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A test screening audience member’s reaction to ‘Black Sky.’


This is a review left by z74neo at IMDB after attending a screening of “Black Sky.”  Title of it?


So I was lucky enough to catch a test screening last night. An invitation was sent to me to preview an upcoming film called “Untitled Tornado Project”. But I was kinda iffy about it since I hadn’t heard of any tornado film coming out–certainly not this one–it sounded straight-to-video, and they didn’t mention any cast members. Yet I had always wondered if they were ever going to do a Twister sequel (although something kinda cheesy about the idea), and I’ve always been fascinated by tornadoes (I’m actually kinda subconsiously terrified of them while at the same time a “fan”), so I thought I’d check it out. Bless mother nature that I did.


THIS. BETTER. GET. RELEASED. It’d be an IMMENSE shame if this went straight-to-video or was shelved. People gotta see this on the big screen. If you like Twister, you’ll love this one. Now, maybe because I’m a fan of Twister, I did feel this film lacked a certain charm that Twister had, but there are SO many things this film did BETTER. Of course, for sure, one main aspect being the effects. They said the film wasn’t finished and asked us to be understanding if certain shots looked incomplete, but I didn’t notice anything looking poor.


If the actual release does look even better, I’ll literally be blown away (pun intended). The film also feels a bit more real than Twister, and doesn’t have as much “yeah, right” moments–although there are a few. More over, there are moments during the awesome climax where you want go “yeah, right”, but you’re just so entranced by ingenuity of the sequence that you can’t help but be amazed (at least, I couldn’t). While still contrived in certain respects, and not a whole lot more in way of a plot, it does have a marginally better story and slightly more interesting characters. And finally, it does feel as though it has a certain relevance today in wake of all the recent tornado tragedies, as well as the advent of our youtube generation. If you like Twister or disaster pics or tornadoes in general, then when this comes out, GO SEE IT. It’s a great ride.


(Well, we weren’t expecting Shakespeare–it is a found-footage disaster film, after all–but it certainly doesn’t sound as if it’s something of which Mr. A should be ashamed, either. And I suspect I would find a certain character much more than “slightly more interesting” than any characters in Twister. )

Your thoughts?


My own Photoshop Elements-made fake movie poster for the film. The top photo is one tweeted by Todd Garner, film producer, during post-production.

A little Armitage poem. ;)



My edit of a photo taken by Craig Simcox/Fairfax NZ.

Oh, Mr. Armitage, I am LOVING those waves and curls! I’ve told you I adore my own husband’s naturally wavy hair and how it curls at the nape of the neck when there is any length to it, right? So cute and adorable and fun to run my fingers through. *sigh*

So, my dear fellow, I find this look abso-freakin’-lutely irresistible.

From your ever-more-gooey ardent admirer,



More edits of the Wellie Wonder. :D




Gosh, he just looks like such a darned sweet guy.




BeFunky_1016252_600568113308335_1083841176_nMc_or_mac on twitter.jpg

OK, slept from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and have been awake since then. Starting to pine for more sleep . . . maybe I will dream of some nattily dressed tall, dark and toothsome dude with a majestic beard and dazzling smile.  😀

Go give this artist some love: Yanagoya


. . . if you loved the edit (which apparently he/she did NOT do) or immersing yourself in the full splendor of this artwork, which we have displayed here before. I was misinformed on FB as to the actual artist’s identity, an honest mistake in my case, as I certainly was not taking credit for this amazing piece of fanart. 😉 Also FYI while I have a tumblr account, everything posted there goes directly there from here. Still haven’t figured out how to navigate the darned thing. So I am never actually “there.”


Here is Yanagoya’s artwork, as I said, apparently edited by someone else. I have to say this edit still has amazing power and intensity. Really brings focus to the eyes.


And here is the magnificent original:


Enjoy! Again, I apologize for any confusion or misinformation concerning the identity of the artist. Looking forward to more!

FYI Yanagoya is, as I believed to be the case, also known as Aaorin at Deviant Art. Thank you, Guylty, for confirming that.

Eye candy with sophistication; or how much I like a sharp-dressed man


I’m frustrated and in pain, the kind of pain that occasionally makes you think a big handful of something that would send you into oblivion might not be a bad idea. But this, this makes me feel better. Playing with new images of RA popping up from film premiere, less than top quality though some may be.  The subject is grade-A prime.  Dazzling!!


Please note, ladies and gentlemen, the nape curls. No cropping of the hair for RA during these pickups (hooray!) Whilst he has the sort of skull that can handle a very short haircut, I really prefer it with a little length. Because with length we get fetching, soft-looking nape curls that beg us to reach out and ruffle . . .  if Meri can be Beardstroker, I want to be Angie Nape Curl Teaser!  And look at that profile–the noble nose and that distinguished and neatly trimmed beard.  And the soft smile . . . *sigh*


Well, hello, there, sharp-dressed, immaculately-groomed man of our dreams!! If the world can end with us looking at you, it won’t be so bad!


Loving this suit and tie combo on him. Looks perfectly tailored to that impressive physique. Oh, Mama . . .

Can’t wait for more pix to turn up!