Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes . . .



Today we had a gully-washer of a rain while I was in town. While it did not storm quite so much out here, it did scatter more leaves acrros the road, including this lovely specimen. The air was distinctly cooler than when I left late this morning.

Changes seem to be afoot.

My eyes are changing. Funny, on the very day my eyelashes behaved themselves and didn’t clump or do other funky things, I learned I have cataracts.

Oh, they are baby cataracts at this point, worse in the left eye than in the right, but the doc expects them to develop pretty rapidly. I hope he’s wrong, but inevitably, I will need surgery, whether it’s one or three or more years down the road.


I knew I wasn’t seeing as well, but I attributed it to needing a change in lens prescription. I admit I was shocked. Although I admit I feel like the ancient of days sometimes, somehow I don’t think of myself as being quite old enough to be getting cataracts. But yet again, I was wrong. Both my sisters have them now; I joked that we are a close-knit family and like doing things together.

Anyway, I am now almost $400 poorer with a new pair of no-line bifocals on the way which are NOT held together with plastic tubing and part of a paper clip, hooray! and a new pair of contact lenses to try out over the next week to see how I like them.

As for the cataracts, well, as Arnie would say, ” It’s not a tumah.” It definitely could be worse.  He did suggest I find a way to get health insurance as soon as possible. A decent-paying full-time job with benefits–well, I used to have part of that.  Where do we go from here? Ch-ch-ch-cha-changes.

I managed to deliver one of the items that I have sold today to its new owner (for those not on FB, I am doing a fairly brisk little business  there selling off “pretties” from my household and the old farmhouse to my friends. Helps clear some clutter and makes me feel as if I am contributing to the household finances).


Some of my pretties. All claimed now!

The torrential downpour cancelled out the other meet-up for the beautiful blue and gold porcelain coffee pot, but we will try again Wednesday after our humane society meeting. I am also slated to deliver candlesticks and an Oriental plate to a friend at DHR. The buyer of the gorgeous Hutschenreuther plate and fruit design transfer ware platter planned for tomorrow afternoon has been postponed until Friday. She’s a teacher in a neighboring county, and this is the first week of school. Needless to say, she is swamped. So my week is dotted with swapping housewares for cash and caring for homeless animals.

Either Friday or Saturday night–haven’t decided yet–Benny and I plan to go to our community theater’s performance of the play “Crimes of the Heart.” and I am hoping to try out our newest downtown restaurant. Actually it’s been around for a few years, but they have moved and greatly expanded their size and menu and it’s getting good reviews. Normally open only for breakfast and lunch, they are offering dinner by reservation show nights. Our downtown is beginning to hum again— a new clothing boutique is doing very well, a new art gallery is prepping to open, and there are wonderful paintings, photos, sculpture, pottery and more from local and regional artists to be displayed here. I am so excited!!

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Good ones, in this case.

And Mr. Armitage–what changes are in store for him? What role or roles are in his future (other than two more magnificent performances as Thorin and Gary the school teacher in Black Sky?) Enquiring minds really DO want to know!

Super hero? Vampire? Shy chap next door? Romantic lead? Sci-fi/action guy? Period drama hero? I certainly don’t know. But I do know this:


Because this actor DELIVERS!!

And that is something I don’t think will ever change. 😀

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Hey FedoraLady:
    I am 43 and had cataracts caused by inhaled steroids used to control my asthma… they were quite tiny but *right* in the center of the eye, and one night the lights from oncoming traffic blinded me. I went to the ophthamologist and he agreed to remove my lenses. He replaced them with artificial (I prefer “bionic”) lenses – but he was out of push-button death rays, so bummer… he first did the left eye and then the right 7 days later. Both ops were a total of 20 mins start-to-finish. Was uncomfortable but not painful. The lens replacement was considered a quality of life issue because being blinded by the lights of oncoming traffic is, well, kinda Bummertown, you know? Also, I had such thick glasses that getting new lenses would have improved my far vision but not my near vision at all, so I was at the top of the “food chain” for corrective lenses, so to speak. I chose to wear an eyepatch, because pirate eyepatches are like Richard: the be-all, end-all of accessories… sometimes a doc will have more time between surgeries (assuming you have operable cataracts in both peepers) but since my correction was so great pre-chop-chop, the doc did one *practically* right after the other… now I’m nearsighted rather than farsighted, have three pairs of glasses (close up, distance, computer) because trifocals made me seasick and am doing fine… good luck!

  2. Sweetie–you are no where near my husband and I’s age–He says he’s ancient and I’m only vintage…so you’re just mellowing..Like our friend above–surgery is getting better every day. My mother had the surgery at 85–FIL at 90. Lovies my friend…xoxoxo we’re here for you and those baby blues!

  3. Oh, Angie, what a bummer–was just commenting to a friend of mine that i was so glad I finally got new glasses in time to begin working on things for the holidays, and overwhelmed to discover that my prescription had not changed all that much (10 years later) and I don’t have any sign of cataracts or glaucoma (yet!) Given the beating my eyes have taken over the years and still do on an almost daily basis, it was very good to hear. As for our boy—I’m just hoping we hear something concrete soon. The suspenders are killing me!

    • I AM really excited about my new glasses, which I knew would be pricey simply because I do have a strong prescription, some astigmatism and then the no-lines–and I get the no-glare coating, the thinner, lighter lenses, etc. I found some cute frames for under 40$ and in the end I actually spent less on the glasses than I did more than a decade ago when I bought my last pair. I have actually lost some astigmatism *yeah* unfortunately, I gained some cataracts LOL I remind myself it could be worse-oldest sister has to deal with cataracts in early stages AND glaucoma, which is under control right now, thank goodness. And Sara (SJK who comments here sometimes) has been visually impaired since birth due to toxoplasmosis. So I shouldn’t complain. I just depend on my eyes so much for both work and play . . . too often we take our senses for granted. I taught visually impaired children for three years while at ASB and I know how much harder it was for sighted children who lost their vision through trauma or illness to adjust compared to those who were born with limited or no vision. You aren’t as likely to miss what you’ve never had.

  4. Very true–I’ve been very lucky, I never needed glasses until after I hit 40 and to find 24 years later that my eyes are still in pretty good shape (considering) was a good surprise. I don’t do nearly as much of the fine needlepoint work these days as I was even a year ago–why make myself crazier than already am. I also really like my new glasses-I got one of those 2-for-1 deals and went for 2 different styles of frames, both of which are very cool. I’ve never tried the no-line bifocals and probably won’t now–I had such a tough time getting used to bifocals in the first place, I figure I’ll leave well enough alone.

  5. Angie a bummer about your eyes. My dad, MIL and BIL (the oldest one who is now 47) all have had cataract surgery. My dad only had one due to my mom’s illness and now it would be to much on him, he never said how it was for him, that was over ten years ago. My BILs was last year and he seems fine, he complained a bit but we would all wonder what was wrong if he didn’t. MIL is so much better that she now drives at night again, she had hers 2 or 3 years ago.

    The B word as I call it, I was told last September that I would need in a later date to get bifocals. I have been told by many people that the no line is the way to go. I remember my mom’s and other people trying to get use to using to lined ones. No contacts for me, I wish I could but can’t stand even having eye drops put in my eyes.

  6. ….All I can do is throw my arms around ya’ and..GENTLY..*Squeeze*…Who loves ya’??!? Those “blinking-babes” still SHINE w/ the joy and love ,of LIFE!, and the pleasure of Himself, RA!!…don’t stop sharing RA, and YOU with us; Blessings and good thoughts sent your way, Marybeth…XOXO…

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