Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Richard on the Red Carpet (Pt.2)


For a man who once described red carpet appearances as a somewhat agonizing experience for him, we’ve seen Richard Armitage‘s poise, quiet confidence and aplomb on such occasions only increase by leaps and bounds. Love his interactions with the fans along the way–the manner in which he gives his attention to each person, focusing those beautiful eyes and that warm, personable smile on each individual. He laughs, he jokes, he charms with seemingly effortless grace.

A98UD4ZCUAEiSAG.jpgdd large Well done you, Mr. A!  You are a true star—classy, gorgeous, talented and a refreshingly old-fashioned


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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Great stuff, Angie. I love the mental image those two words ‘dapper’ and ‘gentleman’ conjure up, and it’s even better with photographic evidence!
    I take my hat off to you for the wealth of images you have stored away to delight and enthral us all- you must have one hell of a filing system!

    • Thanks, Katherine, I need to do some more subcategorizing–I have numerous folders of photo edits and fanart related to RA, but some are so packed full I need to do more sorting as searching through takes a while. Of course, I can’t say I don’t enjoy the searches–but it would be more efficient. 😉 I also ran across some things tonight that had me thinking, “Oh, the people who follow my FB page would enjoy this one–and this one–and oh, yeah, THIS one!” LOL Hundreds, thousands of images . . .

      • Just curious- when it comes to character images like Lucas or Thorin where there’s so many photos available, how do you break it down to keep track of it all? Lucas by season? Thorin by what point in the movie?

  2. Loving all your edits as usual Angie, but I have to say that last one just get to me. He is *so* beautiful. I think it is becoming a favourite of many – for obvious reasons. 😉 *sighs deeply*

    LOL! At the end of the line above I wrote *sings deeply* the first time! When I realized what I’d written I was tempted to leave it as I thought to myself, “He really does”. 🙂 *giggle*

  3. Good Morning!! I am really disappointed this morning. Luckily I have the DVD of N&S. The INSP channel cut the movie to shreds! They were so intent on showing commercials EVERY 6 minutes, that they cut some very important scenes out, scenes like Henry asking her to marry him, (so when John asks her to marry him and she refuses, and he says “this happens every day, if you didn’t know better you’d go “huh?” The part of her father going to Oxford and dying…suddenly she’s an orphan… John. picking the rose…. It was a mess…however, as I told my husband Jon, it was still worth watching the eye candy….

    • Yeah, and my understanding is they even cut the version they showed on PBS which has no commercials. 😦 That’s the reason I think MI5 never developed a good following on A&E, they cut so much to fit it into an hour long time slot. They should have given it an extra 15 minutes so they wouldn’t have had to perform such a hatchet job. Spooks could be confusing enough without removing scenes!! Trust American commercial TV to screw things up. *sigh*Still, I enjoyed it. It had been a while since I watched N&S and now if I feel a yearning for the kissing scene, I can just go to the DVR LOL

      • That´s the worst thing ever. I saw the original TV-version of N&S two years ago and bought last year an extended dvd-version via amazon. And they even dubbed the longer version with the same actors. But I give a s*** on the dubbing, it´s terrible.
        It´s a shame that you get all movie and TV-stuff dubbed here in Germany, they even dubbed the “misty mountains” song in “The Hobbit”, it´s unbelievable, ignorant and stubborn, fits all clichees about Germans. No wonder, why we´re still a nation not able to communicate in English.

        • Ute, I have read many comments at Heirs of Durin blog from German Hobbit fans who HATED the dubbed version of the film. Apparently Thorin’s voice in particular is all wrong and they said it really interfered with their enjoyment of the film itself in that version. I don’t like dubbed films in general and I watch a lot of foreign films. Give me subtitles any day over dubbing. I want to hear the actors’ original voices, even if it’s in a language I have NO familiarity with whatsoever, such as a MIddle Eastern language. I don’t blame you for being angry about the bad dubbing.

          I think everyone should have the opportunity to see a major film in its original language without having to go to extraordinary means to do so.

          • And that´s why my family and friends don´t understand my Hobbit- and common RAddiction, though they like some of his shows, but without the voice the joy tends towards Zero. And he is still not very well known in public. There´s only one positive aspect of it: in case there´d ever be a German Hobbit-premiere my fellow AA-ladies an me will get the best places at the red carpet 🙂

    • I also tried to watch N & S on ISNB last night, but just ended up completely infuriated by the hack job they did on it with commercials. I will never be tempted by that channel again. It is so disrespectful toward both the artists and the audience. This is why I rarely watch anything but public TV, and even they are starting to sneak in short commercials.

      • I hate when the commercials are at such awkward times–I realize the original series wasn’t made with commercial breaks built in, but they still could have done a better job. It was very jarring. *sigh*

        I love watching Turner Classic Movies–NO commercials and lots of great films. Things that I watch on commercial television I find myself recording and then fast-forwarding through the ads.

        • I do this in the same way, haven´t watched commercial TV live for years now, only recording and watching later on. But the marketing industry is clever itself: since we´ve got a lot of High Definition TV channels, some of them you can´t watch with time shift and when recorded you can´t play ff, you can´t even rewind. How stupid is this? You can´t rewind the train station scene in N&S, or is it just in care of not being overkilled of “Coming home with me?” Therefore, my DVD-player and my notebook are my most loved toys

        • Turner Classic Movies has long been one of my favorite channels–although I have to say that lately their lineups have bordered on the strange and wow, never heard of that! But watching wonderful movies without the breaks is such a treat, and I lost a bunch of my dvd’s during a move a few years back,most of which were the older, classic sort–so I spend a fair amount of time on

  4. Sorry, fedoralady, because of being in a bad temper (it´s gone now), I nearly forgot to thank you for this wonderful post. Comparing all the red carpet pics (edits) make me really *sigh*.
    I sort all my hundreds of pics in different folders, depending on events, TV-series, promo shots etc. And during the last months my collection is growing because of all your fantastic edits. Thinking about a new classification system (still I haven´t found a final solution and maybe will never find one because there are so many delicate combinations – “bare chest during the years” e.g.) I`m supposed to buy at least a 1TB harddrive 🙂 Probably not a practicable idea, spending so much time in sorting out things – my boring accountant nature -, if there are so many delightful posts to read and comment:)

    • Oh, that’s fine, no need to apologize. 😀 I need to set aside some time and really overhaul everything again in terms of organizing my collection. I never dreamed it would grow to the size it has, frankly!! And now I have folders related to the video production company, for family photos, and for the humane society, whose FB page I also handle.

  5. Ute, as one with lamentable linguistic skills, (second language, French, has deteriorated from lack of every-day use.) you write excellent English. Two years in Vienna and a Berlitz course left me being able to say please/thank you/where is/how much and my favourite Viennese “Danke viel maus” which sounds like field mouse, in Anglo-speak . 🙂

    Angie, Mr. A has developed so much skill, with the already visible (slightly awkward?) charm of the early interviews and red carpet appearances. He has become a master of interviews, without losing one iota of his fundamental respect for and appreciation of interviewers (however anodyne and ignorant), And is simply charming with fans. He is a keeper!

    • Uuhh, that was really hard core learning. I hardly understand the Austrian accent, and Viennese is something very special, but hopefully it was compensated by a lot of “Wiener Schmäh”.
      I like Swedish, too, it´s a bit similar like German, the same language stock. And I was always a bit jealous of my Swedish colleagues, hardly dubbing o TV, little kids learn English in kindergarten and if you´re not proficient in Swedish, it´s easy to talk to everyone in English, the accent is nearly the same.
      When I travelled last time with “Deutsche Bahn” (our monopolist railway company), I´d helped a man to get some information because the train guard was not able to understand hins english questions.
      It seems I´m losing the thread and to draw a line back, here is one of the reasons why I love this special blog: the Swedish SmoRgAsbord 🙂

      • Something I have noticed from talking with Swedish exchange students who have come to our community is (A) what good English they speak and (B) how slight their “foreign” accents generally are. I would think Germany would get enough English-speaking tourists and business travelers that it would be beneficial for more people to speak the language . . .??

        • Ah, the Swedes…. My first “real” boyfriend was the Swedish foreign exchange student at my high school. Anders B…… my first encounter, if you catch my drift… my parents were away for the weekend…you never forget your first. I fell in love with foreign relations…

            • I must be heading back to my own roots, my great grandfather was from Luxenbourg. How’s this for a name Pierre Xavier, he had a last name pronounce CAN- EE- FEE, but but he changed it to Conway…

        • Maybe for the main cities and the big hotels, we have some big chemical industry in our town, and it´s only some years ago we had to make all the arrangements for accomodation etc. on behalf of our foreign colleagues, though lodging in a very ecxlusive hotel it was difficult to cummunicate. My personal benefit was, that I often got the oppurnity to go out with them after work and experienced some exclusive events that I´d never been able to attend on my own:) Since then it improved a bit, but to live here without being proficient of our language is very hard. Maybe for foreign students and people on business it´s a bit easier, but not on a normal daily basis.

          Hhmm, the thread started with a magnificent delicious SmoRgAsbord, and now we´re talking about languages. How inspiring and educating RAddiction is 🙂

  6. It is fascinating. I love the (off-topic?”) segues. My French (Canadian) husband thought I spoke French very well, with a very good accent. But I had serious trouble understanding/analysing replies. Oral analysis disability? Parrot-brain? On the other hand, I found spoken German, in Vienna, easier to more quickly comprehend. Perhaps because as we speak it, North American and Canadian spoken English are both influenced by Scandinavian and – yes, Irish immigration. R’s are pronounced, less so in England. Also, it is to a more Latin-speaking native, very sibilant. SSSs seem to be resonate to other ears?.

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