Whoa, what a man Wednesday: Part Deux!








Got soaked today and almost froze during my meeting this afternoon. Yes, it is STILL raining, and absolute buckets of it at times. However, the meeting went well and exciting things are being planned for our humane society–and yes, we are on for setting up PayPal with our Humane Society website–more details later. 😀 Plus I got some more good news this afternoon. I am going to be a newspaper columnist again! Hurray! And get paid! Plus I will likely get some stringer jobs along the way and be paid per story. 😀

On the not-so-good side, Benny’s got some sort of bug. He was running a fever of 101 last night, felt better this morning, started going downhill later in afternoon and was running an even higher temp tonight. Aches, pains, congestion, coughing, Improves during day, gets worse as night approaches. May be a form of flu or respiratory virus. Don’t know if I can prod him to go to the doctor’s office or not–it may take a cattle prod!!

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  1. That you’re going to be writing for a living again is the best news!

    Best wishes to Benny for a quick recovery. ((Benny)).

    • Well, I won’t make enough to “earn my living” but it will be much-appreciated supplemental income and I really needed this shot in the arm right now. It will be a win-win situation for both myself and the newspaper because it would seem I have been sorely missed. I worked with Tracy for 10 years and she is now the publisher and she offered me this opportunity. She’s putting together a package for me nd will email details over the next couple of days.

      Benny’s trying to get his beauty sleep now. This may just be one of those things you have to wear out–I don’t know. Just hate to see him not feeling well. 😦

      • Yippee! paid work doing what you do so well, that’s great. And with Pecan Ridge Productions picking up steam, well, it will soon be coming up roses. Meanwhile, Benny needs to get better!

        Thank you, as always for the yum. If I didn’t have errands to run, I’d be sitting here sighing and drooling…

  2. Angie good to hear you are going to be getting payed for your writing even if it’s not full time. I am sure a big boost for you in more than one way. When Son1 got a job again last October he really changed for the good, last summer was horrible for him.

    I hope Benny gets well soon.

    • Yes, it will be a boost. 😀 We are still getting the video production company established, so it’s not really an income generator yet (what with having to channel funds back into it for equipment, etc.) and I have missed having contact with the community through the newspaper. Thanks for the good wishes for Benny, too. 😀

  3. Hope Benny is feeling better soon–from your description, almost sounds like that godawful thing I had last winter, but here’s hoping he gets rid of it in far less time than I did. Congrats on your new writing job–and thanks for the wonderful photos, particularly #2 and #3. It5’s far too early in the day to be breathing funny already, but–oh, well. We all must make these sacrifices.

  4. I don’t know if it will work, but give him a little rub with our miracle stuff. And a big hug from the FGMother…xoxoox Congrats on what will soon be a Pulitzer! (I love your work!) As for the pictures, I’m glad I don’t wear lipstick or I would have ruined my monitor with the first picture….
    Big huggies for you!

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