THAT DARN TAT! The Lucas North/William Blake Case Revisited


Welcome a new Armitage blogger to our midst and check out her post on Lucas’s fascinating Blake tattoo!

Armitage Agonistes

Since the first heart-stopping reveal of Lucas North’s naked torso displaying the tattooed image of William Blake’s “Ancient of Days ” (The Tattoo), fans of Richard Armitage and Spooks  have struggled to reconcile Lucas’s rumored admiration of the British poet, William Blake with what we know about him. here and here  For example, why are we so fascinated with Lucas’s  fascination? Maybe because we don’t buy it. We don’t believe the rationale offered by Lucas’s ex-wife, Elizabeta: “Blake was a visionary and distrusted systems. Lucas is the same.” (Spooks 7.2). It doesn’t square with the spy we know. Yet we can’t ignore The Tattoo. It is front and center, a Blake icon, the  geometric composition  balanced and striking.  His other tattoos are crudely drawn,  blue ink  on ashen skin from years of confinement; but The Tattoo is artistic, familiar, especially to the British, and hauntingly beautiful…

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