Daily Archives: September 4, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends–and my stylist


As you regular readers all know, I haven’t been in the most positive frame of mind in recent days. I’ve felt tired and old and poor and frumpy and simply overwhelmed by life’s circumstances.

Sometimes,  a girl just needs to go to the salon. I was overdue for a haircut and my roots cried out for help.  I do have a bit of money tucked away from the sale of the pretties . . .

When I saw on FB that my stylist was offering 10 percent off all services today, it was a clear sign. A sign to rid myself of a few inches of hair (I’d reached the point where I felt the mane was one more thing wearing and weighing me down) along with the white roots that were glaring at me every time I looked in the mirror and making me feel positively ancient. Not to mention those pesky eyebrow hairs and those on the spot we incorrectly call the upper lip (it’s a ‘stache, OK? I have one. Blonde, thankfully, but a ‘stache none the less).

And so I spent a relaxing time of it at the Phoenix this afternoon, getting waxed and colored and cut and flat-ironed. I feel a little guilty (OK, it doesn’t take much to make me feel that way) but I also feel—renewed. I had to give the ladies in the salon a downright sassy toss of my head that would do Sir Guy of the luscious long locks proud. Made them laugh. That made me feel good. I like to make people laugh and feel good.




And so yes, I do feel better tonight. I am still experiencing some physical pain, but it’s more manageable. I have more hope tonight, and a lot of that is down to you lot. Thank you. Bless you.  You really are a grand group of people, and it makes me feel so proud to be a part of such a lovely group of bright, witty, caring, generous, kind individuals. Believe me when I say I am mulling over what many of you have said in both your blog comments and your emails.  Decisions to be made. Changes to be embraced. *gives a sassy toss of her sleek blonde hair*