Sunday morning treat! More RA pics from 2012 have surfaced. :D


More RA pictures from last year have been unearthed, thanks to those eagle-eyed fans at the Russian RA site (link below). And our friends at Richard Armitage Bulgaria shared them on FB. So I am bringing them to you, my dears!!  All photos by Ben Rayner 2012.

I am not in love with this coat–a little too trendy for my tastes. But Mr. A is looking just fine. Oh, yes.  He rocks the upturned collar and the designer stubble and color of the coat is nice on him.





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  1. Why is the Russians get all the new photos first? What would Lucas and Harry say? I agree about the coat. It’s a “two-fer”- can be unzipped into a jacket length.

    • Let me tell you, those Russian ladies are GOOD. They have single-handedly ferreted out more pics than anybody else. These are from last year–I think this is the same photog who shot some pics for a magazine–NyLon or something like that, maybe?? The coat just doesn’t look like Richard to me. And does he have boots or what is going on with his lower limbs?? Can’t quite tell the way photo is cropped. Anyway, HE looks great. A handsome man.

      • Thanks, Eni, for explaining that and welcome! I surely do appreciate their willingness to spend their own funds to purchase and post these. What a treat for all of us!!

        • Thank you,Angie,i love your place here,but just now i have the courage to write something..Actually there are 7 more photos-also not very good quality,but lovely and more important-not seen yet

          • Oh, I am glad you like it and please, feel free to comment, we are a friendly lot here. 😀 Hey, as you know, we all LOVE having photos turn up, even if they are older ones, because they are new to the fans, right?? And you can’t really go wrong with photos of the beautiful Mr. Armitage. 😀

          • As a former newspaper reporter, that is what I really appreciate the most–the time and effort that goes into finding these treasures. I am always glad to give them credit. I have lost count of how many extra Ascroft photos they have given us.

            • True…[and,thank you,Angie,you are the only one,who gave my FB page credits ]and the most important thing is that we have feast for our senses..until next appearance of Mr.A.

              • I am trying to remember to credit other pages because I really appreciate it when people credit my stuff. If I find it uncredited, I just slip in a friendly comment. 😀 Yes, we really need these periodic treats when it appears we are going to have another RA drought of sorts. Makes waiting a little easier.

          • No complaints here. Seems like you’re ahead of everyone else. I just saw, on Tumblr, some street shots ( attributed to your site) where Richard is on billboards,. I can only imagine I would faint dead away if anything like that turned up in Times Square!

            • No,no,this russian site is not mine[i’m RA Bulgaria on FB]i’m just a member of it,but nevertheless..none of us own the copyrights,so,i’m so thankful to the photographers for not claim their rights photo of Mr Armitage is so rare,almost like Salinger’s autograph.

              • Yes, I really appreciate they don’t give us a hard time about this–of course, it is getting their work out there where it can be appreciated, too. And I would rather have a photo of RA than even Salinger’s autograph, as rare as it is!!

    • Well, that’s what I was thinking, rolled up—-role? Did you say role? Hmmmmm . . . . well, we haven’t heard any role news yet so at least we’ve got “new” pics to distract us.

  2. That’s a weird coat but the man inside is luscious.

    Thank heavens we didn’t get a full length shot- I have a bad feeling Perry is right about the jeans being rolled up or cut off and cuffed.

    • Yeah, just don’t like those zippers with that sort of cloth coat–zippers and leather jackets, fine. They look odd here. But nothing can make him less than gorgeous, it seems.

  3. awwww… God bless those Russian Ladies! And RA of course for being fabulous even in that horrible LV jumper. Not sure about the coat. Useful, probably, but the zips are too visible, they should have been dark. But I really don’t care about zip 😛

      • And unlike that nice Burberry coat and some other things he has worn for photo shoots with Ascroft, these aren’t his clothes. So no harm, no foul as we say here. Somebody else’s fault, not his. 😉

    • I was right, it was the same shoot. One of the shots of him in the Nordic style jacket was in some magazine last year. I think that was the only one we’d seen until now. Didn’t care for that apparel then, either. But Ilaria didn’t have anything to do with some of the mag photo shoots, including this one. 😉 Too bad! I DO like the colors, but that’s about it.

    • I know what you mean. Wow, he’s one purdy man. I guess I was the first person on Twitter this morning with these as RANet and RCA Quotes were retweeting. Couldn’t sleep anyway and when they showed up on my FB page, I ran with it.

  4. I’m going to buck the trend here and admit that I quite like these outfits. The odd zips and the buckle on the collar of the coat just make me think of how much I’d like to unzip / unbuckle … *coughs* sorry. The LV jacket thing … something about it makes me think he looks quite cuddly … again sorry! I’m well aware there is no hope for me 😉

    On a more serious note, while I love him with the beard he does look so much younger without it. And he looks stunningly beautiful here. I especially love the 3rd pic with the slightly raised eyebrows caused by his head being dipped – the crinkles on his brow are very endearing.

  5. I’m looking at the 4th picture, and the 1st thing that comes to my mind is “You want me to unzip WHAT? Oh the bottom of the coat? Right, Right..” hee hee hee. Again, the man can wear anything and look mags! More cold water, please…

    • Really, you can turn him into a dwarf, you can line and shade and apply mascara to those eyes, you can put him in odd clothes and he doesn’t look silly or funny or effeminate, just strikingly masculine and gorgeous.

      • Indeed. It’s an inner quality he has. And he was able to transmit all Thorin complexity covered with prosthetic, foam and clothes. Handsome man and great actor. There must be those eyes…

  6. I still don’t understand how these photos come to light (searching where exactly?), but they sure are bloomin gorgeous!

  7. He looks wonderful–as always. What a lovely way to start a Sunday, especially one where I’ve had next to no sleep. Thanks, Angie.

    • I didn’t sleep, either, but then that’s what had me up and able to share these with you all, which I am so happy I could do. 😀 Have a good day and hopefully get some rest, sweetie!

      • Have desperately been trying to break this new sleep (if you can call it that!) pattern I seem to have developed. If I do manage to sleep for a while, I wake up at ungodly hours and can’t get back to sleep! Of course, I can always use the time to think about Richard–but that’s not always conducive to getting back to sleep.

          • I feel for you, believe me. Of course, the other up side for me is that I’m getting a lot of needlepoint done and the holidays are coming. Thank God insomnia is good for something.

  8. Hey Angie. Saw your site after I saw the message in my email about the new pics on the Russian site. Good job getting the pics out so quickly. 🙂

    He does look lovely. Oh? He’s wearing a hideous sweater? Didn’t even see that … 😉 *giggle*

  9. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Too many new pictures. Not enough new pictures. Guylty in total tizz. Eeeeeeeeeeek. Next *ooof* sorted, that’s for sure… Thanks for posting, Angie!

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