Eye candy with sophistication; or how much I like a sharp-dressed man


I’m frustrated and in pain, the kind of pain that occasionally makes you think a big handful of something that would send you into oblivion might not be a bad idea. But this, this makes me feel better. Playing with new images of RA popping up from film premiere, less than top quality though some may be.  The subject is grade-A prime.  Dazzling!!


Please note, ladies and gentlemen, the nape curls. No cropping of the hair for RA during these pickups (hooray!) Whilst he has the sort of skull that can handle a very short haircut, I really prefer it with a little length. Because with length we get fetching, soft-looking nape curls that beg us to reach out and ruffle . . .  if Meri can be Beardstroker, I want to be Angie Nape Curl Teaser!  And look at that profile–the noble nose and that distinguished and neatly trimmed beard.  And the soft smile . . . *sigh*


Well, hello, there, sharp-dressed, immaculately-groomed man of our dreams!! If the world can end with us looking at you, it won’t be so bad!


Loving this suit and tie combo on him. Looks perfectly tailored to that impressive physique. Oh, Mama . . .

Can’t wait for more pix to turn up!

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  1. uhh, great pics indeed… I only wonder since when are tie pins “in” again (noticed it from some other film premieres). I know, there were “in” in the 90´s, bought my ex-husband one on our wedding anniversary, but then they were old-fashined only worn by old men. Because of being single now I´m not familiar with these accessoires, but I´ve not seen the tie pins recently here in Germany.

    fedoralady, hope your pain is not in cause of your husband, wish you both the best.

    some trivia: what does “XO XO” mean?

    • I think RA could easily bring tie pins back in fashion in a big way. X means hugs, O means kisses. 😉 I have a lot of pain in my head, jaw, neck and shoulder that is due, I believe, to an old injury in a car wreck in college years ago. I hit my head very hard and knocked myself out.

      • Thank you so much for the explanation…if it´s an old dinjury cou can only try to bear with it. I had a “intervertebral disk operation” eleven years ago (I was in my early thirties), still struggling with it. I`m glad to have a minimum of pain because the nerves are broken, but have lost the feeling in ma left leg, so I could never climb the Machu Picchu or the Mount Everest together with RA 🙂 So, it´s up to you ladies…

        I hope you can go on with your personal limitations.

        Another trivia question: what time is it in Alabama, in Germany it´s 12:44 h (noon), suppose eight or nine hours back, early in the morning?

        • Right now, it is 5:50 am. Seven hours earlier. We are on Central Standard Time. The East Coast is an hour ahead of us and the West Coast is two hours behind us. 😀 I’ve been awake since 10:30 last night after falling asleep very early and sleeping between five and six hours. So both of us were up in the middle of the night, as he also fell asleep early. Neither of us got much sleep the night before (well, I didn’t get any).

          It seems once we have suffered a traumatic injury to certain areas, even when they heal they are never quite the same. I am sorry to hear you’ve lost feeling in that leg, though grateful it is not causing you pain, at least. I just keep trying but I do get pretty frustrated at times. I guess all I can do is the best I can, right?

          • I think you´re a really tough lady, in all the best ways. And you have your beloved husband on your side, even he´s stubborn and won´t go to the doctor, he´s there for you. And it seems he´s very relaxed in case of the RA-addiction? 🙂

            • Thank you, my dear. Bless his heart, he used to me by now and all my eccentricities, I guess. 😉 He is generally very good-natured about my RA addiction, yes. 😀

      • Thank you arkenstone, XO XO back to you (that´s so great of being here and on the other blogs, met so many nice and friendly ladies and have learnt so many new expressions). May I ask where do you come from?

        • Ute–I was born in a small town in Idaho just the other side of the Rocky Mountains on the Western side of United States. I now live in Virginia on East Coast. My husband’s family comes from Bremen in your country. He is only a 2nd generation American. His original name was Coordes–but some of them changed their name to Bergner because there were too many Coordes in the town….He still has family that I communicate with there.
          Ich bin froh, dass du mein neuer Freund.

          • Wanted to tell you that I joined your blog today–also that I’ve already heard back from Denison Entertainment and my order for “Staged” has been placed! Thanks again for letting me know about the reprint, and I’ve already passed the word on to several others–I think they’ll wind up getting a pretty large order this time from people who missed out on the first round.

          • Bremen – a lovely city, best known for “Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten”. Du bist suess, arkenstone ( a lovely lady). I don´t want to be (too) curious but have met so many lovely and friendly ladies over the last months that I want to know where they and what timezone they live in (this is my business behaviour, obsessed with figures, I`m just a boring accountant in real life – where´s Harry Jasper Kennedy?).

            I live in the northern area of the “Ruhrgebiet” close to the “Münsterland”.

            Virginia, a place where the first British settlers lived, reminiscent to the “virgin” queen Elizabeth I.

            XO XO

    • uh, what decollete she has, bumping her right b*** into RA´s sight. I could challenge her, but would never dare to do this to RA

      By the way, I wonder about: We´ve seen so many candids, and because he´s so tall, it seems that all of the b*** of the ladies are bumping into the left side of his chest (“It should have been me”, like Geraldine says). What does he feel? Is he embarassed or is he a connoisseur?

      Please, don´t stone me, there are naughty thoughts on my mind…

      • LOL I guess he is accustomed to it by now, being that height for, let’s see, nearly 30 years? You just need to ask him, Ute. 😉 Oh, and no stoning around here. WE have our own Naughty Corner, remember, and it’s the size of a castle!! 😀

        • Ok, I´ll prepare for 2014, hope there´ll be a “Hobbit” premiere in London, and to get an autorgaph on the red carpet maybe there is some phyical play required 🙂

          Next week, my elder daughter and me will make a short trip to London, can´t explain how relieved I am not to be forced to look at every crossing, tube- or bus-station for such a tall, black haired and blue eyes man (or is he driving a Ferrari now?). My daughter loves TH and LN in Spooks but shakes her head if I´m going any further…

          • Sorry, Ive meant “autograph” and “physical play”. You see, it´s becoming hot in here, not because of the temperatures outside, they are still moderate, 23 ° C.

      • Ute!!!!! Exactly my second reaction to the pic of RA and GMcT. (First reaction was literally a shout “Look at you, Armitage”) Generous cleavage. And then I realised that the view that tall RA has from his towering 6’2″ height must be quite delightful… Funniest thing is that I had mused about exactly that kind of benefit of being tall last night in my first bit of fanfic I have ever written, just as the event must have been happening, unbeknownst to me. Weird coincidences…

        • “Geil”, guylty, you write a fanfic? (When I first talked about “fanfic” to a friend… you know what they suppose here in Germany?) So, I look forward to reading it:)

          • Fanfick?????? LOL. Hm, German synonym for RPF *ahem*. Yes, I finished my first concluded fanfic last night, compulsively writing for 8 hours at a stretch. I shocked myself.

              • No, I can’t. You’d all be shocked! I am keeping it under wraps and will publish it eventually somewhere. If anyone figures it out and ask me if such and such story is mine, I will answer truthfully. But until then it remains anonymous 😉

  2. *screams* I didn’t notice the curls. Thanks for pointing that out, Angie. Guy of Gisborne is back *hahaha* Love it.
    I was laughing out loud at the tie clip, too – and am laughing now because fellow German Ute had exactly the same thought as me. Was the clip Ilaria-approved, I wonder?? Well, I don’t mind regressing back to the 80s if that brings the Gisborne mullet back. I always irrationally loved that look on him, despite knowing much better.

    • Hihihi, the Gisborne mullet… In 1988 my three year old daughter Linda wore a mullet (VoKuHiLa) and I never realised. It seems to me now, I was so out of the world at that time, really practising the KKK – Kinder, Küche, Kirche (children, kitchen, church)… And this is a good excuse to let my fangirlie out now, though I´ve been a grandmother of little Emma Charlotte since five weeks. CBeebies are waiting for her.

      • Oh Ute, that is practically child-abuse ;-)… I don’t think I ever wore a mullet. And I can honestly say that I never liked mullets on guys, either. Except for Guys with a capital G 😀

  3. Of course, I always think he looks amazing–but I love the slightly longer hair on him, it just seems to enhance that beautiful profile. And I love the idea of running my hands through it!

  4. I have to say that the nape curls were one of the first things I noticed!! 😉 I’m with the others who want to run their fingers through them! Not that I’d have the nerve if he was *that* close to me but it’s good to dream. 🙂 *sigh* He really is looking particularly beautiful in these recent pics.

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