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‘Cause Every Girl with the Good Taste Gene is Crazy ‘Bout Him . . .


Crazy about a sharp-dressed Richard Armitage, that is. ūüėȬ† Word is that Mr. A has done a photo shoot with Esquire Magazine. No idea when it will appear . . . but it’s something to which we can look forward. At least this is a¬†publication that has a good chance of staying in business long enough for the photos to actually be published! ūüėČ And the magazine isn’t ridiculously pricy (FAULT Magazine, anyone?)

We don’t know what the stylist will have picked out for his attire. Casual, dressy, perhaps a mix of both.¬†Part of it depends on where they choose to shoot it, of course.¬†Hoping there are no cable knit sweaters with short sleeves. *shudder*

At any rate, I agree with the sign below. Richard in a suit (or tux!) is quite an impressive and inspiring sight.

As the song says, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man . . .”



The beard, the curls, the suit, the smile—it¬†all adds up to “yummmm.”

baftapic copy

This remains one of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos of him.¬† Love the fact he’s cracking up over something. Wonder what?


Couldn’t help but think of his “Pete the banker” persona from S7 of “Spooks” with this Canadian premiere ensemble.


Spreading a little Wellington premiere magic . . .


OK, not a suit, exactly, but DEFINITELY looking sharp! *thud*


He looks so earnest and sweet and handsome speaking here . . .


Looks positively royal in this pose, doesn’t he?? And he’s so good to his fans–crouching to get into the photo with them. ūüėČ


And I know a lot of fans don’t care for the waxed wool suit, but I personally thought for the Tokyo venue, it rocked—and so did HE!


Awwwwww—-a handsome, talented,¬†generous¬†darling of a son any mum would surely be proud to call her own!


Again, not a fan favorite, this suit, but I personally¬†loved the colors in the fabric and tie–made his sapphire¬†eyes pop–and this moment.¬† Oh. That downright saucy¬†expression . . . and the fact his jacket is pushed aside to give us a tantalizing glimpse of his strong thigh and¬†the¬†callipygian curves of his backside. Let’s just say that it works for ME.

Of course, Mr. A looks¬†fantastic in his more¬†casual garb, too.¬† Hoodies, cardis,¬†leather jackets, plaid shirts,¬†T-shirts and jeans–he rocks it all. And, as we know from TH, he really does¬†look great wearing a burlap sack! ūüėȬ†¬† Can’t wait to see new pics of you stylin’ and profilin’ Mr. A!

Thorin Thursday: One more day closer . . . *sigh*



Or slightly less now. ūüėČ Snaffled from FB and Thorin of Erebor. Not that we are eager to see more of Thorin or anything . . . oh, here’s more of Thorin, by the way! ūüėČ This stunning artwork by an unknown talent. If you recognize it and know who the artist is, please share!


Oooh,¬† he’s all pensive and angsty¬†and gawh-gus!


“Oh, you are so beautiful with you’re all wide-eyed and windblown and regal, my king¬†. . .”


Yes, I am. Saying, “Don’t be a stranger, oh, majestic one . . . stop by and see me some time.”


“Well, if that is how you insist on dressing–err-NOT dressing, I can handle it, dearest Thorin.”

thehobbit-p1_1277dd“And now you’re looking at me like THAT, and I–I am just . . .” *sigh* *drool* *thud*

Happy Thorin Thursday! ūüėÄ