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It’s Friendship Day: Thank You, RA, and all my RA friends



A friend is a precious thing. A true friend encourages and supports you; they cheer you on when you need it and give you a good prodding when you need that, too. And when you’re sad and hurting–physically, mentally, emotionally–they hurt right along with you.



A friend understands that sometimes all you need is a compassionate heart and a listening ear. You don’t expect the other person to solve all your problems or cure all of your ailments; you simply need to know you are not alone in the darker parts of your journey.

And when the moments are happy ones, celebratory ones, well–they celebrate right with you! They get silly and goofy and slap happy and make the experience even more enjoyable. It’s true–sharing with our good friends multiplies our joys and divides our sorrows.

I think Richard Armitage is the kind of person you’d want for a friend. Kind, considerate, sensitive to other people’s feelings, a team player with a great sense of humor (with a little bit of a naughty side): just knowing you’d see that smile on a regular basis would surely lift one’s spirits.


But wait, I do see that smile on a regular basis. He does lift my spirits and helps me through the hard times.

Richard isn’t technically my friend, as he doesn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, and yet–what a lovely, benign, encouraging presence he is in my life.  My life is all the richer because of Richard Armitage. After all, were it not for him, I wouldn’t have come in contact with all you lovely, funny, witty, bright, kind, generous, creative folks!

So on this Friendship Day, I give thanks for that extraordinary friend I haven’t yet met, Richard Armitage, and for all those I have come to know through this blog and the RA fandom in general. Let me simply say–y’all ROCK!!





Easy like (RA on a) Sunday Morning . . .



A smugly sexy Guy smile on a Sunday morning.




The sweetness of a Harry smile on a Sunday morning.



A swimming pool. Jeans. Wet Lucas. Sunday morning swooooon.



A steaming hot cup of joe with Ricky Deeming  . . . on a Sunday morning.



The pure sweetness of an RA smile . . . on a Sunday morning.




Sgt Portah  . . . even his scars are sexy. Sunday and every day. *thud*