‘Cause Every Girl with the Good Taste Gene is Crazy ‘Bout Him . . .


Crazy about a sharp-dressed Richard Armitage, that is. 😉  Word is that Mr. A has done a photo shoot with Esquire Magazine. No idea when it will appear . . . but it’s something to which we can look forward. At least this is a publication that has a good chance of staying in business long enough for the photos to actually be published! 😉 And the magazine isn’t ridiculously pricy (FAULT Magazine, anyone?)

We don’t know what the stylist will have picked out for his attire. Casual, dressy, perhaps a mix of both. Part of it depends on where they choose to shoot it, of course. Hoping there are no cable knit sweaters with short sleeves. *shudder*

At any rate, I agree with the sign below. Richard in a suit (or tux!) is quite an impressive and inspiring sight.

As the song says, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man . . .”



The beard, the curls, the suit, the smile—it all adds up to “yummmm.”

baftapic copy

This remains one of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos of him.  Love the fact he’s cracking up over something. Wonder what?


Couldn’t help but think of his “Pete the banker” persona from S7 of “Spooks” with this Canadian premiere ensemble.


Spreading a little Wellington premiere magic . . .


OK, not a suit, exactly, but DEFINITELY looking sharp! *thud*


He looks so earnest and sweet and handsome speaking here . . .


Looks positively royal in this pose, doesn’t he?? And he’s so good to his fans–crouching to get into the photo with them. 😉


And I know a lot of fans don’t care for the waxed wool suit, but I personally thought for the Tokyo venue, it rocked—and so did HE!


Awwwwww—-a handsome, talented, generous darling of a son any mum would surely be proud to call her own!


Again, not a fan favorite, this suit, but I personally loved the colors in the fabric and tie–made his sapphire eyes pop–and this moment.  Oh. That downright saucy expression . . . and the fact his jacket is pushed aside to give us a tantalizing glimpse of his strong thigh and the callipygian curves of his backside. Let’s just say that it works for ME.

Of course, Mr. A looks fantastic in his more casual garb, too.  Hoodies, cardis, leather jackets, plaid shirts, T-shirts and jeans–he rocks it all. And, as we know from TH, he really does look great wearing a burlap sack! 😉   Can’t wait to see new pics of you stylin’ and profilin’ Mr. A!

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Oh yes, agree 100% about the lingerie quip. There is nothing like a good suit on a gorgeous man. And black tie… even better. Men know this but still hate to dress up – idiots! 😉

    That Toronto suit though… The colours were Peter the banker but that jacket was way too tight. If he hadn’t done the button up it would have been better… The same goes for the Prince of Wales check, though he does carry a waistcoat well. The Tokyo suit has grown on me. The first photos of it made it look almost electric blue and really horrible, but I think it was the lighting. I love it in these pics.

    • I think it is a more subdued blue–I have run across some more pictures that have surfaced, and it’s not quite so blinding. 😉 I love his smile and the gesture in this one, too.

      I used to have to wear a tuxedo every year at the dept. store where I worked–we had a big jewelry sale and on the final day we all had to wear tuxes with tails. We looked great, but the shirt collar always chafed and made me break out in a rash. I had to wear a boy’s shirt to get it to fit me through my narrow shoulders. I have worn a tie a few times back in the day when they were popular for ladies and I can see why men don’t love them LOL I love it when my husband dresses up, and he doesn’t mind, but he isn’t keen on the tie. 😉

    • I do love him in a vest (waistcoat). Just suits him. I liked the vest–plaid shirt–tie combo he wore for some of the Wellie premiere events. Yeah, it would have been better if he’d left the top button undone on the suits—just love him in blue pinstripes with a nice power red tie, though.

      • I think the real reason many men do not like wearing suits is that they have never had a good one well-tailored to fit them properly. When a suit is perfectly fitted and well-made in a good fabric, it’s wonderfully comfortable, and the right cut and colours can make a man look splendid, even if he’s in an awkward position. I’m hoping the stylist for the Esquire shoot either dresses Richard beautifully or lets him wear some of his own best pieces.

  2. Very excited at the thought of seeing him in another magazine! I wonder if they’ll actually have him on the cover? *swoon* I’m not too worried about what they might ask him to wear as SURELY he’ll have some kind of say in the choices.

    When I first saw the NY Premiere suit it was rather startling as it was such a departure from what he normally wears but I grew to really like it, mainly, as you’ve said, because of the colours in it and the colour of his tie. Really brought out the amazing blue of his eyes. I rather liked how his body *cough* filled it out! That last shot shows what I think we both mean to perfection. 😉

    I guess the bottom line is that I think he looks gorgeous in pretty well anything as your choice of pictures reveals. LOVED the comment about the “well tailored suit” though!!

    OT. So thankful there has been no report of injuries in this latest severe earthquake in Wellington with strong after-shocks. Even though filming is over I never want to forget the people who live there permanently. I pray they will all be kept safe. We also live in the same “Ring of Fire” here on Canada’s West Coast so we never know when we will get a big one.

    • I’ve been so caught up with local matters I hadn’t even realized there had been more quakes in NZ. They really have had more than their share of it. 😦 And I hate to think about you guys possibly being hit!

      I’ve been busy with humane society business and video production business and my continued efforts to raise some money and get rid of some of our clutter here. So far everyone seems pleased with their purchases and I am pleased to have the funds. I was able to buy tickets to Saturday night’s community theater performance for us and tomorrow I am booking reservations at a downtown restaurant and paying for it all from my little nest egg.

      Yes, there are definitely things to appreciate about that NY premiere suit. And not just *ahem* the colors. 😉 Definitely looking forward to seeing him in another magazine layout! 😀 ❤

    • I love Art Deco. When our old movie theatre that had long ago been shut down and allowed to fall into disrepair was rehabbed, they studied original photographs and did additional research in order to return it to its Art Deco glory. 😀 That’s where we will be Saturday night for the performance.

      Now that I’ve seen the hotel, I am looking forward to seeing the photos more than ever . . . hmmm, don’t suppose they did any shots in the pool . . . Richard, rising from the water, shaking the water droplets from those frisky nape curls, lips slightly parted, a look of challenge in those eyes . . . naw, probably not but it’s good to dream! 😀

      • Funny you should say that… as soon as I saw the pool, I thought the same thing. And then very quickly realised, no – they wouldn’t use that as a location… Unless it was a swim wear shoot *gg*.

        • Damn. Well, as I said, a girl can dream . . . or write a fanfic about it. BTW, thank you for the lovely message you left at DF. I read it aloud to my husband. And then he said, “See, I don’t understand why you get so down on yourself . . .” *sigh* The Doubt Fairies trouble me a lot sometimes, you see. 😉

          • They have no reason to trouble you, Angie! I adore your fanfic – and I wish you’d write some more Rebecca and Guy 😉 It’s simply one of the best fanfics I ever read.

            • Awwww, thanks. There’s nothing like a sexy, deadly (but not altogether evil) mind-reading, time-traveling succubus and her true love, a hot, broody 12th century knight plucked from self-destruction and their exciting adventures together. Especially when you can work Harry Kennedy in black leather into it somehow . . . *giggle*

              • LOL – That was just absolutely inspired. But you forgot to mention that you managed to work a major starring role for a hot, troubled spy man in there, too. UNF. I am feeling quite hot (and bothered) myself, now, just thinking about it.

              • Yes, yes I did. Poor man. First all those years in prison. And then forced to have sex with a creature like Sara Caulfield when there was zero attraction to her. However, we know WHY he felt compelled to do so . . . and then along came the Wonder Twins. You know, I really wish I could see them perform. *sigh*

              • I am actually not sure if I could really take two of that kind at the same time, visually speaking. The mental image is already quite alright *coughs*. However, I would very much like to see Guy in modern leathers, strutting his stuff on the dancefloor.

              • I do believe Guy could show off some very slinky snake hips of his own—and be a sleek big black cat on the dance floor everyone would want to watch. 😉

        • You mean you’ve had enough speedos? LoL.
          Anyway it seems to be a perfect location for a classical guy … Patience required …

            • A bit dummy-like, isn’t she? Do you think he needs a female support to address or attract a public audience? Playing with the other sex?
              I am no photographer but I am open for almost everything. *Grin*

              • Oh, she very definitely only serves as a prop in the Cumberbatch shoot. The feminist in me would usually object to that, but the photographer side of me would like to see some variation on the theme – not just RA alone, but some photo love story goodness 🙂 Ideal for putting yourself into the place of the “dummy” *ggg*. Of course RA does not need any support – female or otherwise – to attract attention. It would just be something different, that’s all.

              • There, exactly what I was thinking of. Some hot stuff while fully clothed. Much more titillating than full-frontal speedootity…

              • Yes, I love those moments when he’s getting a little flirty or suggestive, teasing, doing some undressing with his eyes—our imaginations can supply the rest.

  3. What a juicy – or should I say saucy – article! I love it and I absolutely agree with your opinion towards the Japanese and New York premiere suits. The chequered one is one of my favourites, indeed. Looking forward to more stylistic surprises – assuming most of them are positive … 🙂

    • Thanks and welcome!It’s always good to know I am not alone. 😉 I am hoping whomever was the stylist for the shoot made wise choices for our fellow and allowed him some input in the process. He’s got such am amazing physique (and has worked so hard to stay fit for various roles), it deserves to be properly shown off. 😀

  4. Personally I prefer the pirate shirt (white with black tight trousers, think Flamenco dancer!!!!) style over modern suit and tie any time, but he looks gorgeous in everything really.

  5. What a gift to look forward to–hope we get a little advance warning of when it will become available! I can’t wait!

  6. Here I am perusing the blog, my tea getting cold, I read the converse between FL and Guylty, stick my finger in my tea and heat it right up!! There won’t be an Esquire left on the shelf when that issue comes out! and it won’t be men buying it! I’m figuring they’ll do classy like RA doing RA.

  7. …You know ,…if His face is ANY size, and on the cover, NO GUY will stand a chance..their hand will simply hit the back of the shelf…Ha! And I have to tell ya’, Lady! THIS is one well-written dialogue with photos!!…Really damn good! Congrats! And I agree about the suits…about that left thigh…*thud*..Thanks for the GREAT WORK!.

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