Who needs Batman? Give me an Armitagehero every time.


So Richard is not going to be the next Batman. No problem. As far as I am concerned, he’s already brought some amazing superheroes to the screen–and he didn’t need superhuman powers or fancy gadgets or a silly costume with a mask and tights to do it.  Real men with challenges and weaknesses, flaws and fears, who nonetheless stand their ground, believe in loyalty and family, know how to be both tough and tender when it’s needed, and who ultimately win our respect, admiration and our hearts.  Hooray for Armitageheroes!









Like I said–who needs Batman??

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  1. I must agree–oh, I would have gone if he had been cast in the part and I’ve no doubt at all that he would have done his usual superlative job. But do I want to see Sir Dazzling covered up in a batsuit for half of a film–NOT!!!! I also, until now, couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was that bothered me about his taking on Batman–but the bottom line is that I just never felt like it was worthy of our Richard. I think he has far better things headed his way and given the amount of Affleck backlash, I can’t say I’m exactly sorry that he dodged the bullet on that one. I just hope that the news didn’t put a damper his birthday celebrations or lead to much disappointment for him. It certainly shouldn’t, dear one–I honestly think it turned out for the best.

    • Well, according to RA, he didn’t even know he was under consideration for the role. So I guess it can’t be too much of a disappointment . . . although surely he knew his name was being bandied about . . . can’t believe his agent didn’t mention something to him.

        • It’s possible. Mr. Humility did, after all, not completely unpack for a while after he started dwarf camp, right, fearing he was going to be asked to leave? Oh, Richard–honey, you are SOOOO much better than so many of those with puffed up egos and little to back them up.

          • I remember that and how sorry I felt for him when I read that–also about the half glass of champagne at his agent’s office, wondering if he ever got the other half when everything went forward. I think it’s entirely possible he might’ve heard the buzz and just dismissed it. I still don’t think he’s “gotten” his impact yet. Darlin’, you’re a bonafide movie star!

  2. I actually feel a tad bad for Ben Affleck. Think of some of the “stinker” movies some of our other favorite actors have been in. I’m glad RA isn’t tapped right now, but what if he is later? What if Affleck backs out because of all the bad press? Are we all of a sudden going to say Woo hoo? HOT BAT!!!!

    • I do feel a bit sorry for Affleck since I saw there is actually an online petition by some Batman fans to have him dropped from the film. I am kind of surprised he took the role in the first place, to be perfectly honest . . . one of the things that sets Richard apart for me is the fact he has never given a pedestrian performance no matter what the production or how small the part. And I have to say I do think Affleck and quite a few other “A List” actors have done it a time or two, including actors like De Niro and Pacino. Doing it for the paycheck, or so it comes across. And maybe that’s why Ben is doing “Batman.” Or maybe he wants to prove he really IS superhero material even though “Daredevil” tanked.

  3. I agree with you completely. Richard has created characters so real, you believe them as individuals, as personalities in their own right. I want him to take a role he really wants, one to which he can bring his unique talents and wide-ranging skills. He’s proved with Thorin that he can be compelling in a major film, with lots of action and dramatic range, even under all the padding and prosthetics. I look forward to seeing what he did with Gary Morris in “Into the Storm”, although I’ll likely have to wait for the DVD because it probably won’t show here undubbed.

  4. I admire very much your blog and I read it every day. I don’t speak very well English -it’s why I don’t post comments. But now I must tell you: “Who needs Batman? Give me an Armitagehero every time.”, it’s exactly what I think!

    • Thank you so much, Mariana and welcome. We are happy to have you comment whenever you like. We have several who comment who are not native English speakers. I am glad you liked the post. 😀

  5. He would have made the best Batman ever! But I agree that I wouldn’t have been keen not to be able to see him for half of the movie because of the mask. I just so hope that whatever he plays next it is romantic and involves a Happy Ending!!!!

    • Yes, I think he could and would have been fabulous. Just as he has made Thorin so unforgettable and now we can’t imagine anyone else playing the role. I am all for a little romance and a happy ending, too, Heike.

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