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Thorin TheRApy: New trailer to debut Tuesday . . . & a word for Mr. A.


DoSCalendar-02Will we see a fierce Thorin on the Great Barrel Ride? Image from Richard Armitage Net from another 2014 DoS Calendar.

Just to catch you all up: After fighting a murderous vascular headache over the weekend and missing our Lowndes Academy Homecoming Dance shoot for PRP, things improved Monday. Monday night I spent with my fellow thespians doing a skeletal blocking of “Dying for a Drink.”  We have the challenge of fine-tuning the logistics of six actors working within a small space–one part of a banquet room serving as our “stage” and with only one actual door to use.  We had to put on our thinking caps. I, of course, wear a drinking cap for this little production. 😉 They all seem to like my performance as a drunken widow (who gets increasing drunk and accusatory as the play progresses). I love doing it. It’s a win-win sitch!

Now, back to Mr. Armitage and the world’s sexiest dwarf.  I missed out on all those posts relating to the DoS trailer being confirmed to debut today (Tuesday). Am I worked up into a blissful lather about this? Not really, because I have so much else on my mind (and I have to go assist with photo taking tomorrow at our Second Chance Rescue, so can’t stay up too late). Nevertheless, it will be most pleasant if we get some new images and sound bites of the Majestic One.

tumblr_mty6wxuoll1rwd23to1_500 (1)

Snaffled from Servetus at me + Richard Armitage. He’s bee-yooo-tiful in blue.

And what do you suppose we will see of TO himself ?   The barrel ride pictured at top (that is a portion of the upcoming film I eagerly anticipate. Wet, roaring Thorin is always welcome here) seems likely. Surely one of the most action-packed sequences of the film not involving a battle . . .


Thorin, looking all manly and rough-hewn in his more rustic new threads?


Thorin, in his old threads and The Pelt (where are you, Lady 0akenshield?), weapon ready and ready to get his fierce on? *hubba hubba*


Is that an almost Guy-like smoulder I glimpse there? Hoping to see a few of those myself–especially around those high-falutin’ fancy pants dwarves. *sniff*

Well, I suppose we will all know pretty soon. Oh, and one more thing. OK, Mr. Armitage, I understand it if you see yourself as a dog person. Hey, they are friendly and faithful and funny and great companions. I love them, too! I have visualized some of your chaRActers playing with my own pooches on more than one occasion. But I have one word—



She’s beautiful, sweet, friendly and she’ll charm the cotton socks right off of you, Mr. A.  AND she has a bit of a naughty side, too. 😉

You just haven’t met the right pussycat yet.  *purrrrrrrrrr*

From TORn: A taste of ‘DOS’ likely to arrive in theaters next week!


The Armitage Army at Richard Armitage Central shared this on FB:

BeFunky_Impressionist_2autumnth‘s reporting that the second trailer for Desolation of Smaug’s likely to be in theatres within the next week or so since it’s now been given a rating by the Alberta Ratings site.

So, would you go to see the movie “Gravity” if you thought it would give you a chance to see a smidgen of the Majestic Maned One?

RA’s tornado film to rip in theaters Aug. 2014

1240651_446445255473446_1705226456_nMarie Astra posted this at FB a short time ago.
Found-Footage Tornado Pic ‘Into the Storm‘ to Hit Theaters August 2014 4:43 PM PDT 9/24/2013 by Pamela McClintock 0 0 0 0 0 Email Print Comments The Warner Bros. film — previously titled “Black Sky” — is directed by Steven Quale. … Tornado pic Into the Storm will rip through theaters
The Warner Bros. film — previously titled Black Sky — follows a group of storm chasers trying to document an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes that ravage the town of Silverton. While some residents seek shelter, storm chasers prove just how far they are willing to go to capture a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Into the Storm opens opposite Paramount’s Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles and Lasse Halstrom’s drama The Hundred-Foot Journey, from DreamWorks.
Ah well, at least we finally have a date for it, even if it seems like a long way away . . . thoughts, anyone?

Back by Popular Demand: Scarlett!


Things are still uneasy here between the two cats. Well, Scarlett would be just fine about it all but Callie is determined to stalk the poor mite and scare the blue blazes out of her. So I have to keep an eye and ear out at all times that I don’t have Scarlett shut up in her room to protect her from the Wrath of She Who is So Jealous. Man, I don’t know how parents do it. Anyhoo, here are pix of the gorgeous girl.




















I got the hat and the earbobs; or, when a grownup plays dressup


If you aren’t following my second blog yet—time’s a-wastin’! Here’s the latest post. 😀

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

When I was a little kid, ere those many, many years ago, I remember some of the grown-up ladies referring to earrings–specifically the kind you clipped onto your earlobes–as “earbobs.”  Mama didn’t have pierced ears in those days, and I used to wear her clip-ons when I played dress up. Lordie, but those things pinched like the devil!thCA26PHVA

Still, if you were gonna play dress up, you needed to do it right, and that meant sporting earbobs and loads of necklaces and lipstick (courtesy of those tiny Avon sample lippies that were the perfect size for a child’s hands), not to mention Mama’s old fur coat of dubious provenance, while wobbling dangerously in a pair of her stiletto heels. Beauty can be painful, don’tchaknow.



It was so much fun playing dress up, pretending to be anyone from a fairytale princess to a pop star to a cowgirl on a wagon train or intrepid explorer traveling through time. Just a…

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Thorin Therapy: All Hail the HAIR!


With the recent photos of RA’s growing Mullet of Magnificence, thoughts turn to Thorin’s long and flowing tresses, the sort of hair many a female would envy (and many long to run their dainty little fingers through, to braid and unbraid . . . *sigh*) Yes, ’tis a wig, but RA works that marvelous mane, baby and makes it, like the character, his own.

There’s nothing like Thorin and his . . . HAIR. Hallelujah, I adore it!

(all photo edits are by fedoralady. Please credit if posting elsewhere. Thank you!)








Ladies & Gents–NEW RA pics! Curls STILL there! Whoo-hoo!


From the link below. Apparently RA was in attendance at a BAFTA tea party in Los Angeles today/tonight Sept. 21.  All photos taken by Kevin Winter of BAFTA LA,181495684,181495681&st=Search

Damn, how DOES the man just keep getting better looking??




SOOOO–other than the initial reaction of HOLY HEARTBREAKINGLY GORGEOUS!! Now I am seriously wondering what he is growing his hair out for—got to be a specific role he has secured, surely. Oh, answers, we want answers . . . thoughts? Drool cups? Cushions to collapse upon?

Guyday Friday: Ladywriter, Uncle Guy & Scarlett


“Shhhhhhhhhh . . . .” Ladywriter pressed a finger to her mouth. “I think I’ve finally worn her down for a little while.”

Sir Guy gave a small nod and crept into the room–not an easy feat for a fellow with feet the size of our Dark Knight’s. Still, as LW knew, Sir Guy had a very soft and gentle side to him. And Lady Scarlett, the fabulous patchwork kitten newly adopted by LW and her mister, had managed to charm everyone (with the possible exception of Callie, who was still Not Amused).

Sir Guy peeped at the sleeping kitten, who was stretched out on the bed next to the small box she’d been playing in. He smiled and whispered. “She’s dreaming now. Look at those whiskers and toes twitching . . . have you thoroughly spoilt her yet, my lady?”

LW raised her fair brows. “Oh, Sir Guy, why do you assume I will spoil the cat?”


He gave her a sidelong glance, the corner of his mouth threatening to curl upwards, a mocking gleam in those eyes. “Do you not spoil every one of these furry creatures?”

LW shrugged sheepishly, and threw an indulgent smile in the kitten’s direction. “It’s difficult not to when they are as sweet and cute and lovable as Scarlett–and she’s so very happy to have a home, I think. She has so much love and affection to give.”


“Everyone wants a home, some place where they belong–and are wanted.” There was a wistful tone in Guy’s murmur. LW reached out and took his hand and pressed a gentle kiss to the back of it. “And you know you always have a home here–and in the hearts of all those who love you, Sir Guy .  . .”

His blue eyes softened. Sir Guy bent over and pressed a kiss to the top of LW’s tousled blonde head. “Thank you, my lady.”

A faint “meep” sounded and Scarlett, stretching her fuzzy paws, headed over to climb on her mama’s chest, kiss her nose, and knead her shoulder, purring all the while.  It is very hard to use a laptop with Scarlett on board, too.  Nigh to impossible.

LW laughed and lifted the soft, snuggly kitten up in her arms, giving her a little shake before passing her to the Dark Knight. “Why don’t you pester Uncle Guy for a while, you little charmer, and let me finish my work!”

The kitten fit easily into one of Sir Guy’s broad palms. “And what do you think you are doing, my lady Scarlett?” He waved an admonishing finger at her, his tone would-be stern.

“Meep!”  Scarlett blinked, then launched herself forward to kiss Sir Guy’s large and handsome aquiline nose with great enthusiasm.

Sir Guy was soon laughing, too. It was always such a lovely sound . . .


Sorry for a belated Guyday post. Scarlett has taken rather a lot of her mama’s time and Mama finally had to get some sleep, too!

Happy early birthday to me. Meet Scarlett.


BeFunky_null_1.jpgMy very kind, generous and lovely fairy godmother is responsible for me being able to adopt this beautiful little fluff ball today. Scarlett has been living at the Greenville Animal Shelter since July. Now approx. 15 weeks old, she is a lively, curious, affectionate, boisterous, adorable long-haired calico who has already stolen my heart. My birthday is still a week away, but I feel as if I’ve already received a most wonderful gift. I do believe this motherless kitten will help mend a somewhat bruised and battered old heart. Thank you, Fairy Godmama, you did it again.  You’re a treasure!



hhh1g0 .,4E0BeFunky_P9189525.jpg


Thorin Therapy: are you counting down?



December 13 the Magnificent One, the Devastatingly Majestic Dwarf, the King of our Hearts . . . finally returns to the big screen. I know there are several new faces in this installment, but I am still going to be focused on a certain charismatic Leader of the Company.  And as that date draws closer, will we be inundated with new images, moving and still, of Thorin (and his alter ego, a certain charismatic actor named Richard Armitage)?

New interviews? Another Twitter debacle (maybe TPTB learned their lesson)? Who knows  . . .


Will we see any more magazines with our beautiful Thorin on the cover?


Glimpses from behind the scenes? *oh the intensity of that look–gulp*


More of this would definitely be NICE.


But then I am not sure anything can quite top THIS. *sigh* *drool* *thud*

See you Friday for Guyday, if I don’t see you sooner . . . happy Richarding!


Sir Guy is coming to America soon . . .


Sir Guy is coming to American shores in a “Robin Hood” marathon beginning Sept. 22 on INSP Channel on cable and satellite. The channel isn’t part of everyone’s systems, but hopefully this will allow more folks to see some of his work beyond Thorin and TH. Even though I have everything on DVD, I still plan to watch as much as I can. I mean–it IS my darling Dark Knight!



BeFunky_rh108_091 (2).jpg

Happy Guyday Friday the 13th! A baker’s dozen of gorgeous Guys


Are you prone to superstition? Want to be sure you don’t walk under any ladders or break any mirrors on this day?

Still, surely, it can’t be unlucky to have a certain big, slinky, sensual black cat cross your path . . . when it’s this feline. Mmmmmmm . . . . I feel a purrrrrrrr coming on.