Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage. I’m so glad you came into my life.


“My universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came . . .”

Dear Richard,

It was thanks to a smouldering, anachronistically black leather-clad medieval henchman swaggering into my life one summer’s evening in 2007 that I became an Ardent Armitage Admirer.


Guy was a slow burn for me; gorgeous, yes, but a bit of a smarmy bastard at first (well, you did want us to hate you, although I never managed that). And then I began to catch on to what you, this British actor I’d never heard of before was doing with the classic cardboard cut-out of a villain–you were giving this version of Sir Guy breadth and depth, bringing in so many subtle nuances in this, at times, distinctly unsubtle production.

You piqued my interest, Richard. I started watching fanvids, met some cool fellow admirers, began to read up on you on the major sites like Richard Armitage Net.

I felt I needed to explore more of your work. There wasn’t a whole lot available on this side of the pond, but I got my hands on the productions that were: “North and South,” “The Impressionists,” and “The Vicar of Dibley.” My husband scored a region-free player for me–God bless that man!–and I found a copy of “Sparkhouse” (and soon began ordering from Amazon UK and eventually collecting pretty much everything you’ve done–yes, even “Cleopatra.” Oh, stop giggling. On second thought, keep it up. It’s delightful).

BeFunky_vod2-126harry (2)




And here’s what I discovered: not only could you bring subtlety and nuance to your characters, you were so damned versatile. A veritable acting chameleon are you, dearest Rich. I felt as if I was meeting a new and different person each time, so fully fleshed out was each character.  I believed in the reality of each of these men, I walked with them on their journeys; I cared. Sometimes, I cried.

You are such a good, detailed actor, the consummate professional and a true team player. And you aren’t exactly hard on the eyes, either, whether or not you feel comfortable admitting it.

But above and beyond that, I discovered something else about you. Richard Armitage, you are a nice guy. And as the wife of one, I have a great appreciation for nice guys.

You are a gentleman who shows sensitivity towards others. Your generous, charitable heart shines. You have a lovely, slightly naughty sense of humor that never seems mean-spirited. Physically, you are a big, strapping man; but you are also a man with a big spirit. Nothing petty and small-minded about you.



I have no idea what will come next for you in your career; I just want it to be all that you want it to be, regardless of what we fans desire. I wish you continued good health and happiness and love in its every form in this coming year. Goodness knows, you deserve it all.

Happy birthday, Richard Armitage. I’m glad you came into this world 42 years ago, and I am so very glad you came into my world eight years ago. My universe will truly never be the same.

With love  and affection and deepest admiration,

One more member of the AAA.

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  1. Great video Angie. I was even thinking about that on Wednesday night, if there would be any birthday video. A happy 42nd Birthday to Richard!

    • I haven’t felt great this week and I didn’t settle down to work on this until last night, having decided upon a song (I’ve pretty much used up the happy birthday/celebratory songs in past years). But yes, I was pleased with the results, even if I did it at the last minute. 😉 Thanks and yes, happy, happy birthday to our boy!! 😀

    • I can’t believe it’s been that long–time goes by (frighteningly) fast. But things do seem to follow a pattern of sorts when we fall into Armitage addiction. He is on our radar, we want to know, we seek him out on the net, we look for more of his work to watch . . . we begin to engage with other fans . . .

    • 😀 Thanks, I had fun making it. You know, I have said it before, you better like the songs you pick out for videos, because you certainly do listen to them a lot in the process. LOL I bet that card was great. 😀

  2. It is always amazing to me that the journey others have taken with Richard is so similar to my own–but I also have to say I am grateful every day that he came into my life and by his existence has made it so much better and easier for me to get through the difficulty that is my life over the last few years. Silly as it may sound, he has always been there for me and I can count on him to make me smile when nothing else can. Happy, happy birthday, you wonderful, dear, lovely man. I wish you only joy and happiness.

    • Not silly at all Stephanie! I can’t even imagine now what my life was like before he came into it and the world somehow seems a better place knowing he is in it. He will never know just how special he is to so many of us and I wish him all the very best in this new year he has entered. May even more wonderful things come his way and may he find peace, love and joy in all he does.

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