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Guyday Friday: It’s all good–coming AND going. ;)


1-16_RadioTimesPoster2006thudheart (2)

Right now, if I could magically wave a wand and obtain another service provider for phone and internet, I WOULD. *sigh* It’s been a battle all morning. Now I can receive mail, I just can’t send any out. Which is why I haven’t replied to some of your emails.  The phone works–most of the time. The internet works in fits and starts. And I need it to do some of my RL video production work. *grumble grumble*

Anyway, on to a more enjoyable topic. Sir Guy. Sexy, smirking, smouldering, slinky, seductive Sir Guy. It’s his day. And he’s uhm, uhm, GOOD.

In black leather or black linen, he’s SOOO fine.







More Thorin to love. Fedoralady is exhausted.



My three remaining dogs were gone for almost two days. Felt heartsick. Finally heard a familiar bark late this afternoon and saw Buddy and Rascal were back. No sign of Seabee, though, and needless to say, still no Jack. They both behaved in what I would call a subdued manner (Benny got home a little while ago and said they seemed “nervous.” I agree).

I hugged and hugged on those two after they showed up.  I am tired of losing those I love. Sick and tired.  So happy they showed up, but feeling after-effects of all the stressing out and still concerned about Seabee. Couldn’t keep my mind on things today; at least I did manage to get dishes loaded and run and to pick and freeze some blueberries and do a bit of cleaning.   We have our first wedding to shoot Saturday and I can’t find my telephoto lens for the still camera. Dreading the whole thing, which isn’t typically me.

Sorry to hear there was a horrible storm in NZ with most of the damage from high winds in Wellington. Sir Peter’s boat house was one of the casualties, I understand. Hoping no serious damage to the studios (and of course, none to our sexy hirsute dwarf and his company) . . . here, we got a break from the rain today, just warm and muggy, typical Lower Alabama weather.  I hope you are all doing well!


My GIF of the Wet n’ Wild Barrel Ride with Thorin and Company. Fili seems to be the only one having a great time!

I’m Glad You Came, Rich


Into my life via my computer, my television screen, the big screen, my DVD collection–I am so glad you came to me, Mr. Armitage.  All the laughter, the angst, adventure, the pain, the pleasure, heartache and heartbreak: thank you for always bringing your “A” game to the project.





BeFunky_thornton4 (2)

Fedoralady’s Monday Meanderings: Thorin et al



I am sharing a variety of things I found on FB and some of my own stuff today. I hope you enjoy! I just love this piece of artwork. It could be Richard on set or a younger, more carefree Thorin. Great job, Evank7!


If you aren’t familiar with Grumpy Cat, he’s (she’s?) something of an internet phenom. That face! But even GC is being won over by the delicious Thorin–well, sort of.


I find Smaug Cat both beautiful and fearsome!!


Someone found these two images on fanpop. I then enlarged them and did a bit of tweaking. Me like–hope you do, too.



Nothing like  Thorin when he’s truly p—ed off and not gonna take it anymore. Forbidding and still beautiful. BeFunky_untitled-4-copy.jpg

Now, must do some video critiquing for spouse and then on to playing in photo editing with more scanned images. Such fun!

My Mona Lisa Cat




This is Ginger, the funny, clever, energetic, charming tabby that showed up with her sister, Mary Ann, at the door to our Dayton townhouse one raw November night. It was windy and bitingly cold and the snow was beginning to fall. We invited the two kittens inside and they became part of the family.

Ginger lived to be nearly 2o, and over her lifetime shared our homes in three different states, proving to be an amazingly good traveler for a feline. This photo was taken with my old Yashica film camera at my in-laws’ house, where I discovered Ginger sitting in the window of the guest bedroom. It was a perfect “Kodak moment.”

Happy Father’s Day: Tough Portah as Lexie’s Tender Daddy



A real man can be strong and tough and still be gentle, providing consoling hugs, kisses to heal boo-boos and  offering comforting, tender words for those he loves.


Richard Armitage does a brilliant job of making John Porter believable as not just a tough, kick-ass SAS hunk, but as a loving dad, desperate to maintain a relationship with his little girl after his world falls apart. A dad who thinks of her when it looks like he may not get out of the latest adventure alive. A dad who cries with her even though they are thousands of miles apart . . .


Look at how he so fully embraces her, at the contented smile on his face. How can you not believe? And love him just a little bit more.

28 years and counting . . . thanks for the memories, my darling



Benny wears his Air Force mess dress and I, my oldest sister’s beautiful candlelight-colored Victorian-style gown and my own Victorian riding derby, created by a charming elderly lady who was the only professional milliner in Birmingham at the time. “You must wear the hat, my dear, the hat cannot wear you.” Advice I have taken to heart . . .



BeFunky_Angie & Benny ggGoing Out Church Door.jpg

Lt. and Mrs. David Benjamin Long, newlyweds exiting the bride’s country church 28 years ago today.

BeFunky_BeFunky_smallerAngie & Benny Toast.jpg

We are toasting each other with crystal glasses presented to my parents as a wedding gift almost 4o years earlier.


Twenty-eight years ago today, I began the adventure of my life, my own somewhat unexpected journey. We really have been through the things we recited in our vows– being wealthier, poorer, living with sickness and good health, “for better and for worse.”

We’ve traveled to wonderful places together and shared heartbreaking moments at one another’s side. At times, we’ve been hundreds, thousands of miles apart, and yet, our thoughts always kept us close.

We’ve had times of largesse and times when it’s truly been a struggle; we’ve dealt with personal health crises and those of loved ones, faced their decline and loss. We’ve cried together and clung together in times of grief and sorrow, and embraced with mirth in happier times.  We’ve known success and disappointment together, seen each other at our best and our worst both physically and emotionally.

My husband is my best friend, my buddy, my darling, my sweetheart. I like him better than anyone else I know, and I respect and admire him for being the good, decent, caring human being that he is. And nestled in his arms is the safest, sweetest place I can imagine in this world.

I hope that 28 years from now, we will still be together, perhaps a bit (or a lot) more doddery and wrinkly and hard of hearing, but still just as much in love.  One of those elderly couples everyone finds so adorable and inspiring.

I’d like that very much.






Sir Guy: Those Downcast Eyes Mesmerize



Man, those lashes . . . amazing how Guyliner, Medieval Mascara and a bit of shadow and eyebrow powder only increase our hot velvet henchman’s masculine beauty.  Frequently Richard as Sir Guy seemed to be wearing more makeup than Maid Marian and yet never looked effeminate or silly. Just sexy as hell with a rock n’ roll vibe that worked with the hair and the leather.




GRRRRRR. Word Press. Siccin’ the awesomeness of Thorin on you.


After repeated attempts last night and this morning, I still cannot upload any new media to this blog for Thorin Thursday. *grumblegrumblegrumble*  So having to delve back into the media files . . . oh look, this one. Hasn’t been long since I posted it but I don’t think you will mind seeing it again. *waggles eyebrows suggestively with a coy smile*

Created by Aaorin at Deviant Art

ICreated by Aaorin at Deviant Art

I know how much you all love looking at that . . . Arkenstone. Yeah.


And here’s a little gorgeous if map-challenged Thorin Oakenshield at the door of Bilbo’s home.


I don’t think I will ever get tired of this pic. No, no sirree.

Hobbit-PreProduction05Here’s the creator, looking so proud and a little nervous and absolutely gorgeous, of course, as he anticipates his wonderful little speech in Maori. *sigh*

thehobbit-p1_3572Yep, absolutely, positively the best-looking thing to ever be stuffed in a “croaker sack.”  And that smile!!

942684_569896096375537_1472319171_nThorin, you are so awesome you can even overcome Word Press being so stroppy. But then–you knew that.

Elves with the giggles: oh, Sir Peter, you sweetie



Sir Peter is being his usual loveable, mischievous self again and posting things like the video (see link above) featuring Evangeline, Orlando and Lee in costume reacting with great merriment to watching a video of two excited fans reacting to . . . watching a vid. It’s delightful!  Lots of great cheekbones and smile to enjoy here, too. 😉 Thanks, Sir Peter and the gang.

New DOS trailer: First Impressions



It’s not even noon here yet, and I have already seen the trailer. With foreign subtitles, but what the heck–Thorin still looks just as hot in another language, right? Thranduil’s voice is heard throughout the first part of the trailer, which is just under 2 minutes, and Lee Pace does look quite ethereally beautiful as the elfin king, I must say. Looking forward to the face-off between these two characters. Thorin is looking none too happy in his reaction shot to Thranduil’s words.

Leggy makes an appearance, as expected, along with Tauriel  (Legolas did not score points with me by shoving his arrow in Thorin’s face. Don’t. threaten. my. dwarf. Get it, Blondie??)

Also as expected, Luke Evans makes an appearance as the Bowman, and Thorin doesn’t look too happy with what he has to say, either! (Thorin looks magnificently disdainful pretty much every time we see him.)

Already love the whole barrels full of dwarves sequence, can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

Wish I could have heard Thorin speak—but thankful we at least got glimpses of his gorgeousness. I don’t think we heard Martin, either, did we?

As for Smaug–I don’t know. Slightly underwhelmed at this point from what little we did see of him. Assuming that is Smaug and not some ringer dragon.  Definitely get the feeling of a darker tone with this film.

Letting it buffer right now in a higher video quality to watch again. What did you think?