Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

Oh I love it when you let down your hair, RA


I’ve been busy again. Humane Society biz, Pecan Ridge Productions biz and trying to complete a video from the footage I shot Saturday. It offers good practice editing video and gives us a chance to promote our wonderful library (and it’s not bad publicity for PRP, either).  Hoping to get it finished tonight and upload it tomorrow while I am in town and can borrow the dealership’s faster connection. Got in a walk while the sun was shining and now my shampooed tresses are drying as my sweaty garments spin in the washer. Tomorrow I am going to try something new at the hair salon. If all goes well, you will see the results . . . if not, oh well . . .


Speaking of hair, I am still thinking often of Mr. A’s lovely, silky-looking curls and luscious waves we’ve seen in recent weeks. So tempting whether he’s dressed up or down . . .


BeFunky_1016252_600568113308335_1083841176_nMc_or_mac on twitter.jpg

But, oh, how the curls get to me when he is unguarded, feeling frisky with a few drinks inside of him, all big, brilliant, cheeky grins and boyish charm.  Yeah, even with “ghosty eyes” he’s gorgeous.



There is a definite hint of devilishness, of a genial sort of naughtiness that I find nigh unto irresistible.  I love it when he feels comfortable and free enough of work obligations to let loose a bit and let down his hair. I want to see him become an animal on the dance floor . . . and elsewhere. *sigh* Right now I’d like to feel that way myself. Satisfied with a dream job well done, looking to future endeavors, onward and upward, a little tipsy and rather euphoric.


I hope he takes a little well-deserved time off to do whatever he wants to do–I hope he feels he can give himself permission at long last, after years of hard work and a lot of struggles at times, to do that. Workaholic though he is, all work and no play might not make our Richard a dull boy, but it does drain some of the joy out of his life, methinks. I love and appreciate his dedication to his roles, his focus and intensity as he prepares for, rehearses and performs each character; but I also want that mischievous, fun-loving lad inside to have the opportunity to come out and play.


And I do confess I want to know if the delicious curls are staying. And if he’s grown it out for a specific reason, for a role he has already secured in some upcoming project Oh, yes, I want to know. And I want to run my fingers through those dark, silky waves and tempting nape curls   . . .  my husband now fears I will never let his own nape curls be cut. I told him, “Girls love curls . . .” To which he replied, “I have my hands full enough with just the one.”

“One curl?” I queried.

“One GIRL,” he grinned. Who, ME??

And a few minutes ago he walks in looking like this, wearing the two vintage hats I purchased from my friend Sherry, who has just opened a vintage and collectibles store in Crenshaw County.

And if you were wondering if hubby was feeling better after all the antibiotics, I’d say–yes. 😉



I DO love a man with a good sense of humor.