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OT: A ‘Do-Not’ List for the Chronically Ill & Things NOT to say to us


I think this is an excellent read for any of us dealing with a chronic illness, be it FMS, MS, CFS, lupus or otherwise.  I can tell you I am really bad about beating up on myself for all my shortcomings, to the point of despair. And I have been there recently.  I don’t wish the illnesses or diseases on you that any of you out there experience, but I am grateful there are people out there who share some of the same interests and passions and who also understand something of my journey and what it’s like to walk in my shoes.  We all look out for one another in our own ways, and we also have to look out after ourselves.



Be kind to yourself . . .


And some things we never want to hear . . .

Happy Guyday Friday! S3 Guy *thud*



I love Guy in all his incarnations, but it’s S3 Guy who remains my fave and it’s how I envision him when the dark knight drops in for a friendly visit (or to raid the fridge or pantry). His performance was just amazing—an arc of operatic grandeur that captured us from those first boozy stumbles out the door of Locksley Manor to that final heart-rending scene in Nottingham Castle.  All the anger and angst, despair and self-loathing, the proud, sleek confidence regained, the cat-and-mouse scheming, the despair, the cynicism, the tenderness, the heroism, the determination to become a better man.  WOW.

All that and he looked like THIS.  How could we look away?