Sir Peter, you know how to pique our interest . . . ;)

blogsirpeterFrom Sir Peter’s latest live blog entry at FB. Are those two penguins with a disco ball in that photo? Sir PJ isn’t saying . . .
Setting up our first shot.
9.15. Should be shooting soon. Two cameras, both with 16 mm lenses. Two huge wide shots of a fight happening on an enormous set that filling most of K Stage. This is going to be hard, posting pics without spoilers. I’ll do my best! We have video diary cameras here, so you will eventually see what we’re doing today in detail – but not until the Film 3 extended cut, which I guess will be towards the end of 2015!
We have a splinter unit also filming today, directed by Christian Rivers. … The day has a messy start, because the first couple of hours are going to be spent shooting stuff we were supposed to have finished yesterday. But because of the sheer complexity of the choreography, we worked late, and still didn’t finish.
The real problem is that we were supposed to be shooting in F Stage today, and splinter was to spend the day in K Stage. But we need a couple of hours in K to wrap up, and then we’re going to quickly shift to F, and carry on with our day. It’s forced the splinter unit to stay in A Stage shooting  green screen this morning, until we clear off K and let them in.
Too much detail! But this is the type of thing we’re always dealing with. I do have to get a Facebook filter quickly written, so Warner Bros doesn’t read that we didn’t get yesterday finished!
Hey, just spent so long writing this, we’ve just started shooting!!! Runs are on the board!
The photo: yes, we did actually just film this. Please don’t ask me to explain!  Let’s get that WB filter activated! Thank you Hannah and Dusty!
And from an earlier entry. PJ’s own kitty, Mr. Smudge, he waits to say goodbye to him each morning and greets him at the door each night.  You see, I KNEW I liked that hobbit-y, twinkly-eyed rumpled genius.
There should be some more interesting photos and info to come from Wellie . . .

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  1. He sure does! 🙂 He knows we hang on his every word – or picture – and I’ve been closely following his FB page since he started this today or I should say Friday morning, NZ time. 😉 These two look like a cross between penguins and unicorns! LOL!

          • My sister lived in California for years–can you imagine? Of course, she was as bad about remembering as I was and used to wake me up with phone calls at 2 AM.

            • I find myself working out in my head who is in what time zone . . . when I am online with various friends. We lived in Mountain Time in SD, and then Eastern Time in Ohio, back in Central when we moved to Nebraska. I really didn’t like Eastern Time because I hated staying up until 10 to watch shows I normally watched at 9 . . .

              • These days, I figure I’m doing well if I can remember what day it is. Of course, back in my working days, when I was working two and three jobs at a time, I did well to remember where I was at any give moment, much less what day it was.

              • I put Wellington time on the World Clock on my phone then I could tell at a glance the time of day – and which day! 😀

              • LOL! This sounds rather obsessive but I could check on the weather there too! 😉 Maybe I’ll just leave them on there as a nice reminder.

                I’ve just cheered myself up a bit with the thought that some of these guys will get a chance to get together again at the various Premieres for the next two movies! Hopefully with lots of pictures to go along with that – and, dare we say it, when they win awards?

              • I still fear the awards won’t come until the last film–but by golly, will they ever deserve them!! Yes, I am sure they will again participate in much press coverage as well as premieres. I know we will have the new guys likely involved this time around–Lee, Evangeline, Luke, etc.–but still hoping to see and hear more of Richard Freakin’ Armitage. Never tire of THAT.

              • Never, ever have enough of Sir Dazzling–I hate that it could very well be that they won’t see any award recognition until the final film, but I think you’re right about that.

              • I am thinking about the LOTR trilogy and how that worked out. No awards until final film, and unfortunately the Academy at least seems to follow the same old well-worn path.

              • Which is why I don’t really watch them anymore–it used to be a not-to-be-missed event in my house growing up, but I’ve lost interest over the years with my dwindling interest in modern movies. That could, of course, change if a certain sexy dwarf should be nominated for his towering performance–

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