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Thorin Oakenshield air guitar craze seems to be spreading


This is just delightful and right now I needed a good chuckle!!

Me + Richard Armitage

First, Richard Armitage played Thorin playing air guitar …

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 12.09.25 PM

Which made MarieAstra8 notice that Thorin mini was getting into the game …

thorin-guitarLook at that thumb! Source: Obsessive Behavior

Guylty wondered, a bit prophetically, whether Lego Mini-Thorin would get involved.

Now, we know that Lego Mini-Thorin has a bit of an enhanced inferiority complex, even though he can do things that no other Thorin figure can do.

Even so — this just in — Rafaella noticed that not to be outdone, Lego Mini-Thorin is playing air guitar as well.

He was smart this time — he joined forces with Saracen Gizzy!

Thorin & Saracen Gizzy

They set out on an adventure together.

“I’ll help you if you help me,” Gizzy said to Thorin.

“Anything,” Thorin said to Gizzy, “as long as I get a real sword out of it.”

Gizzy unmasked and together they battled the Sheriff and the Orc!


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