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Yep. It’s warm & fuzzy time. Hope you don’t mind . . .


I am feeling all warm and fuzzy at present. I got that lovely message from Samm, our Make-A-Wish girl (in case you missed it when I posted it in comments, here it is, right below Samm’s photo):

photo from tumblr courtesy of DJ at Heirs of Durin

photo from tumblr courtesy of DJ at Heirs of Durin

I just wanted to stop by and thank you so much for your beautiful article. It warmed my heart beyond belief. I can’t even begin to form words to thank you and the kind people who commented on it. i am beyond words, you have brought my spirits up so much, I know I sound like a broken record, but thank you. 

Yep, I cried again. What can I say? I am a big, sappy, sentimental puddle of goo when it comes to stuff like this.
It’s been kind of tough around here the last several days–day after day of rain, hour after hour of steady drizzle with intermittent downpours and some pounding thunderstorms. It’s left us with soggy ground, lots of puddles, half-flooded roads and a raucous cacophony of frogs croaking outside our windows and patio door.  Haven’t slept well, catching ZZZs whenever I could, the FMS making things uncomfortable much of the time.  A sort of grey drizzle seemed to seep into and settle in my psyche.
 Finally saw some sunshine break through the layers of clouds in the sky today and hardly knew what to do with myself. So I took a walk. I almost felt as if I was escaping prison!  Free! Free at last!
 (What is that on the band on my hat? Did one of Radagast’s birds poo on me? Hmmmm . . .)
The world is green here. Our road on my return trek to the house.
I could imagine the couple below walking along it, hand in hand . . . just enjoying the outdoors and the joy of being in one another’s company.
Which reminds me of another couple I happen to know . . . who happen to like each other an awful lot.
And speaking of blooms, I found various flowers growing wild along the side of the road on a recent walk (devant le deluge)  and gathered them for a small bouquet on my kitchen windowsill.
I liked it so much I had to photograph the flowers and then play with the images in editing. That little bundle of flowers gave me a lot of pleasure.
And these thoughts have all gelled to remind me that this maxim is, quite often, true:
And today I did some of these things–studied the clouds,  talked with a friend on the phone and not just Facebook,
made my own music by singing aloud in a robust soprano as I walked, luxuriated in a delicious-smelling spa soap in a relaxing shower, played with my cat, and yes, took a nice long nap . . .  none of which cost me a thing except time and attention and the willingness to simply–be.
Thank you, Mother Nature, friends, my darling husband, music, books,sleep, all the things which give me pleasure and lift my spirits and remind me not to give up.
And thank you also to the lovely man who has given me immeasurable enjoyment over the past six years  . . .
Uhm–hmmmm.  In his various and sundry incarnations . . .
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Thank you, RA.  You darling, lovely, adorable man, you. Told you I was in a warm and fuzzy mood, didn’t I?