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Guyday Friday: Sir Guy gets down and dirty


“Well, I wondered if you’d miss TWO Guyday Fridays . . .”

The words rumbled in her ears.

There was no mistaking those dark, silken tones.

Ladywriter opened one eye and then the other. They were sticky with the usual Morning Goop. She blinked rapidly.

The face hovering over hers was a tad blurry. But the kohl-rimmed azure eyes and mouth curling into a sweetly mocking smile were soon in focus. Oh, he was—very close.  Her heart just might have skipped a beat or two.


“Hullo, Sir Guy,” she said sleepily, returning his smile and reaching for her new specs. The better to drink in all that masculine loveliness, my dears.

He straightened up to his commanding height, folding his arms across his broad chest in that oh-so-familiar pose. Sir Guy did look just a bit–disheveled. Those long, lustrous locks were more tousled than usual, his black linen Floppy Pirate Shirt, halfway untucked, and there appeared to be grass stains streaking the fabric of the Trousers of Marvelous Engineering.

“You’ve been playing with the puppies . . .”

He sniffed and gave a nonchalant shrug . “Well, I could hardly take a step without them clinging to me . . . ” Sir Guy drawled.

LW’s grin broadened as her own blue eyes twinkled. “Admit it, Sir Guy. They are adorable. And you couldn’t resist.”


His lips twitched. “Uhmmm . . . perhaps.” Sir Guy’s eyes flickered down to his stained trousers. He rubbed his nose as he crinkled his brow. “I–might need to borrow your washing machine. These could do with a proper laundering, I suppose . . . ” Those amazing eyes meet hers. “The shirt and the trousers.”




Oh, Sir Guy–you TEASE.

Happy Guyday Friday, everyone! Have a good one.

And I have started a second blog, called “Honeysuckle and Sweet Tea: Southern Reflections.”

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