Go give this artist some love: Yanagoya


. . . if you loved the edit (which apparently he/she did NOT do) or immersing yourself in the full splendor of this artwork, which we have displayed here before. I was misinformed on FB as to the actual artist’s identity, an honest mistake in my case, as I certainly was not taking credit for this amazing piece of fanart. 😉 Also FYI while I have a tumblr account, everything posted there goes directly there from here. Still haven’t figured out how to navigate the darned thing. So I am never actually “there.”


Here is Yanagoya’s artwork, as I said, apparently edited by someone else. I have to say this edit still has amazing power and intensity. Really brings focus to the eyes.


And here is the magnificent original:


Enjoy! Again, I apologize for any confusion or misinformation concerning the identity of the artist. Looking forward to more!

FYI Yanagoya is, as I believed to be the case, also known as Aaorin at Deviant Art. Thank you, Guylty, for confirming that.

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    • Yes, attempting to put out a fire. 😀 One thing I really dislike about Tumblr and Facebook is the degree things get shared under wrong names or without names. I had no idea until someone messaged me on FB about it all. Anyway . . .

  1. Yanagoya has almost 1,000 likes on that pic. But I can’t find a place to make a comment or like- so, Yanagoya, great, beautiful work, including the photos of you.

    • That’s one of the problems I have with Tumblr, how to leave a comment or indicate you like it. *sighs* 1,000 likes is very impressive. Definitely one of my very favorite pieces of Thorin fanart.

        • Slept from 5:30 to 10:30 after sheer exhaustion. And then up ever since. Trying to sort a sort of argument between my dear, sweet sister and Cat on a post of mine at FB right now and message a friend who wants me to take a photo of her dog for the pet calendar LOL Oh, life. *sigh*

            • Yeah, that will wake you up. I have woken up with a cat arse in my face before, too. 😉 Rude awakening! Right now Callie’s spot is one of the barstool chairs in the kitchen. She leaves it to eat, visit the litter box and make an occasional appearance with her humans or get some exercise, but otherwise, that is HER napping/grooming/hanging out chair.

              • What’s so interesting is that I’ve had this cat for three years since my friend willed him to me. He joined my “real cat” as part of the household in 2010, though I’ve known him since his kittenhood and he spent months here on and on while friend was sick. But my little cat weight 7.5 lbs,and frequently snuggled up to snooze on my back when I was sleeping, or curl up on my chest when I was trying to read or watch TV. At 7.5 lbs. you don’t even notice it. It wasn’t until the little guy died this past March that Oliver starting doing the same things – I thought to comfort me. But man, 20 lbs walking around the bed and climbing on to your chest or head- can’t be ignored.

              • No it can’t. We inherited a big tom cat from my late FIL. Lucky was a sweetie, but he was huge–not fat, just BIG. And he wanted to be your cuddle bunny at times when you really didn’t want one. But he had such soulful eyes I would usually give in. 😉 Bless him, he’s gone now, too.

              • Over the years it´s becoming usual to me that my two cats walk over me when sleeping to lay by my side (why can´t they enter the bed on the other side?) Can´t remember if I ever woke up with the cat´s arse in my face *lol* but they love to wave with their tail on my face. The elder one has lost a lot of weight (from nearly 7 kg to 3,5 kg), so I don´t have too many black and blue marks on my belly. I still love them both and have to take good care of my two old ladies.

  2. This is my favourite piece of Thorin fanart. I have reblogged it several times on Tumblr, and together with a fanfiction writing friend, I have commissioned Yanagoya to create an illustration to my friend’s Thorin/Dragon Age cross-over AU. The stuff is magnificent, this particular image is really powerful…
    The commenting issue with tumblr is annoying, I agree. You can only comment over there if you have a tumblr profile yourself. You could, strictly speaking, just set one up and use it for commenting purposes only, I suppose. Yanagoya is also on DeviantArt as aaorin. Approach tumblr with caution, though – definitely NSFW 😀

    • Someone was upset with me at Tumblr, apparently, because I posted the edit at my blog and they didn’t like it and thought I was being dismissive of the original artist (by the way, they apparently weren’t aware of the person also being known as Aaorin at Deviant Art, which was how I knew the artist).

      Well, I love the cropped piece AND the original, which I had posted before, It wasn’t a diss, it was a tribute to how much I loved the detail shown with the close up. Made me appreciate the artwork even more! And I do happen to have a degree in art education, so I do have some idea of what I am talking about. 😉 I am sure the artwork is just stunning, Guylty.

      • Tumblrers tend to get quite vocal about “reposts”, especially when they are not clearly enough credited to the original creator. I never repost edits on Tumblr – fraught with danger. I only reblog (advantage of that is that the image is credited automatically with a little note “Source: XY” in the top right corner, and often there are also the original credits in the automatically included caption (although that can be deleted).
        But you were reposting here, and with a credit, so…
        I saw the detail edit earlier on and was really confused because I know the original so well. I nearly commented to say “oooh, that’s my favourite Yanagoya”, but then saw the credit… Anyway, all cleared up now.

        • And I actually saw the original artwork and the edit on Facebook, not tumblr, so I didn’t know what this person on Tumblr was going on about–or that they were!-until someone alerted me on FB (she also happens to have a Tumblr account). So I did my best to put out the fire. 😉

  3. @ Guylty This is one of my favorite fan arts of Thorin also. I’m excited to see what the art will look like for your friend’s fanfiction. Have u posted yours somewhere? If so which site?

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