boo). But Andrew Lincoln, among others, has done it.

    • Most of the best stuff on US TV now is coming from places like AMC (which has Andrew and TWD and the highly acclaimed Mad Men and Breaking Bad) and the premium channels such as HBO and Showtime.

      • Let’s face it, as I have said before, I’d watch Richard read the phone book–but there must be some decent writers out there somewhere that could put together something excellent for him. Now that TNT is producing their own shows, they’ve done some dandy stuff–“The Closer”, “Rizzoli and Isles” (my current favorite), “Major Crimes” (not as good as The Closer, but decent), “Perception”–I can easily see him starring in something like these as long as there was a good premise and good writers.

          • I think what I actually said was he could read the phone book dressed in a garbage bag and I’d still watch and/or listen. Even if it were the Tri-State area phone book (DC, VA, and MD).

            • If you look on the map of Virginia and find Richmond and move straight across the bay to the Eastern Shore, I’m in that area. I’m about 35 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the Shore.

              • I lived in Richmond years ago, for about five years.I’m now living in Temple Hills, MD, which is just across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge from Alexandria,about 4 exits up on the highway.

              • I actually grew up there–talk about your rare bird, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool native. I lived in Old Town when it was still a dump–the chi chi restaurants near the river were feed and grain stores with loading platforms and we used to sit in our side window and watch people throw each other out of the pool hall on Saturday nights. Not to mention the bars–the one catty corner from where we lived was called Sam’s Place (later changed to Al’s Place) with a dancing chicken painted on the front window. Oh, yeah–and Tyson’s Corner was a road sign, nothing to be seen in any direction. Crystal City didn’t exist back when I was a little kid.

  7. At the risk of being tarred and feathered, I don’t think you are selfish for wishing this. (Certainly you are no more selfish than all the fans of various actors in the UK who always want them to stay working on British tv or stage). American (network) television is sold to many countries, pays well and is often a good stepping stone to other work.

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