My get-up-and-go issues . . . and some RA


It’s been a strange week. On top of the FMS I  happen to have a low-grade chronic form of mono–nothing “catching,” just a nuisance that rears its exhausting little head from time to time  when I am under a lot of stress. Benny’s illness did just that–stressed me out. He’s been to the doctor, he’s taking the antibiotics and seems to be slowly improving. Thank goodness!

I still have trouble sleeping at night and the last couple of days I’ve fallen asleep in the afternoon and slept until 9 or 10 p.m. I do actually seem to rest fairly well during those hours, but I am still worn out. Hence not a lot done around here. The Dishwashing Fairy better put in an appearance tomorrow, spouse  informed me.


I’ve been busy with the Humane Society, scheduling spay/neuter surgeries,  and trying to promote what we do and our calendar photo project (“Send in those photos, ladies and gents. The pet calendar is going international”)  via FB (See link below).  Now attempting to untangle the organization’s website, which has been long neglected–honestly, I think it might be easier if I started all over again from scratch!

Also doing some work for Pecan Ridge, researching photo package prices for an event we hope to cover in mid-October in Tuscaloosa for my friend Naomi and her family.  And I need to work on a wedding music video (or as Benny calls it, “musical montage”) for the Harrells. But I only get so much done before . . .


We finally got a decent amount of sunshine today, which really did lift my spirits. So much so I had to go out for a walk, even though the knees were balky. My hair was clean and fluffy and I had my favorite crushable hat on and yes, for a little while, I was feeling pretty good. Ya gotta grab for those feelings while they are out there, or so I have learned.



And now the stormy weather is back, thundering all around and my poor old knees aren’t the least bit happy. Very tired again. Maybe I will sleep some tonight.

Anyway, sorry for being a bit absent from things RA.  Maybe I will be able to make it up to you later . . . or perhaps, even a bit now.






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  1. Angie you sound very busy, I hope you can get some restful sleep. Love the cat, son2 is always showing me these cute cat pictures on a site, that I don’t remember the name of.

  2. Richard looking happy makes me happy. Thanks for these.

    We both know about get up and go having gone without us. When I take the bus up the hill to the main part of the village to feed a friend’s cat, I have to walk the 2 km back down. My knees and ankles are screaming by the time I get home, and I have to rest before I can think about doing anything else. I, too, have to wash a small pile of dishes. (Spanish detergent just does not cut grease like the American stuff. Sometimes I think I’d kill for some P********e and some SOS pads.) I hope the sunshine and the relief continues for you.

  3. Believe me, Angie, know how you feel–it’s been crazy here with the horrifying heat and now the water restrictions until they get the almost-broken main repaired. Here’s hoping you feel better soon and your get-up-and-go goes back for a little while until you get all of your various chores/endeavors taken care of.

    • I had a busy day today and it seemed to fly by. Now I am so tired . . . my knees were troublesome after aching most of the night. Going to rub some of my magic balm into them later. I got most of what I wanted to do accomplished so I feel pretty good about that.

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