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In support of a beloved friend: Memoriam for a Mother


As you may have read here   Servetus’s mother passed away yesterday.  Knowing that many of you would want to reach out in a tangible way, a few of us have gotten together and created a PayPal account to accept donations in honor of Mrs. Servetus.  All monies received will be donated to RA’s charities at JustGiving, under the moniker “Memoriam for a Mother.”


Taking a few days off. Be good. And if you can’t be good, run really fast.


I’ve come to the decision this afternoon I am trying to work too hard at too many things and making a hash of some of them. I have already pretty much had to give up Twitter, as I can’t seem to juggle it and FB and the various websites and blogs I manage for personal, volunteer and business reasons, and keep up with everything else I need to do in that thing called Real Life.

My energy/pain levels are never what I want them to be–high and low, respectively–and that will be a source of trouble for the rest of my life due to the FMS and related conditions.  So something has got to give.

There are so many RA blogs out there now anyway, I am certain you all will get your daily fix just fine without me. Love you guys and take care.  I leave you with a few fave images of Mr. A over the years.




Fedoralady is meandering–but all roads lead back to a class act.


My mind is going in about a thousand different directions, so bear with me, dear friends.


OK, so I didn’t actually watch  Miley Cyrus or anyone else on the VMAs the other night, but my husband did. And it was certainly all over FB yesterday.  He said he watched because he wanted to gauge the state of pop music and where it seems to be going (his radio is busted on the Jeep, so he’s been listening to old faves on the iPod).

As with so many others,  hubby was less than impressed and not just with Cyrus’s performance (“The song was terrible–and her hair! She looked like Hellboy. And what was with the giant teddy bears??”). He was mystified by the entire state of pop music as presented on the VMAs, it seems.

“Whatever happened to–TALENT??” Benny said, heaving a sigh and shrugging his shoulders. (His imitation of Kanye West dancing while clearly performing with AutoTune was brilliant. I only wish I had captured it on video so I could share it with you.)

As to where pop music is headed–

“To hell in a hand basket” seems to be the answer he got.  Is it really that much worse, or are we just getting old and stodgy?


These are some of the tamer images.

This blog post at Roadkillgoldfish pretty much sums up what I would want to tell a daughter or granddaughter or niece–it’s worth the read:

So why do I bring up former kiddie star turned trashy pop tart Miley on a blog more or less devoted to the classy Richard Armitage? A study in contrasts. Miley is clearly an immature young woman desperate for attention, and I learned a long time ago that for some people, negative attention is better than no attention at all. She is one more former child star who came up in the show biz industry and, I suspect, didn’t have enough truly caring, nurturing people surrounding her, wisely advising her and telling her “no” and meaning it.  We all need those kinds of boundaries.

Richard is someone who also grew up dreaming of a career as a performer. He attended a special school as a young adolescent to study and train in the fine arts, a place where he was expected to work hard and pay his dues. Richard clearly had caring parents who did their best to “raise him right,” and who sacrificed so he could go to Pattison’s.  Later, when he grew dissatisfied with his career in musical theatre, he returned to school, to LAMDA and focused on his acting.

pink pussycats

Richard, center, performing in Cats. My edit. Original courtesy of Richard Armitage Net.

He kept working hard to pay the bills and to make ends meet when the dancing/acting gigs didn’t always fall into place over the years. He kept studying, practicing, training, working hard to hone his craft. It’s never been about “hey, look at me!” with Richard.


Rehearsing for The Four Alice Bakers with future Spooks co-star, Sophia Myles. Courtesy of RANet

He loves what he does; he clearly has a passion for it. Richard wants to inhabit the characters he takes on, to become Thorin, Thornton, Porter, Gisborne–and he accomplishes that for us.


My edit. Original from RA Net

He doesn’t need AutoTune to give him a wonderful voice or to change it for a role; he does things the old-fashioned way. With TALENT. Linked with hard work and determination and focus.


Which brings me back to Miley. Put on some clothes, put your tongue back in your mouth and work on improving yourself. Singing lessons, acting lessons, dancing lessons. Start giving back to the community. Support charities. Think about someone other than yourself. Look to some good role models (not necessarily within your family). Go for quality in life, not quantity. Millions paying attention to you for all the wrong reasons doesn’t necessarily bode well for your long-term career.

I know of a really great individual to look to as a role model . . .


Sunday morning treat! More RA pics from 2012 have surfaced. :D


More RA pictures from last year have been unearthed, thanks to those eagle-eyed fans at the Russian RA site (link below). And our friends at Richard Armitage Bulgaria shared them on FB. So I am bringing them to you, my dears!!  All photos by Ben Rayner 2012.

I am not in love with this coat–a little too trendy for my tastes. But Mr. A is looking just fine. Oh, yes.  He rocks the upturned collar and the designer stubble and color of the coat is nice on him.





Who needs Batman? Give me an Armitagehero every time.


So Richard is not going to be the next Batman. No problem. As far as I am concerned, he’s already brought some amazing superheroes to the screen–and he didn’t need superhuman powers or fancy gadgets or a silly costume with a mask and tights to do it.  Real men with challenges and weaknesses, flaws and fears, who nonetheless stand their ground, believe in loyalty and family, know how to be both tough and tender when it’s needed, and who ultimately win our respect, admiration and our hearts.  Hooray for Armitageheroes!









Like I said–who needs Batman??

Guyday Friday: Sportin’ a ‘tude



And no one can sport an attitude–or has more reason for one–than our dearest dark knight.  Take it away, Sir Guy!!








“And how do you feel about Ben Affleck winning the Batman role, Sir Guy?”

*smirks, sniffs, and folds his arms*

“The–actor from ‘Gigli‘ and ‘Jersey Girl‘ . . . ” *sniffs again, with distinct disdain* “I suppose he does quite a creditable job with his pen and behind the camera, but I am not impressed with him as a darkly heroic figure.” *a broad smirk* “Frankly, I think the CReAtor–in your modern parlance–could kick his ass from here ’til next Friday.”

I agree with Guy. And some people were complaining that Richard was too “soft” for the role  . . .

Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage. I’m so glad you came into my life.


“My universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came . . .”

Dear Richard,

It was thanks to a smouldering, anachronistically black leather-clad medieval henchman swaggering into my life one summer’s evening in 2007 that I became an Ardent Armitage Admirer.


Guy was a slow burn for me; gorgeous, yes, but a bit of a smarmy bastard at first (well, you did want us to hate you, although I never managed that). And then I began to catch on to what you, this British actor I’d never heard of before was doing with the classic cardboard cut-out of a villain–you were giving this version of Sir Guy breadth and depth, bringing in so many subtle nuances in this, at times, distinctly unsubtle production.

You piqued my interest, Richard. I started watching fanvids, met some cool fellow admirers, began to read up on you on the major sites like Richard Armitage Net.

I felt I needed to explore more of your work. There wasn’t a whole lot available on this side of the pond, but I got my hands on the productions that were: “North and South,” “The Impressionists,” and “The Vicar of Dibley.” My husband scored a region-free player for me–God bless that man!–and I found a copy of “Sparkhouse” (and soon began ordering from Amazon UK and eventually collecting pretty much everything you’ve done–yes, even “Cleopatra.” Oh, stop giggling. On second thought, keep it up. It’s delightful).

BeFunky_vod2-126harry (2)




And here’s what I discovered: not only could you bring subtlety and nuance to your characters, you were so damned versatile. A veritable acting chameleon are you, dearest Rich. I felt as if I was meeting a new and different person each time, so fully fleshed out was each character.  I believed in the reality of each of these men, I walked with them on their journeys; I cared. Sometimes, I cried.

You are such a good, detailed actor, the consummate professional and a true team player. And you aren’t exactly hard on the eyes, either, whether or not you feel comfortable admitting it.

But above and beyond that, I discovered something else about you. Richard Armitage, you are a nice guy. And as the wife of one, I have a great appreciation for nice guys.

You are a gentleman who shows sensitivity towards others. Your generous, charitable heart shines. You have a lovely, slightly naughty sense of humor that never seems mean-spirited. Physically, you are a big, strapping man; but you are also a man with a big spirit. Nothing petty and small-minded about you.



I have no idea what will come next for you in your career; I just want it to be all that you want it to be, regardless of what we fans desire. I wish you continued good health and happiness and love in its every form in this coming year. Goodness knows, you deserve it all.

Happy birthday, Richard Armitage. I’m glad you came into this world 42 years ago, and I am so very glad you came into my world eight years ago. My universe will truly never be the same.

With love  and affection and deepest admiration,

One more member of the AAA.

The way to this woman’s heart.




Yeah, he’s gorgeous. Tall, physically fit, an excellent specimen of distinctive masculine beauty. And there’s the voice. Oh yes.

But in the end, what has held me captive is not his looks or voice or even his talent, which is pretty darned impressive . There have been other talented,  sexy, good-looking actors I’ve admired.

It’s Richard himself. The passion for his craft.  His determination to get it right. His endearing shyness.  His appreciation for his fans. His sweet, humble nature. His delightful sense of humor with that naughty twist. His gentlemanliness.  His kind, generous heart. The way his smiles are reflected in those big, beautiful blue eyes.

I admire him, I respect him, I lust after him; but most of all, I just plain LIKE him. He’s a good guy, I do believe, with his heart in the right place. I guess you have to say that his heart has won my heart.





Guyday Friday: Guy celebrates National Relaxation Day . . .


LW awoke to the sound of–singing. A booming baritone was infiltrating her foggy brain.  Singing . . . “I’m Too Sexy?”

She sat up in bed and shook back her tousled waves, rubbing her sleep-sticky eyes. OK, yes I AM awake.

The clock told her it was past time for Mr. LW to be at work. And while her beloved hubby’s voice was deep, he didn’t sing, except in monotone.

It HAD to be—

She put on her glasses and headed to the other end of the house, the lusty tones ringing in her ears, along with the sounds of–splashing?

“Poor pussy–poor pussycat . . .”

LW eased the door to the big bathroom open. There, in the oversized tub, brimming over with bubbles, was her favorite dark knight, wielding LW’s back brush and scrubbing in time to his singing.

“Sir Guy . . .”

He looked up and flashed the most dazzling grin at her.  “Good morning, my lady! Hope you don’t mind . . . I’ve been romping with those lovely dogs of yours and got quite hot and sticky and filthy. Considering what day it is, I thought t’would be pleasant to enjoy a proper soak in this rather grand bath of yours.”

The image of Sir Guy getting all “hot and sticky and filthy” whilst playing with her favorite canines was both endearing and—stirring—for Ladywriter.

She got rather lost in it for a moment, before returning to the present. Drinking in the sight of her dark knight’s soapy raven tresses threatening to tumble into those azure eyes, a rivulet of water cascading down the bare chest visible above the bubbles, she gave a soft sigh.


“Erhm, oh yes, today IS Guyday Friday, isn’t it?”

Sir Guy tossed back his wet mane and shook it, before flashing her another lopsided grin. LW gave an inward squee.

“Well, yes—of course, there is THAT.” Sir Guy lifted a brow and raised one long, elegant (if soapy) finger, wagging it playfully in her direction. “And don’t you ever forget it, my dear LW.”

“Worry not, my dear dark knight, I never shall.”

His eyes sparkled. “I know you never shall. However, it is also National Relaxation Day.”

LW’s brows elevated this time.

“You can learn a lot on Facebook, you know,” Sir Guy added with a distinct degree of smugness. “And so I am relaxing by playing with our pets and–taking a bubble bath.”

His grin took on a devilish air, the gleam in his eye positively wicked. “It’s a very commodious bath you have here. Care to join me?”

Oh, Sir Guy, DON’T tempt me.

Happy Guyday Friday and Happy Relaxation Day!


‘Black Sky’ may have new title: excerpt from interview with screenwriter


An excerpt from an interview at with John Swetnam, the screenwriter who penned the script for Black Sky. Has RA’s found footage tornado flick undergone a name change? Could be . . .

Talk  about your film, “Into the Storm” (formerly known as Black Sky) and where did you get that idea from? And, what made you decide to write about the weather? Because of Evidence, Todd Garner, a big time producer who has produced 100’s of movies, emailed my agent saying he had read and liked some of the found footage I had done. It was a three word email and it said, “Inspirational, tornado and POV.” I had lived in Nashville and my friends lost everything in a tornado and as soon as I saw those three words, I knew exactly how to tell this story in a very different way.

That one’s already done, we’ve just screened it last weekend and it will be probably be coming out next year. It’s a studio picture from New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers. It will be my first, big, big, big movie. Have you seen Twister? It’s like Twister, but with a fresh twist. When I saw it with the audience, it was unbelievable and so big and the special effects are absolutely amazing. The director used to work for James Cameron for 20 years and he’s this genius of framing and effects and I was just blown away . . .

complete interview here:


I don’t care so much what they call it; I’d just like to finally be able to SEE it!

‘Cause Every Girl with the Good Taste Gene is Crazy ‘Bout Him . . .


Crazy about a sharp-dressed Richard Armitage, that is. 😉  Word is that Mr. A has done a photo shoot with Esquire Magazine. No idea when it will appear . . . but it’s something to which we can look forward. At least this is a publication that has a good chance of staying in business long enough for the photos to actually be published! 😉 And the magazine isn’t ridiculously pricy (FAULT Magazine, anyone?)

We don’t know what the stylist will have picked out for his attire. Casual, dressy, perhaps a mix of both. Part of it depends on where they choose to shoot it, of course. Hoping there are no cable knit sweaters with short sleeves. *shudder*

At any rate, I agree with the sign below. Richard in a suit (or tux!) is quite an impressive and inspiring sight.

As the song says, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man . . .”



The beard, the curls, the suit, the smile—it all adds up to “yummmm.”

baftapic copy

This remains one of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos of him.  Love the fact he’s cracking up over something. Wonder what?


Couldn’t help but think of his “Pete the banker” persona from S7 of “Spooks” with this Canadian premiere ensemble.


Spreading a little Wellington premiere magic . . .


OK, not a suit, exactly, but DEFINITELY looking sharp! *thud*


He looks so earnest and sweet and handsome speaking here . . .


Looks positively royal in this pose, doesn’t he?? And he’s so good to his fans–crouching to get into the photo with them. 😉


And I know a lot of fans don’t care for the waxed wool suit, but I personally thought for the Tokyo venue, it rocked—and so did HE!


Awwwwww—-a handsome, talented, generous darling of a son any mum would surely be proud to call her own!


Again, not a fan favorite, this suit, but I personally loved the colors in the fabric and tie–made his sapphire eyes pop–and this moment.  Oh. That downright saucy expression . . . and the fact his jacket is pushed aside to give us a tantalizing glimpse of his strong thigh and the callipygian curves of his backside. Let’s just say that it works for ME.

Of course, Mr. A looks fantastic in his more casual garb, too.  Hoodies, cardis, leather jackets, plaid shirts, T-shirts and jeans–he rocks it all. And, as we know from TH, he really does look great wearing a burlap sack! 😉   Can’t wait to see new pics of you stylin’ and profilin’ Mr. A!

Thorin Thursday: One more day closer . . . *sigh*



Or slightly less now. 😉 Snaffled from FB and Thorin of Erebor. Not that we are eager to see more of Thorin or anything . . . oh, here’s more of Thorin, by the way! 😉 This stunning artwork by an unknown talent. If you recognize it and know who the artist is, please share!


Oooh,  he’s all pensive and angsty and gawh-gus!


“Oh, you are so beautiful with you’re all wide-eyed and windblown and regal, my king . . .”


Yes, I am. Saying, “Don’t be a stranger, oh, majestic one . . . stop by and see me some time.”


“Well, if that is how you insist on dressing–err-NOT dressing, I can handle it, dearest Thorin.”

thehobbit-p1_1277dd“And now you’re looking at me like THAT, and I–I am just . . .” *sigh* *drool* *thud*

Happy Thorin Thursday! 😀