Richard: an inspiration, an encourager, a hero



Richard Armitage as Thorin. My edit of the cover of the Blu-Ray extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

You may consider yourself dull and boring, Richard, but I disagree. I find your commitment to your work and your craft admirable, your passion for acting and getting all the details right exciting. I always look forward to seeing what you do with each new character, what insights you will bring to the table.  Your performances manage to touch my mind, heart and soul and I am caught up in the journey with Thornton, Thorin, Sir Guy and the rest. I may not always like how a character behaves; but I also know I will be able to relate to the character on some level as a fellow human being (Yes, even if the character is a fantasy dwarf).

I think technique can be learned to make a person a competent actor, painter, musician or dancer. But ultimately, for me, it’s the sense there is a passion deeply held to do this, to craft and create and share this with the world that separates the merely competent from the true visionaries.


For me, you shine as an example of excellence in your field. Always going from strength to strength and growing ever better, ever more nuanced.  You hung in there when the roles were sparse and the auditions didn’t go well and you had to work front of house and lay floors to make ends meet. You persevered.  You inspire and encourage me.

But you are so much more than a fine actor. I truly believe you are also a fine human being. Generous, kind-hearted, compassionate, humble, good-humored, well-grounded and possessing a strong moral compass. Respected by those who have worked long and hard beside you . . .

From Isabelle Wyss at Facebook via the Richard Armitage California Base. Original GIF at


I am so grateful I discovered you six years ago. Little did I know that the handsome actor who looked good in guyliner and could smirk like nobody’s business would go on to win and break my heart repeatedly in role after role, to teach me lessons and make me aspire to be something, someone better.

You are a hard act to follow. But you are also the one I will happily call king and follow anywhere. Bless you, Richard Armitage.


Original artwork by


Bruce Wayne, anyone? 😉 Or Matthew Clairmont, or . . .

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  1. How beautifully expressed–again, I would follow Richard through any role because I know he would never let me down and he has given me reason to smile, cry, and dream on more occasions than I can count at this point. He is my knight in shining armor and a light to everyone. If that is what he considers dull and boring–well, that’s okay with me.

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