Daily Archives: August 19, 2013

The way to this woman’s heart.




Yeah, he’s gorgeous. Tall, physically fit, an excellent specimen of distinctive masculine beauty. And there’s the voice. Oh yes.

But in the end, what has held me captive is not his looks or voice or even his talent, which is pretty darned impressive . There have been other talented,  sexy, good-looking actors I’ve admired.

It’s Richard himself. The passion for his craft.  His determination to get it right. His endearing shyness.  His appreciation for his fans. His sweet, humble nature. His delightful sense of humor with that naughty twist. His gentlemanliness.  His kind, generous heart. The way his smiles are reflected in those big, beautiful blue eyes.

I admire him, I respect him, I lust after him; but most of all, I just plain LIKE him. He’s a good guy, I do believe, with his heart in the right place. I guess you have to say that his heart has won my heart.